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Hyundai Santa Fe vs Honda Element

texvegastexvegas Posts: 17
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
I realize this may seem a bit extreme, but it's down to these two vehicles. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    People compare all sorts of vehicles - at least your two choices are both SUVs. :shades:

    Got kids? Hauling dogs or lots of big box hardware store runs? Is this going to be a commuter or used more for weekend errands and road trips? What else do you need or like in a car?
  • I just sold my 05 Element EX and purchased a new 07 santa fe GS. I liked the Element fine but the sante Fe was too tempting at that price

    1) Element
    Advantages easy to clean out...
    hauls a bunch of stuff
    good gas milage for an suv type vehicle
    Work SUV

    2) )7 sante fe GS
    decent gas mileage
    lots of bang for the buck (extras)
    Much quieter and more commfortable ride...LUXURY SUV

    Side note...jury is still out on the sante fe for lots of good reviews everywhere. I have had a leaky tail light (water got in) and problem computer temp readout in 2 days. I am hoping the reviews are correct and these minor problems are just a fluke...OR I WILL KICK MYSELF HARD!

    You are correct...the comparison is like apples vs pears and depends on what you want it for. Personally I think Honda and toyota have gotten a bit carried away with themselves and the prices for what you get.
  • I own both an 04 Element EX AWD and an 08 Santa Fe SE FWD. The comparison is not apples to apples, but here goes.

    Has been rock solid for almost 4 years 40,000 miles of driving. Stock GY tires are crap, I went with a slightly wider and shorter tire and it improved handling when I replaced the stock tires at 19K (they were at 2/32nds!) The Element ride is much busier than the SF, it is noisy, and the load carrying limits are really small. If you plan to haul a lot of people and equipment, make sure you are not overloading the E. From personal experience, made a trip from Phoenix to Jackson Hole in the E, with my family that include two teens over 6'5". Added a Yakima cargo box as well. The Element performed flawlessly, still got 22mpg or better, is a bit underpowered for highway speeds. Running at 75, you are turning about 3300rpm (the new models have a 5th gear in the A/T, my model has only 4.) Shifts down into 2nd gear were not unusual when needing to go up an incline. The car is still in the family and driven by one of my teens.

    The Santa Fe is only a month old, but the increased power, better ride, low cost for purchase (about on par with what I would have to spend for an 08 Element) and greater level of equipment, plus the 5 year warranty made the Hyundai the better purchase. Also, the Element could be going away from Honda's production, numbers sold have been dropping by year since the original release. Models are normally updated-reengineered about every 5 years, but I have not read that Honda has committed to the next gen of the Element.

    Bottom line: both vehicles return about 20mpg in town/suburban driving, even though the Santa Fe has a lot more hp and weight.

    Good luck
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