Toyota Corolla vs. Acura RSX

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I'm debating between the two models, do you guys have thoughts on opinions on either model? RSX will be discontinued, fair gas mileage, and priced at 20k, but has some nice features that beats toyota. Toyota has great mileage and reliability, slightly boring.


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    RSX may be a little more sporty, but in the end, you are probably paying for the Acura nameplate. I think RSX (off the top of my head) might have a little more HP, and obviously better looks.

    But the major difference is 2 dr vs 4 dr. If you wanted to get a little bigger car, you could get an accord coupe for under 20k.

    Basically depends on what you are looking for.
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    by this cross-shop, or perhaps the better word would be intrigued.

    Corolla is the current bargain special of the compact world, routinely selling for thousands off sticker because it is a seriously old, seriously high-volume model. It will be a LOT cheaper to buy than an RSX.

    One has 2 doors, the other 4.

    One is the sportiest car $20K can buy, except for the Mini Cooper, the other is a very practical but very unsporty transportation sedan.

    Nothing boring about the RSX, and it a very reliable model. So if you don't need four doors and the money is all the same to you, then the RSX is the clear choice unless the handling is so sporty that the firmness of the ride exceeds your comfort threshold. That and the road noise in the RSX (I used to have one) are its only downsides. The stereo kinda sucks, but then so does the Corolla's stock stereo.

    And BTW, RSXs are already getting very rare - they have stopped shipping them, and stocks are dwindling fast at dealers near me. So if you want the RSX, better go grab one pretty soon.

    edit...did you mean the Corolla XRS? In that case, the cross-shop makes more sense, but there is no doubt you should go with the RSX - much nicer interior, better handling with a less jittery ride to boot, and the power is much more accessible - the power in the Corolla is all base-model until you get the engine above 6200 rpm, and you can't keep it in the powerband from gear to gear - it is geared too far apart for that.
    Oh, and the Corolla XRS has stopped being offered too, so if THAT'S your choice, you better hurry for that one too! :D

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    How did you narrow it down to these two cars? Not only are they in very different price ranges, they're not even in the same class.

    My advice is if you want a 4-door bargain, you go for a base Civic. The Corolla is a stain on its shoes.

    If you want a fun car in the 20K range, I say you go for the Subaru WRX. Not only do you get all wheel drive, but a much sportier car - AND IT HAS 4 DOORS!!

    You should do some more research on other available cars out there...
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    i have 3 corollas 2002 s + 2003 base + 2005 xrs . they all start at minus -40 .an none ever has to change the timing belt . the xrs rear seat doe's not fold down, great for baby car seat reenforced area.think about that in mind if your young an want to look cool.
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    If you want sporty then go with the RSX. If you want economy and comfort then the Corolla. I completly hate the Civic as I don't fit. The E brake digs into my leg. Everyone is different though so it's a very similar alternative.
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