A/C problem

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L/S A/C vents blow warm and R/S blows cold not a 2 zone system


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    The most common problem is a low freon charge. The freon is expanded to gas in the first area it enters which has air going over it primarily to the passenger side. Then there isn't enough liquid freon to cool the other side where the air for the driver is going.

    With the 'AC going on a higher speed blower, if you are safety aware about any loose clothing around the engine, touch the two metal tubes for the AC freon going into the firewall. Both tubes should be cold but the larger exit tube should be colder with the freon exiting that is still expanding from liquid to gas. If the exit is warmer than entry side, that's low freon.

    I recommend having a good AC mechanic remove freon, leak check, vacuum, and refill with exact amount specified rather than trying to fill with some of the goops pedaled at the stores. You get mixes. You get leak sealers. You just want R134a.

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