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I need to know some details about the CD/CASSETTE/Stereo Radio in my town car. Can someone with extensive experience contact me or steer me in the right direction? CD player doesn't play because previous own/driver put a "cleaner" in it (even tho it said NOT TO [LOL]) on the package. Also - radio seems to not have an antenna because there's static and only (barely) works on cloudy days (when the signals can bounce lower/stronger to the receiver). Maybe it's disconnected, loose, or just a BAD kind of antenna (window type).
Radio and/or "players" are my only source of PEACE when I'm out and about (71 yr old combat wounded Marine Vietnam Veteran with PTSD, PCS, among other things)! It's strictly about the therapeutic relief! THANKS!!!
Can really use some honest help on Long Island, NY.
Thank you very much.
Erle Mutz


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    To take care of the CD player we would usually pull the radio and send it to a compamny that repairs them in Syracuse NY. That has to be done for you by a shop, they don't work for consumers directly.

    The antenna uses either an "Antenna Isolator Module" (under the headliner) if your car was built before December 2002 or an "Antenna Filter Module" (Right hand rear pillar) if it was built in December 2002 or later. There is a coaxial cable that runs from the module to the radio that may need to be checked.
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