VW GTI 2015 engine quits when oil is low

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Twice the engine in my daughter's 2015 Golf GTI has turned off while driving. Luckily she could pull over both times, but is worried she won't always be so fortunate. The engine turns off when the oil is low and happens without warning. Dealership can't find anything--there's no oil on the driveway or smoke coming out of tailpipe she's noticed. Has anyone had this problem, and if so, what is the solution, aside from checking the oil weekly.


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    How much oil needs to be added, and how many miles does she typically drive in a week? I normally do not expect to see a car shut down when it is low on oil. Run a passenger car engine out of oil and it typically runs until it is permanently damaged which has me wondering if there is more to the story.
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    Thanks for the response thecardoc3. My daughter drives approx. 170 miles a week. I don't know how low the oil was when the engine quit, but aferit happened twice, the dealership set up a plan to monitor her oil consumption. They checked the oil once a month for three months, about one month apart. It was 1/2 quart low each time, which they said was normal. Her plan now is to have her oil changed every 7,000 miles, instead of 10,000 recommended by vw. Also, apparently it's a 2014.
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    A half a quart, even two quarts should that happen won't cause the engine to shut down. That suggests there is more than one issue at play here.
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    Thanks again. We'll keep our eye on it and see if more clues present themselves.
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