Pathfinder 97 trans problem

danithedriverdanithedriver Member Posts: 1
edited September 2019 in Nissan
Hello, this is my first used car. I got this pathfinder with 177,000 miles on it in May. In early September i noticed it would start in second gear not even going to first. I got a trans solenoid replaced with a new one and it did nothing. Now the car gets confused in between gears and it kicks quite often. I have changes the oil and filter, i have topped it of with trans fluid, i did a flush on it, coolant (ive taken care of this car pretty well in my opinion). Mechanics have told me different things (its the solenoid, its the computer, the actual transmission). Im trying to figure this out without getting a transmission analysis done. I dont want to let go of this car but ill have to if i have to put a new trans in. Im a student living in a rural area of Puerto Rico. I need advice please :smile:
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