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Acura RDX 2019 A-Spec SH-AWD Real World Fuel Economy

Driver33033Driver33033 FLPosts: 1
edited September 2019 in Acura
Hi community,

I am leasing an Acura RDX 2019 A-Spec SH-AWD and are having a truly disappointing and worried experience about its low fuel economy. I am averaging 12-15 MPG combined (80% City/20% Hwy) which is nowhere near the EPA claim of 24 MPG Combined, 22 City and 28 Highway. The fuel economy claim was the main factor why I chose to lease this vehicle in the first place.

I brought this issue up to the dealership and they took the RDX in for inspection. They reset the trip odometer and drove the RDX around for like all morning. Which did not seem to be a pretty technical or professional inspection to me. After I came back to pickup the vehicle I noticed they were able to make around 23 MPG somehow. They showed me that reading from the odometer.

At the end of the day they sent me back home justifying the vehicle had no issues at all, according to their tests. After looking at the new MPG reading I thought they must have done something to the vehicle and just did not wanted to tell me the truth. Honestly, if the issue was fixed, that was enough for me, I did not care about further explanations or lies. Unfortunately, after driving the vehicle around the very next day it all started again and still shows 12-15 MPG combined with light driving behavior and premium gas only (93 octane) every time I fill up the tank.

I would like to know what other drivers are experiencing. Also, any advice as to what can I do to escalate this issue with a government agency or any other entity. I feel deceived by the window sticker and Acura's dealership. The dealership service department had always tried to minimize the issue and do nothing to fix it. They went to the extremes of telling me that the gas stations I used server poor quality gasoline. At this point, almost 6 months of leasing the vehicle, I am extremely regretful of having opt for this vehicle.

Any other experiences of real users will be highly appreciated.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,236
    Your normal commute is 80% city and only 20% highway? If so then 12 - 15 mpg is about all you are going to get. If you could flip that to 80% highway, the vehicle would be much closer to the EPA estimates.
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