Buick Century Fuel System

wendypwendyp Member Posts: 1
I have a 1991 Century that I ran almost out of gas (it was literally chugging when I got to the station). Problem is, even though it has a full tank it's chugging like it's not getting enough gas. The check engine light hasn't come on yet, but I've gone from 30 mpg to about 18. I put in fuel injector cleaner, to no avail. What can I do short of taking it to the ol' garage?


  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westMember Posts: 255
    Did you try changing the fuel filter. I had a 91 Century that I put over 300k miles on it with out any major work. It ran like a top till the kids in the hood stole it.
  • mprdavemprdave Member Posts: 3
    My 93 3.3L Century runs fine at idle but when you put in gear it hesitates and almost shuts off. Fuel pressure is running at 31 psi key on motor off and 31 psi motor on. Pulled vaccume line off of the fuel pressure reg and had no increase in psi and the motor died. Whats UP!!
    Have replaced fuel filter.
  • dunky1dunky1 Member Posts: 1
    The car quit running. Thought it was the fuel pump. Put in new pump. Still not running. I can put fuel in the motor and it runs. But i will not start without putting fuel in the motor.
  • noodlesknowlesnoodlesknowles Member Posts: 15
    must be a common problem, do all of the people who posted here have the V6? I have a 94, basically same model as all of you, same thing, chugging as though not getting enough gas, but it has a new fuel filter, I took it to the shop and they gave it a clean bill of health(after doing work on the fuel system)a few months later, its back to chugging and even stalling out once in a while. anyone figured out a fix for this let me know, thanks :sick:
  • broduerbroduer Member Posts: 2
    How easy was it to change the fuel filter and where is located?
  • mprdavemprdave Member Posts: 3
    Fuel filter is located near the right rear wheel. You'll half to put the rear on stands and take off wheel to get to it. It is mounted on the frame. You will have to get the pressure of off the line before changing or you will get sprayed. I used a fuel pressure guage hooked to the fuel rail to bleed off the line pressure first. After pressure is gone there is a clip in front of and behind the filter. Just squeze the tabs and pull off. put in new filter and check for leaks. make sure the clips are locked in good.
  • andaleandale Member Posts: 1
    i have the 93 3.3 v6 and mine is stuttering a lot and some times i get a code 44 - running lean and all the things it may entail.
    I replaced my fuel filter and it didn't change, i have wondered if it may be my pump, which apparently does not prime.
  • cactuskcactusk Member Posts: 1
    was thinking of changing the fuel pump... car started stalling end of July in the high temps we were having here. Tried several ideas -- thought we had bad fuel -- changed fuel filter -- but problem has just progressively got worse. Is there an access port to change pump or do I have to drop the tank?... After reading some of the posts maybe changing the pump isn't the answer -- any ideas. :confuse:
  • jdh93jdh93 Member Posts: 7
    I´m having some what similar problems with my 93 6 cyl. (See message #343). Anyone have suggestions??????????
  • jdh93jdh93 Member Posts: 7
    have a 93 Century. About 3 weeks ago the already rusted out muffler and tail pipe fell off. It ran fine for another 2 weeks. About a week ago, it was completley dead. The starter was rebuilt and it ran fine for about 2 days. Then it began to often die right after it tarted. After various tries restarting it, it usually starts, but it releases a plume of smoke and then runs and idles very sluggishly. Sometimes it dies while I am driving. There is a strong smell of gas. This only happens about half the time. It often starts on the first crank and runs and idles smoothly. I have replaced all filters and treated the fuel system and the injectors. # mechanics have looked at it, but the problem never arose when they checked it. They hooked it up to the diagnostic computer, but it didn´t indicate a problem. I live in an area where there are no Buick dealers and where I don´t have a reliable mechanic.(I am new to the area.) Can anyone make ny suggestions as to what should be checked, what the problem sounds like or give me any advice in general??? Does it soundlike I need to have the exhaust system looked at? The car has only 70,000 miles on it. ( My grandmother bought it new) and it has been reliable for me up until now. Please help me if you can. Thanks.
  • nullsmurfnullsmurf Member Posts: 1
    I had a coolant leak, a breach in the lower intake manifold gasket. To do the gasket, I disconnected supply and return side fuel couplings at the injector manifolds. As I reassembled, the return side went back together and sealed. The supply side did not. The coupling nut is tightend to its maximum, but the fuel line is "sloppy". Under pressure, it leaks badly. Did I neglect something - an o-ring?
  • broduerbroduer Member Posts: 2
    You might want to think about the fuel injectors. I had a ford taurus that did the same thing and the guys down at ford said that it was the injectors. Just a thought. let me know how you make out.
  • jckid66jckid66 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 90 century with a 2.5 engine and its doing the same thing as yours.. I can not get it started and when you do get it started it runs for a while then quits and is hard to start but once it warms up its ok for awhile... also there is random clicking coming from the injector and some times the gas will fill it up and overflow the
    TBI !!!!! now keep in mind I have replaced the Throttle position sensor, fuel regulator, and injector also the injector would randomly squirt when you hear this clicking.. I would be VERY grateful for any help in this matter thank you in advance

  • meshellmeshell Member Posts: 1
    i just bought a buick century from a dealer who didnt have the best rep for selling quality cars... but my other car was about to die and i was desperate, right after i signed the papers and a no warranty slip...... the car started acting up.... it acts like it doesnt want to start unless u gas it while turning the key... and it randomly dies but only when the car is stopped it will start right back up but its a little annoying when it dies and im at a red light and the light goes green before i can get it going again.... if any one has ne suggestions please help me :confuse:
  • senorkokisenorkoki Member Posts: 1

    i have century 99 that's been sitting idle for 2 years - kept in a non-insulated garage w/ about 3/4 full tank of gas.

    i wanted to siphon the gas out - but am unable to.
    i'm now assuming that there is a siphon restrictor.

    is there any other way to get the gas out other than bringing it to a mechanic?
    i have yet to start the car.

    should i just change the oil and put a treatment into the gas w/o changing gas?
  • rmarcusrmarcus Member Posts: 2
    94 buick century 2.5 liter 4 cylinder 197thousand miles. A month ago I got head gasket repair wrong gasket(redone) also idler pulley the cold weather hit and it seemed like my ignition switch was hard to turn over. Never had cold problem starts before was kind of frustrated then driving to work 70 mph 15 below zero thought there was a wind gust then noticed a drop in speed and felt like gas peddle was harder to step on.couldn't go faster just kept getting slower, check engine light came on got off freeway 1mile later, temp gauge was over half. parked no steam or water under car worked all day started car not stiff no check engine light. started driving could go no faster than 30 at stop sign tried putting in park and revving engine sounded okay no missing. and no rumble noise ,put in gear. first pressure on gas like normal more pressure a rumbling noise no faster than 25 mechanic said catalytic converter. no. computer module no. fuel filter a little dirty didn't change anything gas running rich ,checked sensors they could get to, two days later took to affiliate shop .day and a half later still baffled now we are talking about drive chain or belt the first mechanic ruled out because of fiber optics. second mechanic says belt or chain 500.00 for this job just to find out yes or no. already 500. into labor of guessing .Is the head gasket responsible for this or does anyone have any ideas. do i just get a different used car.
  • jgeltjgelt Member Posts: 1
    how difficult is it to access the fuel pumpin a 98 century
  • leo32leo32 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Buick century and I can't turn on the vent because I have a fuel leak under the hood. Inside the car smells like gas. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can get it fixed,or if there's somthing that I can use to stop the leak???
  • drou6497drou6497 Member Posts: 1
    Just had the same problem with the same car. If Im right, the smell will go away for the most part during constant drive time. When you crank up, the smell is strongest and seems to last for about 5-15 min before getting better. ANSWER- The diaphram in the "Fuel Pressure Regulator" is failing which will also cause the car to have a long start. The regulator is vacuum controlled and if i remember right, has to sustain pressure from 5-7psi. Not much. To be certain that its the problem, pull the little vac hose off of the top and smell the regulator hole. Smells like gas, its bad. Albiet, the gas will leak around the edges of the regulator. Its located on top of the engine, attached in between the fuel line and fuel injector rail. Hard to miss and not all that tough to change.
  • mymarinemymarine Member Posts: 1
    2005 Century, 4-cyl. My son went to replace the fuel filter and PCV valve; fuel filter went fine.
    He could not do the valve because he said it is riveted in; is there a trick to changing it?
  • kresstinalkresstinal Member Posts: 1

    My 93 Century is doing the exact same thing as noodlesknowles I am unsure of what the problem is, filter has been changed, I have also had mine in the shop and they have given it a clean bill of health. Does anyone know what is causing this problem and how I can fix it. No engine light comes on ever either and other than this one problem the car runs like it is brand new.

  • Swabz84Swabz84 Member Posts: 1
    Have a 90 Century with the 3.3 V6. The car will start fine when the motor is cold but after a few minutes it starts to run like the fuel flow is being restricted and then dies. It won't start back until the motor completely cools. I have replaced the entire fuel system, the oil pressure sensor, the ignition module and all 3 coil packs. There is no code being thrown and never has been. I'm running out of ideas
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