Chevy Venture Squeaks, Rattles and other Noises

ketedfordketedford Member Posts: 5
When driving my Venture, when the wheels begin to move, a whirring noise is then heard. It seems to get faster and louder as speed increases. It ends when stopped. When I coast, the noise is still there. I had it in a shop today and he doesn't really know. It's definitely not the wheel bearings. However, he thinks it may be the pinion bearing. Any ideas and costs???



  • dbatenburgdbatenburg Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. Has your issued been identified and or fixed?
  • ketedfordketedford Member Posts: 5
    It has yet to be identified. I notice that if I just touch the brakes, this will make the sould more noticeable. However, if you figure it out, let me know.
  • ketedfordketedford Member Posts: 5
    Just had it in and looked over. Was just told that both front wheel bearings are bad and will cost me about $500. I am positive I have already replaced one. This ticks me off. :mad:
  • carphilcarphil Member Posts: 2
    I found sliding the the back roofrack bar up next to the front one eliminates a distint whistling sound you would swear comes from under the car.
  • billcgolfbillcgolf Member Posts: 3
    Wife drives 2004 Venture van and today she notices that while driving there is this loud whirring noise like the sound of a large fan. When stopped the noise stops. I met her and drove the van too and hear the sound. It seems to get louder the faster you go. Van has been great for us, has just over 76,000 miles. I can't imagine the wheel bearings being out, but from the other posts, I can only assume that to be the case. When I first heard it, it sounded more like a plastic sound, hollow, not metallic in nature. Almost like some plastic piece rubbing on the wheel. I checked under the van front area, right and left around the wheels and saw nothing that would indicate or make such a noise. We have never heard the noise before today, so it would seem that the wheel bearings going out is even less plausible. Any other ideas as to what the noise might be? :confuse:
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Whirring fan like noises that stop when the vehicle comes to a stop (with the engine running) are typically wheel bearings. You're right, it is a hollow sound that sounds like something rubbing on the tire, and the noise can all of a sudden appear just like you stated. Mine sounded like a helicopter when it went bad. Bearings in general are funny like that because the tiny noise its probably been making for the last few weeks or months was covered up by engine and road noise.

    BTW - a wheel bearing failure at 76000 miles is not an uncommon event although fortunately its not something that happens to everyone. Personally, I've replaced wheel bearings at much less and much more miles than happens. If you have some mechanical ability and a torque wrench its a job that's certainly doable by a "do-it-yourselfer"
  • billcgolfbillcgolf Member Posts: 3
    442dude, thanks for the info. sounds like bad news. I have the mechanical knowledge just not the tools. Any idea on the possible cost? Plus, the extended warranty just ran out so bummer for me. I'm going to see if they (the dealership) will cover at least some part of the repair cost.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Hi Bill,

    Not sure of the cost for the Venture - did some quick checking and the part from autozone is about $ 150 so from the dealer its probably 250-350 plus labor. I'm guessing the dealer will get about $ 500 for it, but its only a guess. If you're not in warranty, I'm sure you'll do better with your local mechanic.

    As for tools in case you want to try to tackle it yourself, you only need a socket for the hub nut (32mm I think) and a breaker bar,
    socket to take the hub off (15mm?), a swivel to get to the hub mounting bolts and a hub puller. (and of course, a torque wrench) Autozone will lend you some tools for free if you buy the part there, not sure about other places. You might want to check with them if you're so inclined. Best of luck - let us know how it turned out...

  • billcgolfbillcgolf Member Posts: 3

    Well I chickened out and didn't do the work myself (not enough time, but it sounds like could have saved some $$$). I took it the local dealer and they diagnosed the problem and as suspected, the right wheel bearing was kaput. Parts and labor came to 511.00. You were right on the mark. I had an extended warranty, but it ran out about 4000 miles ago. I asked to see if they would at least cover some portion of the cost since it was close ( I consider 4000 miles close) to the warranty mileage, but they balked. Too bad...I had a similar incident with a Mercury Villager van and the tranny died 3500 miles out of the basic warranty. I petitioned the local dealer to fix it under warranty and they obliged to the tune of over $800. Too bad Chevrolet/GM wouldn't do the same for their customers. But all said and done, I needed to have it there anyway as the horn had quit working about 6 months ago. Seems that was the horn relay was shot, the relay was shorted out and stuck open. Bummer on that deal was the part was less than $20 but the labor was over $90 to install. They get you coming and going...

    Thanks for the help and info. I hope this helps someone else...

    Bill :)
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373

    Glad I could help you...

  • cujo57cujo57 Member Posts: 2
    2003 Chevy Venture 3.4 liter
    Loud knocking when first starting that softens after running for awhile but is still there. Has 97xxx miles and has had the oil changed religously. Absolutely no other problems, no lights, no anything. Any help appreciated.
  • fughunterfughunter Member Posts: 5
    you know i have botha 1997 venture and a 2002 pontiac montana i have done thousands of dollars woth of work on it including fixing that noise that you are talking about my problem was the CV SHAFT if it makes more of a noise going around a long corner at 55mph then you might want to look at them good luck .
  • pdramanpdraman Member Posts: 1
    I have a noise in my venture when I am driving higher than 30 mph and I begin to climb very slight grades. I get cluncking sounds and jerks. It sounds like it is midway under chassis. If I accelerate and down shift problem immediatly dissappears. It started only at highway speeds in OD, now it will do it around town but still dissappears when I push a little harder on accelerator. No check engine light. Local mechanic said to look at possibly a set of spark plug wires as one might be failing but I thought that should have thrown a code if misfiring was involved. Any input would be appreciated.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Misfire will throw a code but it won't always turn on the check engine light - its stored as a history code...

    I'm not very familiar with the AWD setup in the Venture as mine doesn't have it but its curious to me that you mention that the clunk sounds like its midway under the chassis. I believe that there is a hanger bearing underneath which supports the shaft going to the rear wheels and the bushing on it has been known to fail with some clunking noises. Maybe that's your problem?? Sorry, just a guess, not too familiar with the setup...You should be able to visually check it from underneath and see if it looks like anything is overly worn...
  • megackmegack Member Posts: 1
    On the "hanger bearing" noise...I'm searching for a noise that seems like it's coming from the right wheel well, but I've had all the struts, tie rods, etc replaced. Is this hanger bearing near the front of the car...(it sounds like it's further back).

    I typically hear it regularly, like an extra clunk when going at 40 mph...especially noticeable if any aberrations in the road. It feels like it's from a rotating part that is out of round. Any help appreciated.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Hanger bearing is further back & on AWD vehicles only...

    Can't say for sure what your noise is...sorry
  • OzAkman03OzAkman03 Member Posts: 4
  • OzAkman03OzAkman03 Member Posts: 4
    Its me again, 03 Venture, 93K miles on it. I keep on hearing this funny noise in the summer time, I usually hear it when the AC is on and sounds like metal can tinkering sound, when I'm stoped or when I am taking off. After I speed up I no longer hear the noise. Probably it is still the but I simply just don't hear it I showed it to me mechanic, and could not find anything wrong with it. Dealership told me it could be the heat shield, my mechanic said that mine did not have one :)

    So, after about a year I still can't figure what this noise is.
  • atslead01atslead01 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Chevy Venture FWD only - 140k miles.

    Had a flat tire on the right front while on interstate about a week ago.

    Put on donut tire and everything seemed fine.
    Then, later in the day sounded like a tire rub was happening after reaching about 20mph.

    I had the blown tire fixed and put back on thinking the sound was the donut tire.
    Sound is still there, but not as loud.

    Sounds like a tire rub, but no tire rubbing evident.
    Worse when turning to right and less when turning to left.

    Things checked -
    - wheel bearing - no excessive play
    - CV boot - in tact with no tears - no knocking noise when turning presently
    - tie rods look as normal as they always have been
    - wheel well molding in place and not damaged in any way

    I've also driven my spare care next to the van at highway speed and you can't hear the noise when driving next to it. Sounds like it is coming from the directly underneath the front passenger area.

    Any assistance or advice welcomed!!
  • astra1astra1 Member Posts: 5
    Could be air conditioner compressor. Open hood and listen for sound on passenger side. Have someone turn air off and on while you listen. If the sound appears when the air is on, It is probably air compressor. If the noise is always there, check, for bad idler or tensioner. You can use an auto stethoscope or a piece of 1/2" pipe to locate the problem. In the case of the pipe listen through the pipe while moving to different locations.
  • fordcobra1966fordcobra1966 Member Posts: 1
    i had the same problem its the a/c pully the bearing
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