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Nissan Frontier Accessories and Modifications

rocketman67rocketman67 Posts: 82
edited April 2014 in Nissan
Anybody here bought and tried the INJEN CAI for their 05-06 Frontier?
I installed mine recently and it's an awsome roar it makes at WOT.
I can't wait till they come out with Preformance Chip for the Frontier.


  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I put a Volant CAI on my '05 LE KC and I do not hear much of a difference. I had a CAI on my '01 Miata SE and it set up quite a howl when I got on it and I could also hear it sucking air.

    I could hear the Miata CAI over the exhaust, but I cannot hear the Volant over my Flo-Pro true duals on the Frontier. That may be a good thing because I like the mellow sound of the Flo-Pro.

  • Hi Okie,
    This is Matt(60OMSIN) from ClubFrontier forum.
    From the looks of the pic on CF the air box on the Volant looks to be a good size so that may be part of the why it's quiter than other CAI.
    Have ya gotten better mpg and performance from your Volant?
    I can't tell if I have because I need to get over the 'newness' of mine(foot is in it more now).
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    Jetchip does offer a reprogramed ecu for the 4.0 Nissan v-6,claim 14-17 horsepower gain. Mgoose
  • Yes I read that on another forum but you have to be without your ECM for X days because you have to ship it to them.
    Think I'll wait for something a bit more practical.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    My computer seems to still be trying to adjust to the CAI as I only have a couple of hundred miles on it so far. At the present time I am getting about the same as I was before the CAI.

    As far as performance I don't really feel the difference, but I drive like the little old man that I am so I never really pushed it before the true duals and the CAI. Maybe if I had I would notice the difference in performance.

    My friend who drives a Titan and is thinking about a Frontier switch, drove my truck the other day and he said he can clearly hear the
    Volant when it kicks in. It just isn't as loud as the Miata CAI and maybe that is what I
    was expecting and therefore the disappointment.

    My friend was impressed with the power and the tightness of my 19 month old Frontier. He may be switching in the future.

  • OkieScot,
    Thanks for not acknowledging who the hell I am........ :confuse:
    That's one of the reasons why I stopped posting at the other forum(CF) :P
  • frontier2k7,

    I am puzzled by your last post. What did I do
    besides use the name that you posted already.
    If you do not want your name posted then you should not include it in your post.

    I apologize for upsetting you, but I fail to see where I have revealed anything that you have not revealed yourself.

    Incidently this is the reason why I no longer post at Club Frontier.

  • samydsamyd Posts: 1
    im looking to install a c a i on my 2001 frontier v6 any advice on whats best plus anywhere i can see pictures
  • crewtkcrewtk Posts: 3
    Can anyone help telling me where to get the OEM roof rack for my new crew cab?
    Nissan parts say they don't sell it, unless it came with the truck; something about liabilities with the integrity of the roof, if user drills the holes and it creates leaks they could be liable!
  • crewtkcrewtk Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of a Nissan parts and accessories dealer that has deep discounts for Frontier equipment? Thanks in advance for the tips!
  • Quick question. Does anyone know of or have headers to fit a 2004 frontier 2.4L Auto. Tranny? I've looked everywhere but it doesn't seem it exist. If anyone knows, please write me back. Thanks.
  • I wanted to share a mod I did to the Utilitrac. I wanted tie-down points that I could leave in the trac w/o having to worry about them being stolen (the beefy movable anchor points seem like they could walk away pretty quickly and are $50 ea. to replace). Here's what I did. I converted the "stops" into anchor points.

    I took the small rectangular rail stops that came with the truck and removed the bolt (had to grind the end off first). I replaced the factory bolt with 5/16" stainless eye-bolts (and a lockwasher for good measure). They look trick, hold tight, and allow for 8 anchor points when combined with the others.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Thank you for sharing.
  • :( I'd sell you mine if I could. It's the only feature of my new 07 LE that I'm disappointed with. It looks sharp but is of limited usefulness because: a) the crossbars are recessed well below the side rails and b) the space between the side rails is less than 35" wide. (read: your not fitting your average canoe up there.) Even the Yakima Low Rider Max /Thule Crossroad add-on load bar bases (that mount to the factory rails) don't fit /function all that well because they don't allow for good spacing of the new bars. I've resorted to making my own custom "Yakathule" bar mount ( That attach wider Thule load bars to the factory crossbars) to fix the issue as best I can. If I were you, I'd consider a Thule Track /other aftermarket universal base/rail to mount directly to your roof and be done with it for good.
  • Does anyone know of a good aftermarket roof rack to fit a 2007 Frontier Crew cab? Neither Yakama nor Thule have models that will work.
  • looking for a source for exterior chrome dress-ups
  • The dealer nerf bars cost $400. Does anyone know what brand of aftermarket nerf bars are of the same quality but cost less? Thanks for any input.
  • :sick: Alright just joined forum in hope that some fellow Frontier owners would help me. I'm bought my first brand new truck...06 Frontier XE, 2.5 5 speed. I seen a bunch and i mean a bunch of old school nissans lowered and tricked to the teeth, so nissan was my choice. But now i am regretting it for one reason, where are all the mods. I have headlights and a grille. No one makes cold air for the inline 4 or exhaust... except for maybe magnaflow but they aren't done making it according to their website. I looked for lowering kit.... ZERO!!! Wheels and Tires, you have to get expensive wheels if you want any one this truck which don't bother me a bit but, we such a messed up bolt pattern and bolt pattern size. Finally, i was ready to look past all of that, say i'll just do minor things to it so i bought me a billet grille and black projector headlights... but wouldn't you know. Try to by black taillights and none to be found. Let me say frustration is really setting in. If any of you out there know of any of these please let me know. If not... i'm going to switch over from my foreign policy and have to switch to all-american muscle. So please help.
  • zoom23zoom23 Posts: 2
    hey Rocketman I put a nismo cold air on my 05 4x 4L nice but I have to save if you combine it with a gibson catback exhaust you'll wet all over yourself. I put the gibson made for torque and the low noise chambered sound wicked I'll be more than happy to run a chevy v-8 for money!! Try it. take care man
  • zhampton21zhampton21 Posts: 27
    I have teo questions...

    Where can I find a good selection of grille guards I can mount some PIAA lights on the front of my truck?

    Does anyone know how to get ahold of a Dana44 NISMO rear axle with the electronic locking rear differential? I am looking to do a swap and make my SE 4x4 have a locking rear diff. Is it even needed?
  • zhampton21zhampton21 Posts: 27
    I was looking at the Westin Bull Bar for my new '08 Se 4x4 and from what it looks like, it as a disclaimer that says the air dam must be slightly cut and modified and the towhook must be removed. Can anybody tell me if this is correct, or if someone else makes the skidplate/bull bar combo that will fit the truck as it is? I think it's a little rediculous to start having to cut things off to add a basic mod.
  • dmm2dmm2 Posts: 1
    Has anyone else removed their roof rack on a '08 crew cab or a previous year? I'm not a big fan of it and plan on taking it off but am not sure how it looks under the rack pads. I figure on replacing the bolts with a flat head same color look and some silicone on the threads. Does this seem proper or is there a better way? Thanks.
  • mdawg25mdawg25 Posts: 23
    Does anyone know if an aftermarket exhaust or intake exists for an '06 XE 2.5? I can't find one anywhere and am getting frustrated
  • badfireguybadfireguy Posts: 10
    anyone have installation instructions for the a/c cooling fan for a 3.3L frontier?
  • badfireguybadfireguy Posts: 10
    I'll tell you, the only cold air intake I will ever use again is the Volant. I first bought a K & N and had problems from the start. After trying everything I could think of, I found the Volant on sale for $253.00!
    It took thirty minutes to install and the second the engine started, every issue I had with idle went away. I actually had to crank the idle down about 150 rpms. Make sure you buy the one with the air box. Gibson makes a great cat back exhaust, but you really should buy some headers, go to your local muffler shop, and have them fabricate a 2 1/2" exhaust feeding a flowmaster 40 series muffler. I guarantee you for half the price, you will have a killer exhaust with the sound you want, that doesn't piss off every neighbor you start it.
  • is dedicated to nissan trucks, they have a good selection.
  • i got the bull bar for my 07 se, it was alot easier just to remove the air dam completely. you do have to remove the one and only tow hook, and the way the bar mounts its not very sturdy, if you were to bump something lightly, the bar would go into your gril, but it's definetly good looking especially with a set of 6" KC driving lights installed on it.
  • dmm2,

    did you remove your rack? if so, wanna sell it? billsal at that place.
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