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Problems with 1997 Cavalier Convertyible Key FOB

Paintgod4Paintgod4 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2019 in Chevrolet
Just recently the key FOB quit working on my sons Convertible, he brought to my shop and we began the key fob program process. I brought out the extra remote knowing Ill need to reprogram it too as per procedure guidelines. The remote I have here worked fine before the re program attempts which did not work this time as it did initially when I received these aftermarket remotes and rather quickly had them re programmed, with no problem.
During the process of reprogramming key FOB, while the 2 wires are temporarily connected, you can hold down the lock and unlock buttons on HIS remote and almost instantly the system responds with the obvious switching on and off the locks in the car automatically after correct programming has taken place. NOW you disconnect the two re programming wires (located in the trunk) and test the remote you just properly programmed, and nothing works at all on key FOB. What gives?


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    Paintgod4Paintgod4 Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2019
    So I come to this thread to solve the key FOB problem and fall into post after post about Cavalier security system problems, and now wondering if this current key FOB issue is just symptomatic of something larger?? Please advise or call me directly at (non-permissible content deleted). Thank you anyone, everyone in advance.....
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