Mercedes-Benz R-Class Electrical Problems



  • bluntblunt Member Posts: 2
    I guess not!!! Next question, my car is making this humming sound when i start it in the morning and it keeps doing it until the car warms up. I thought it may be a 'power steering' issue because when i turn the wheel it seems as if the noise gets louder, but as i said when the car warms you dont hear it anymore. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • tasha40tasha40 Member Posts: 9
    Needs new transmission for my r350. Question is can I get a used one.
  • tasha40tasha40 Member Posts: 9
    Did u take it to the dealer for the new trans
  • 2006r3502006r350 Member Posts: 1
    I also have an '06 R350 and I have the very same issue when I make a turn. Did you have it diagnosed? Fixed?
    Does anyone have any knowledge or insight on this?
  • jdblackinjdblackin Member Posts: 1
    we are in FL and the transmission failed on my wife's Rclass. We had the extended warranty by MBUSA would not cover it. Our problem was that the transmission and car was always serviced by the MB dealer. However the dealer (like many others) was not using a MB part # for the standard transmission service. Fortunately the dealer in our city back home is covering the cost of replacement of the transmission. Unfortunately there is not a transmission in the US right now until after 2/1/12. If the trans was serviced by a MB dealer check and see if MB fluid exchange was used. If not the dealer will have to eat the transmission. Our dealer in a battle with MBUSA and they have to get their money from them.
  • yarchlrlyarchlrl Member Posts: 1
    your car reads allllllot of info based off of the speed it is moving. if the speed sensor is out or bad, the ecu will have bad or no info to make adjustments with, from or to. it is a key part in the cars performance and is one of the first things to check. im glad that the tech checked it for you. he saved you alot of time and money as most places would have replaced the part alllong with the tranny. bravo for him and i hope your car is still running well.
  • engineerdadengineerdad Member Posts: 1
    I have a problem with my back left tail light. When the technician checked the bulb in the parking lot he said it was not the bulb and need to make an appointment to come in. He said the brake light automatically lights up the lower bulb so I don;t get a ticket. I noticed the lead to the bulb socket is disconnected from the socket(unsoldered / cold solder joint). I held it in place with a bulb from the right side and did not work. Could there be a reset. As an electrical engineer I would love to check it out more but I am short on time. I will keep in touch with this string so I can help somebody or be helped. Depends on how much time I get to troubleshoot.
  • murdocmeansmurdocmeans Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 R350. I have what I believe are electrical problems. When my car is cold the battery light flashes on and off. The heat and radio also flash on and office. My DvD player runs constantly and intermittently blows a fuse. Can anyone help. I had my car in the shop for a week and they could not get any codes on the flashing dash lights. HELP!!!
  • adkoladkol Member Posts: 5
    Hi, would like to get the perspective of 2008 (late year model) owners on the reliability of the R350. I have heard of electrical / cam shaft issues but from my research, it seems that is more restricted to '06 and '07. Is 2008 relatively okay?
  • gforakergforaker Member Posts: 14
    I just answered that question in one of the other R350 threads -
    link title
  • bruicebruice Member Posts: 2
    my 2011 c 350 coupe is in shop now. battery dead AGAIN. they can't fix it.
    this started at 9000 mi. now have 25,000. it has been in shop at least 4 times.
    never been so disappointed with a car. and THIS is luxury?
  • gforakergforaker Member Posts: 14
    Uhh, the C class and R class are quite different. I don't think they share many parts like the R, M and GL do.
  • dec2dec2 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 R Class 320 4Matic LWB, recently I have had problems with the clock reverting to GMT from British Summertime (Going back 1 hour) and the speakers going from front bias to centralised each time I turn the engine off and back on again. In addition the radio is struggling to hold a good FM signal. This has only recently occurred and I cant help thinking its probably a fuse which has blown. However I would have expected all memory to be lost, but it remembers radio stations and the memorised seat settings etc... Can somebody help?
  • dolehdoleh Member Posts: 1
    I always valued Mercedes, but 07 r350 4matic is the worst car i ever , i owed 2 benz without major problem but this one is a lemon at 90k unbelievable
  • thrweddthrwedd Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2008 R350 4 years ago , 1st the transmission problem it ended up being a chip card replacement which was I believe 3grand . Then over the last 2 years the tail light problems which in the beginning I thought was due to a hitch install from uhaul , but only happens in winter. Hitch wiring never worked ( That’s  a whole Nother issue uhaul sucks)
    then check engine light has came on , go to make appointment at MB and it’s off now it’s the drained battery and car is completely dead . Has happened several times and then works fine . Error code comes up 
    Cam shaft position correlation bank 1 sensor A . That’s means 8,000 dollars
  • ChristinaTChristinaT INMember Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Mercedes R500 yesterday it decided not to start, lights and everything turned on inside the car but no sign of turning on, I got a jump and it started up fine, temp was about 19 degrees outside. The heat also stopped working after we jumped the car.  Later on I went to get battery tested and they said it was fine, put car into reverse, reversed and then it was stuck in reverse, put it into park then it was stuck again. I turned the car off and back on and then it shifted into drive. Then when driving home the heat locked back on then off and on a few times before staying on. The next day everything works just fine!! Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong? Could a bad battery result in all of the extra things the car decided to have be crazy that day??
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