Hard starting on colder days.Not battery.

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Own a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country.On colder days as i start it it sounds like the motor is gasping(Can't think of another way to put it.Sounds like fuel being resrticted).It always eventually starts.It runs fine once started.No stalling or hesitation,etc.It also starts fine when its 60 degrees or so and above.Starts easier (Less gasping sound the warmer out it is.)It's been doing it for a year now.I tested the Air intake temperature sensor as that seemed to be a probable cause from research online.Checked out fine.I thought i would ask for help on this forum before taking it to mechanic.Afraid something will fail soon espesially that cooler weathers coming.Thanks for any help.


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    Because you say it does better when it's 60 deg F or above, I'd suspect the temperature sensor for the coolant. It tells the computer that the engine is warmer than it is and the computer doesn't compensate for the cold by giving it much more fuel from the injectors during cranking and initial running.

    You mentioned the air intake temperature sensor, but I think you need to check the coolant reading. Some scanners can read out those values. So on a cool morning see what the engine thinks its coolant is at. Mine would be up to 10 deg F warmer than ambient after sitting overnight because the chunk of iron and water loses heat from the center slowly.

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    I will check the coolant temp. sensorAppreciate your help.
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