Excessive Oil Consumption

HyunOwner2011HyunOwner2011 AZMember Posts: 1
edited October 2019 in Hyundai
My Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2011, started consuming oil after 120K. 1Quart every 500 miles. I know because I check oil on my cars every time I gas up. Habit I picked up since I bought my first car. In GA I could easily get 38 miles to the gallon but in AZ since its so flat, I get 31-33 /gallon.

I did all my oil changes at 5-7K Mobile 1. On a recent trip from Georgia to AZ, I used up 6 Quarts. I changed the PCV but Oil was still burning at 1quart/500 miles. I know this is common on this type of car. I now have 198K miles and car is still running good. I just make sure to change my oil and filters and keep checking the oil level at every gas up. Do any of you have same problem and if so, what was the fix. I am just going to run the car a few more years before I buy a Ford or GM Truck.
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