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Pontiac Grand Am Wet Floor!

dr_zoidbergdr_zoidberg Posts: 4
edited January 2015 in Pontiac
I have a 95 pontiac grand am. The floor under the driver's side is always wet in a distninct spot, although there are no apparent seal problems, or leaks from the steering column, or under the dashboard. I haven't the slightest clue what this could be. HELP!


  • Is the floor wet with:

    Hydrolic Fluid?
    Transmission Fluid?

    What color? Temp?

    Did you look under the carpet to see if there is a hole in the floor pan?

    Turn on the heater and see i you get a drip? Make sure the AC drain is clear.

    Just some ideas.
  • Its water. It just rained this weekend and the bloody thing is soaked.
    I hate this car. :mad:
  • I have a 92 Grand Am and the trunk was filled with water because one litte part of the weathestrip on the trunk was ripped.Try checking the weatherstriping over the door. Also if u have wet feet and no floor mat u can make the fllorwet and it will stay wet.I also noticed that there is a space between the top of the door and where it meets the car roof.
  • has your problem been fixed? I have a ford contour 2000, and im currently experiencing the same problem. going to tackle the weather stripping tomorrow. ive read somewhere about replacing body plugs on the car. I dont have a clue on how to do that though.
  • I had this same prob with my 97 grand am. My boyfriend and his friend took out the seats and all the carpet, and we used a turkey baster to get out all the standing water. It was terrible. All the padding was ruined and we bought new. I took it to the dealer (big mistake) and they charged me over $300 for what couldn't have taken them more than 3 minutes. All they did was take some spray and sealed under the windshield. For that, they should have at least put the interior back, but no, we had to do that.
  • I too have the same problem with at least a half inch of water under the rug of my 95 grand am. tried everything to eliminate it but it just keeps coming back.have you had any luck solving your problem? also the windshield fogs really bad in the winter.never need to add any fluids.
  • can anyone solve this problem or tell me if its safe to drill a few small holes under the rug through the floor so it can at least drain?
  • Right after I bought the car I had it parked facing downward on a hill. We had a huge storm and the next day I was driving and I heard a sloshing sound in the trunk. I get home, take everything out and open up the spare tire compartment. It was totally filled with water. We cleaned it out, checked for anything that could be leaking and put it back together. The next storm I parked it facing up the hill and it stayed totally dry. If you aren't parking on a flat, covered surface you should try facing it different ways.
  • Hi,

    I own a 95 Pontiac Grand Am and am having the SAME EXACT problem as you. I've taken it to 2 different mechanics who've both charged me for doing certain things to it but it's NOT FIXED! I just got it out of the last shop a couple days ago and it was nice and dry. Then, we had a rainy day and now the floor is all wet again on the drivers side! Also, the windsheild fogs up BAD on the inside due to the moisture. That causes me to have to scarp the inside of the car each morning of the winter! Basically, my car is :sick: and I need help getting it :)

    Have you found out what is causing this yet? Please let me know so I can point the mechanic in the right direction. He's as baffled as I am!

    Kind Regards,
  • My 95 smelled bad and had wet front floor carpets due to leaks in the firewall. I had to pull back all the carpet and wire brush 1 large hole(half a dollar bill size) and 4 smaller coin size holes about where your toes would be when sitting and legs stretched out. To see the rust from outside the car....passenger side below the heater fan is a lip on the fire wall, just below it is where you will find rot. i used Goop after bondo on the holes all through out this area side to side and NO MORE WET FLOOR !!! waddamesstho
  • I wonder if this is what is going on with my 95 Grand Am. If so, about how much would the mechanic charge me to fix it? To goop and bondo it up as you say? My drivers side floor is ALWAYS saturated, especially after rainy weather and the inside of the car gets foggy and windsheild needs to be scraped in the winter! Very annoying, I have to roll up my pant legs everytime I get in! :sick:

    Kind Regards,
  • tried everything.still leaks.drilled holes in the floor an eight of an inch.keeps it pretty dry but i know come winter ill still have the ice inside problem. someone said look for evaportion hose clog. couldn t find the hose. good luck and please let us know.
  • Hi, I have the same problem with my '92 Grand Am, wet floor on the passenger side in the front and in the back. It's water because it happens only when it rains. I was actually able to eliminate the problem in the front by running a bead of black silicone sealant along the bottom of the windshield where the glass meets the weatherstripping (on the outside). I tried the same thing on the rear window, but that didn't solve the problem. So now I have a wet floor on the passenger side in the back, but not in the front. Rainwater is getting in somehow, I just have to find out where it's coming in. I'm guessing the weatherstripping on the door, or maybe the trunk. I'll try to post something if I actually fix it.
  • We had the same problem, but it was the sunroof.
  • i have had my heater core replaced twice and now its getting wet on the passenger side floor again. at over 1200.00 a pop can any one tell me why this keeps happening or why it happened the first time? thank you
  • Thanks for the info. I took the carpet out on the passenger side and caulked with silicone everywhere I could reach. Under the hood I was able to do the top of the heater fan but HOW do I get to the lip on the underside???? The carpet on the drivers side is soaked also, will this fix help that side? I already used clear silicone sealant on the lower edge of the windshield and used foam weatherstripping on the doors and trunk. No more leak in the trunk. Also have electrical problems, no tailights, new bulbs, where is the relay switch that I keep hearing about??
  • I have a 94 grand am and I had wet floor in the front both sides. I used silicone around windshield and on a few places on weatherstripping where all 4 doors meet roof. No more leak on passenger side but drivers side still soaked (after rain) so now I'm going to pull back the carpet like nopropmtb did. No other way to be sure where its coming from, I'll relate what I find. Had a little water in trunk (weatherstipping in rough shape) but I just drilled a hole in lowest point in tire well to drain for now.
  • tannttannt Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2003 Grand Am and just noticed tonight that there's water standing under the passenger seat and in the back floorboard on the passenger side. I felt everywhere and can't find anything else in the car that is even the least bit damp. I've read all the posts here but they all pertain more to the front floorboard. Anyone have any ideas? I live in Illinois and we did get snow this weekend. Thanks, in advance, for any help or clues that you guys may have.

  • there should be a recall on these cars with all the dng water, this has been happening in my 93 for5 years, nobody can find where it is coming from, and i have done everything this site has said and still water. all water seals replaced, what do they all have the 2 quater and small whole in them under the carpet, mind did too. and now my fan will not work, sometimes it comes on and most time don't. the black lide was off under the hood by the right frount under the hood, now that they put cap on it, now heater fan don't want to work.HELPPPPPPPPP
  • I have a 1999 Grand Am and this is the third year I have taken it to the body shop to have leaks repaired. The first leak was in the trunk and said to be the tail light seal. The second leak was inside the car itself with the front driver and passenger areas deep in water. That was said to be the rear windo seal. I am going to pick up the car today for the third water leak. This time it is said to be a pressure vent somewhere on the back of the car. The bumper had to be removed to get to it. If this car leaks again, I am going to throw a tarp over it and give up.
  • tell me about it! I'm about to give my POS 95 Grand Am to a Demolition Derby LOL :sick: . I have taken it to mechanics regarding the driver side floor leak and they keep doing differnet things to it like fixing the cowling and sealing different spots... and the bloody thing keeps on leaking!!! I've pretty much had it with the beater. As soon as my husband moves over from England we are getting something new and demo derby or junk yarding this POS :sick: .
  • abargeabarge Posts: 1
    I have an 03 and same thing happened in Jan. It was the drain from the sun roof
  • mas35mas35 Posts: 4
    Me too, 95 Grand Am 2 door Both Footwells flood when it rains. I have had the rug pulled and floor siliconed. Now the next step is to pull dash for $700. If you managed to fix your leaking car, please share.
    Mary Ellen
  • mas35mas35 Posts: 4
    I have the same leak too. Did you figure out how to get to the underside of the heater??
    Please share.
    mes :confuse:
  • Hi there,

    I was unable to ever fix the leak in my 95 Grand Am inspite of trying several mechanics. Unfortunately, the wet floor is not my only concernt anymore. My mechanic told me that it's time to let my car go as it's losing anti-freeze due to something eating it up and passing it out the exhaust. He fears it's expensive like a head gasket :sick: . Also, he thinks I'm having a computer module problem with my brakes as they act up sometimes. I am not searching for a used or new Toyota or Honda so hopefully I'll get a good deal!

    I was really hoping to keep this car until my husband got here from England this August :cry:
  • Here is what to do, it stopped the water leak in my 93 Grand Am. You'll need a helper and about a good Saturday afternoon to work on it.
    What i did was,
    *Remove the hood, removed the windshield wipers, the plastic piece under the wipers to expose the hole where the leak happens.
    *There are two weep holes, one on each side of the car, they get clogged up with leaves and such and prevent water from escaping. The drivers side one is very easy to clean out, the passenger side one takes the work.
    *There is a black box with a flapper on it, this is for the fresh air intake for your AC (and i belive for your heater as well) you much remove these two pieces. you will see the hole where the water runs into you car (2.5 inches high and 7 or 8 long). This hole is above the glove box.

    *Clean of the black box pieces, clear the leaves and such from around that weep hole.

    *Run to your favorite home improvement store (preferable in someone elses car not your since you don't have your hood on the car) and grab clear silicone. Make sure you get one that can withstand the elements. Run a bead of silicone around the black box where the old rubber gasket is and reattach it to the car, reattach the flapper piece.
    And since i'm anal retentive i used the rest of the tube and caulked the HECK outta it, (well after two years of dealing with Lake Erie in your car you'll be desperate as well LOL)

    After i did this i let it sit for a day in the sun to let it bake on and then i took a hose and ran it right over the windsheild not a single drip in the car.

    I am still lookin for the trunk leak thou keep ya posted

    Chuck :P
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Check around the tail light housing seals for your trunk leak.
  • OH you should see my caulk job there. That leak is mostly my fault.
    I have an SE but i got a hold of GT tail lights and that is when the leak got worse so i caulked it up. More than likely it's the trunk seal but i'm keeping my options open for anything else it could be.
    For crying out loud i found some rubberizing spray at that HUGE discount department store that everyone hates going to but you can't help but shop there, (can you actually say their name?) and re-did the wheel wells in the rear. If that helped or not i'm really not sure but it makes it look A LOT better.
  • i have a 95 grand am and found 2 problems the heater core was replaced and they cracked the plastic cover that lets the condensation from the air conditioner drain out there is a little hose in back behind the radio and i had a leak when it rained that was the weep hole outside under the air grate must remove the hood and wipers it gets cloged with leaves and such good luck
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