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Hyundai Santa Fe Interior Questions and Problems



  • I am in the process of buying a 2008 Santa Fe SE. At the moment I think I am getting a Silver Blue (also like Platinum Sage). Does anyone else have these colors? Do they show a lot if dirt? The Silver Blue looks like the Bright Silver in the sun.
    I like the way they have dark carpet with the beige seats but prefer the gray seats over beige. However the gray carpet is so light it will get really dirty. Has anyone heard of any possibility that Hyundai will put the dark carpet with the gray seats?
  • I am worried about dirt showing on the light gray carpet & seats in the SI am buying. The dealer said they have a special fabric protector they can apply (for about $170) and that it was much better than scotchguard and I shouldn't use scotchguard on the car. Is there some special fabric protector I can buy in the auto parts store to do it myself? Is there some reason why I shouldn't use scotchguard in the car (I have read somewhere it can have toxic fumes). Can anyone advise me on this?
  • If you look through this forum, you will see many posts about this topic. I and many others have used scotchguard on our SFs. I'd bet the dealers "special" fabric protector isn't much different. It took 2 cans for the seats and carpeting, and I used the scotchguard carpet foam on the mats. I have the beige interior, and after a year, the seats still look great. I did wind up getting the Weathertech floor liners for the front and back, they fit like a glove and are great for this time of year.
  • dm126dm126 Posts: 14
    Interesting, The dealer we bought from also recommended a "special" fabric protector. He used a small card w/sample fabric to demonstrate. However his price was around $700! (at time of sale only. If you come back after the sale to have the service performed, it costs $1400!) Of course I declined the offer, but will probably use Scotch Guard on the interior. As far as fumes go, I'm sure anything you use to protect the upholstry will give off fumes initially.If you can wait until warmer weather, driving with the windows down will probably air out the vehicle and solve the fume issue.
  • You can go to to see and compare the difference between their "all weather floor mats" and their "FloorLiner". I have not seen the Hyundai all weather mats but they might be similar to weathertech.

    In my opinion WeatherTech makes a top quality product that I have been very satisfied with.

    Good luck in what ever choice you make.
  • Are the "weathertech" floor liners you mention the same as the Santa Fe All Weather mats you can buy from the dealer (approx. $100 for 4)?
    would you recommend putting the scotchguard on when you first get the car before any dirt gets on it or can you do it any time?

    The dealer also tries to sell undercoating and paint sealing at the time of purchase... any thoughts on whether this is necessary?
  • In a word, No, the paint sealant, undercoating, fabric protectant, etc. are purely huge profit items for the dealer and are not necssary. The items may be purchased much cheaper elsewere if you feel you need them. I'm surprised the dealer is trying to sell the undercoating since it may void Hyundai's warranty.

    It would be best to apply any fabric protectant as soon as possible, before any spills or mishaps. Read the precautions on the container carefully before you apply.
    Chances are the same precautions apply to any product the dealer would use.

    I have the Weathertech floorliners in my Santa Fe and keep them in year round. I am very pleased with the appearance and of course they fit like a glove and I never have to worry about getting the carpet dirty (light gray carpet). :)
  • Thanks for the info... I didn't think the undercoating was necessary but dealer tried to push the paint sealer because he said today's new "environmentally friendly" paints don't hold up as well as it used to without the sealer.

    Are the "weathertech" floor liners you mention the same as the Santa Fe All Weather mats you can buy from the dealer (approx. $100 for 4)?
  • The big difference with the Weathertech floor liners vs. either theirs or Hyundai's all weather mats is they have a wall around the edge, so they keep any water from running off the mat onto the carpet. I have the beige interior, and the floor liners are a little darker than my interior, but I think it still looks good, and they do a great job.
  • Every Santa Fe gets Hyundai-applied undercoating. If you take a tour of the plant, you can see the building dedicated to applying undercoating. Once the Santa Fe (or Sonata) leaves the plant, it is taken first through a building where they throw in floor mats and things like that. Next, it is driven to a building where the undercoating is applied. Its kind of like the assembly line, where the Santa Fe is on some kind of conveyer system. They apply the undercoating to all vehicles, and are then shipped to a holding yard.

    Use Scotchguard rather than the $700 dealer "service". :P
  • I love the Natural Khaki color! It's what I wanted when I bought my 2007 Limited AWD. Unfortunately, I was looking specifically for one with the Touring package (3rd row seat and tow prep), and without a sunroof, so my selection was limited. I settled for one in Dark Cherry Red with the beige interior. It's beautiful, too, though it really shows the road grime quickly.
  • wendolinewendoline Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe and I'm having a problem with my interior facia board rubber going soft and tacky, it leaves finger prints in it when I touch it. I had the car detailed last week and now black rubber is coming off it and onto my hands, it seems to be getting worse.
    Is anyone having the same problem?
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix or maybe seal the dash facia board rubber? :cry:
  • I was very much interested in buying a new Santa Fe until I checked the leg room. I could not move the front seat back far enough (either manual or power seat) for adequate leg room. Meanwhile, my wife was sitting directly behind me was already complaining that her knees were touching my front seat! Wow, this is a very strange situation, since both Consumer Reports and Motor Trend stated that there was adequate leg room, front and back. I am 6.0 ft. and my wife is 5' 9", so we are not really tall people. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Both the Honda CR-V and the new Subaru Forester had more leg room. I am thinking that adding space for the third seat in the Santa Fe, may have reduced the space in the passenger and cargo compartments. George -- Arizona
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I'm 6 ft. tall and have no problem whatsoever with leg room in my 2007 Limited (5 passenger). I don't need to have the driver's seat anywhere near all the way back when I drive.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Was this at a dealership demo? Was the steering wheel telescoped all the way out? Start with the seat all the way down and the steering wheel all the way in then adjust as needed.
  • I have always used covers to protect steering wheels. My Santa Fe SE has a leather wrapped steering wheel. I am a little concerned that the tight fit of a cover may damage the leather over time. If I do not use a cover - any suggestions as to how to clean and preserve the condition of the leather?

    Thank you.
  • Thanks guys for your response on the question of leg room in the Santa Fe. Yes, I tried moving the steering in and out and up to give me more leg room both with the manual seat and then the power seat. But, it didn't help. I agree that I should find adequate leg in front for a 6 footer and enough knee room in back according to Motor Trend and Consumer Reports. Nevertheless, I found more leg room in the new Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V. Therefore, I went ahead bought a CR-V. A great SUV for its size and good road handling.
  • Has anyone solved the issue of vibration noise in the dash behind radio and even more of the same noise a little more to the passenger side in the dash. The sound is intermittent about 50% of the time. Sounds a little like something in the glove compartment vibrating (but it is empty). Tires are correct pressure and I have pushed on the areas from the outside to see if it is a loose panel - no luck so far. I know someone solved a noise on driver side in the cover over the the speedometer etc displays and someone had a loose section of door panel between the dash and the door - not the same as mine.

  • I would strongly recommend NOT putting a cover over a cover!

    Here's three suggestions, I'm sure you'll get lots more.

    1. Lexol leather conditioner

    2. Saddle soap (more work, but worth it)

    3. Nothing. I'm not planning on doing a thing to the leather on my '08 SF's steering wheel - I hate the feel of the residue from ANY of that stuff. But that's just me.
  • Thanks. I tend to agree with you.

    If not cleaned, the day will come when the leather will be caked with dirt; this is true for the transmission shifer knob also. I assume saddle soap will be the best bet.
  • ssbn632ssbn632 Posts: 2
    Anyone know where to get a new (or used ) cover?
    Maybe a direct from Korea supplier? It's a 2002 w/ Beige int.
    US dealers want $300!! :mad: :P
  • np45np45 Posts: 7
    that noise may be the antenna cable vibrating from not being secure behind the dash....I had this problem with my 02 Saab 9/5....what you can do is wrap in in some 1 inch foam that should work
  • Thanks, I will keep this in mind. The dealer has by car and cannot duplicate sound as it is intermittent. At night I hear nothing, sometimes in the day is when I hear it. I have ascertained it is in the dash and heard primarily through the center AC vent on the passenger side.
  • r8cutr8cut Posts: 21
    I was very much interested in buying a new Santa Fe until I checked the leg room. I could not move the front seat back far enough (either manual or power seat) for adequate leg room. Meanwhile, my wife was sitting directly behind me was already complaining that her knees were touching my front seat! Wow, this is a very strange situation, since both Consumer Reports and Motor Trend stated that there was adequate leg room, front and back. I am 6.0 ft.

    That is bizarre. I'm 6'5" and I don't need the seat all the way back in the Santa Fe. However I do in the CRV. Further, the listed front legroom for the Santa Fe is about 1.3 in. more than the CRV. However the CRV does have about 2 in. more legroom in the 2nd row seat.
  • check for pine needles in the blower area ;)
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I am 6'1", 240lbs and have enough leg and head room, but not much to spare. However, most of my height is in my torso (32" inseam). You must be the opposite. Long legs, short torso. 2007 Santa Fe SE AWD with sunroof.
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    hi folks, i have heard and have read reviews that the santa fe had a hard ride.
    i recently had a controled test drive in an area that was free of bumps ,railroad tracks and the like. i felt the ride was good.
    my question is, are the reviews and hear say exaggerated ? was my controled test drive (ideal routing) a way of hiding a hard ride?
    thank you, nace
  • lucky15lucky15 Posts: 72
    Yes it was, I have a 07 GLS which has 16 inch wheels and I carry 32lbs. in the front and 30 in the rear and I have a very nice ride , if you were test driving an SE or Limited they have a 17 inch wheel, I believe, and with there being a little less sidewall on those tires to absorb the rough pavement you would experince a firmer ride, assuming you have the tires properly inflated.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    I have on 07 SE, and everyone that gets in it comments on how smooth the ride is. I test drove a lot of cars before deciding on the SF, and the ride was one of the biggest reasons I bought it.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    If it was a demo, did you check that the telescoping steering wheel was pushed all the way in - people do mess with things on a demo. Also if the seat has been raised all the way up, it diminishes the leg rom to the underside of the steering column cover. To find my best seating position, I started with everything in it's pushed in, low down position and then raised the seat, pushed it back and adjusted the backrest as well as the steering column.
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