R-Class Audio & Entertainment System Questions

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From plain old AM/FM to DVD's, ipods, and MP3's, this is the place to discuss audio and entertainment questions for the R-Class.


  • jabbahopjabbahop Member Posts: 3
    We are getting a portable DVD player that straps between the seats - people seem to like them and it is a lot cheaper.

    After I wrote the note I found the ipod book did cover the playlists. OOPS. Would be nice to be able to edit one's message when you find a mistake like that.

    The long drive wasn't bad. I drove from 3pm to 2am; got up @ 6am and was home by lunch. Back didn't stiffen up at all so I consider it a success. Was glad to get home though.

    I set up the first service for next week but thanks for the reminder.
  • benzsterbenzster Member Posts: 152
    Good to hear about the no fatigue issue.

    My wife drove a 4 hr. trip and stated that it is the easiest driving vehicle she has ever driven. She stated it was like flying a plane (the fact that she averaged over 80 mph. leads me to believe her), and she arrived very refreshed. I have made 4 trips about 7 hrs in length, and I feel the same. I am glad you like it.

    I think I will invest in some clear plastic adhesive protectant for the top of the rear bumper.

    Before you get the kids in it, you may want to look over the audio section to get familiar with the "back" button. They can listen to a different audio source through head phones in the back while you listen to your audio through the speakers.

    That unit will play mp3's so you can load 7 of those plus a dual layer DVD audio in mp3 format in the NAVI slot. Add that to your ??G Ipod for a total of a heckuva lot of music!

    Please let us know how you like it after a bit of driving. There is a campaign to re rout your starter cable to avoid chafing. That should be done at the 1k appt.
  • chintchint Member Posts: 30
    I will be purchasing a R350 without the CD changer option.
    Can some one tell me if the Factory installed CD player plays MP3.Also did anyone try to get the IPOD adaptor and if yes how much did it cost

  • benzsterbenzster Member Posts: 152
    The cd will play mp3's. The DVD NAVI slot will play double layer mp3's and the cradle for Ipod is $299 plus install. There is a new harness that will not delete your AUX plug in the glove box. It is $68. That way you can run a portable device and an Ipod. The device will have to be controlled from the unit, but the Ipod will be controlled thru the steering wheel and viewed in the cluster not the head unit. You can't see what is playing on the head unit in any event only the cluster in the multifunction display. The cd changer comes in the HK upgrade package with rear controls and head phone jacks. You may want to reconsider due to the ability to send a signal to the rear that is not the same as is coming thru the speakers. Great for kids. If you like satellite you can go sirrus in the head unit or a XM2go unit into the AUX jack in the glovebox and use a supplied remote. :) endless possibilities!
  • chintchint Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for the info . I live in a small city and my MB dealer did not have my choice of color in stock . He is getting it from a different dealer and that one does not have a HK Package installed Most of the R-Class cars I have seen typically have the Premium Package.I have a price constraint that is preventing me to get a car of my choice.
    Nevertheless I am glad that it plays MP3 on the factory installed CD player.I am trying to get the IPOD adaptor but the dealer is asking over $700. I might pass it for now and will install it later
  • chirpchirp Member Posts: 194
    $700 for the iPod link? You're joking right?
  • benzsterbenzster Member Posts: 152
    You can use the AUX jack in the meantime. You will have to control the Ipod from the unit and not the steering wheel. Just go to Radio shack and buy a 2' male to male mini jack plug and fish it from glovebox inside the dash to console.
    The Ipod harness requires the radio and A/C control panel to be pulled as well as the glovebox. The glovebox has to be drilled and the jack and cradle installed. I did mine with the tech and made a few modifications to placement of the cpu's. If you decide to go that way let me know and I can email some changes that make sense. If you are handy I can e mail work instructions. It is just a harness that replaces and patches into the back of the radio. You can modify the set up and remove the radio and glovebox only.
  • albellalbell Member Posts: 185
    The dealers are charging $300-$500 for the install. The parts are about $300.
  • chirpchirp Member Posts: 194
    That sounds way better. My son's Scion iPod link was around $300 and we just installed the iPod Music Link in my wife's Odyssey for $342. If you are into the iPod having the ability to carry all that music without fumbling with CDs is incredible plus my son has hooked his video iPod to the Rear entertainment system in the Odyssey and is watching his "LOST" tv episodes. Great fun!
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Member Posts: 127
    gotta love buying a million dollar home and installing an above ground pool.....
  • rich43rich43 Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a R500 and had the factory rear entertainment system installed by the dealer. This system was mounted on the back of the center console (not the head rest model)

    While this did come with 3 wireless headphones, it does not have the option of
    A/ listening to the radio through the wireless headphones or
    B/ having the DVD play through the cars sound system.

    The dealer advised me that it is a completely separate unit and can not be connected to the sound system.

    I paid 2k for this system and feel like that aspect was not made clear.

    Does anyone know how I could attach the rear entertainment system to the cars sound system and have the wireless headphones hear the sound system? Also is there a way of getting the video to display in the front LCD screen.
  • crlipmancrlipman Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased an R320 CDI WITHOUT the CD Changer. The dealer wants ~$1k to install it... I've found a factory model at MBDoctors.com for about $500 incl'g the install bracket. But, I'm hesitant to buy it since i'm unsure of the amount of work to install it. Can anyone lend some insight into the amount of work it takes to install?
  • odyssey3odyssey3 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry for the late reply - just read your post in Aug. I am also in the process of buying a R500 with out rear entertainment system - the dealer offered me the same center console option - he also did not make it clear.....

    Have you find any solution to the problem? Would like to hear about it....
  • odyssey3odyssey3 Member Posts: 3
    Any one knows any after market entertainment system that still allow us to use the original vehicle sound system for output music?
  • aleksisaaleksisa Member Posts: 11
    were you able to find/install CD Changer for R-class?
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Member Posts: 491
    the signal would need to go through the FM channels in order to hear it through factory systems.
  • edpliutxedpliutx Member Posts: 3
    Is it possible to run the output from the center console DVD player to the AUX jack and use that to send the signal to the car's speakers? Seems like you would not run into interference issues like you would have if you used an FM transmitter...
  • swwalkerswwalker Member Posts: 5
    I recently purchased a 320 CDI for wife for her birthday. However I did not want to pay $1900 for the rear seat entertainment package. Does anyone have a commercial alternative that will allow my kids to watch DVDs or play Xbox?
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    I had an after market over head DVD system installed in my vehicle( not an R Class though) it was $800 for system and install. Go to a local audio dealer.
  • swwalkerswwalker Member Posts: 5
    Does the Rear Entertainment Package support Xbox 360?
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    The stock one? Or after market? My after market one does but I don't believe the stock one does but I could be wrong, I'd check dodge's website.
  • ctdanctdan Member Posts: 38
    Ok this may be a dumb question, but how do you get the headrest mounted DVDs to play through the cars stereo speakers? I just picked up my R350 and when I pop in a DVD for the kids in the headrest mounted RSE we can only hear the audio via the wireless speakers. The dealer told me it also worked through the FM signal on one of the lower frequencies via the car's stereo, but he could not get it to work. Since I had an 8 month old and a 5 yr old with me when I took delivery I didn't have time to wait around for him to figure it out. Plus I figured the manuel would explain it, but not even a slight mention of it. Anybody know how this works?
  • syysyy Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2008 R350 with factory installed iPod connection cable. I can get the iPod to work but it plays random songs throug the steering column selection. How do you make the playlists, songs, etc. visible. So far it appears to be a terrible iPod integration.

    Additionally, do you know how to play the factory installed Rear Entertainment through the speakers instead of the headphone.
  • tiwaritiwari Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I am new member to this forum. I am shopping for new R350 and just got final quote of $42K, 2009 with P1 and Panoramic sunroof. Do you guys thinks this is the best deal. I was shopping around for couple of weeks and was negotiating with dealer.

    Other question I have is: how I can get DVD rear entertainment system get installed from market (this one already has per-wiring).

    thanks appreciated
  • nominivan4menominivan4me Member Posts: 7
    I don't quite need the entertainment system yet as my kids are still sitting rear facing. Should I get the pre-wiring now or should I skip this option?! Thank you.
  • gagweedgagweed Member Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same issue. My MB dealer is horrible and gives me the same answer : "The dealer told me it also worked through the FM signal on one of the lower frequencies via the car's stereo, but he could not get it to work."
    I can not get this to work. Did MB sell me a lie?
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    If you still have it email me ASAP
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