Issues with running, and when shut off will not restart

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I have had issues with my 2008 Ford Escape for a few years, and have had it into Ford for inspection approximately three to four times. When I drive it and if I have to make a stop, when I come out of a store or whatever it will not start. They have charged me the fee a couple times and then one occasion did not. They can't find anything wrong because it's not happening when they check it, although on one instance I had my car towed there. It seems to happen when it heats up but not when it's cold.
A friend of mine who was up visiting from out of state has a ford focus and was having the exact same issue. He couldn't turn it off without it not starting back up, for at least an hour. It was in a major heat wave. When he got back to his state, West Virginia, he brought it in to ford for a check and they found a recall with something on the transmission. Could this be the same issue as my vehicle? I have had it in several times but no recall is ever mentioned. Could they have the same transmission? I'm not sure of his year, but probably around 2011 or 12. Any help is appreciated. It usually happens more in the warmer weather, never in the winter. So I'm assuming something expands with the vehicle when it's warm. Any help appreciated. Considering a new vehicle, but reconsidering Ford. My husband has a Fusion 2015 and we get recalls often. It wasn't bad all summer but has now happened twice over the past two weeks. I feel like I can't shut my car off now once I've driven it a few miles, because I will be stranded.

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