Love my little 2014 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback

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This vehicle has had absolutely zero breakdowns or problems in the last 5 years. (I bought it in December 2014.) Neither did my other Hyundai Accent that I got in 2001 and had for 13 years.
With my current one I get 38 MPG by using ECO mode all the time (except when going up hills) and by using cruise control on highways. Radar controlled variable speed cruise control would be preferable, but even this 'regular' cruise control may be why I get such great gas mileage. Also, my dad who was a flight instructor with the Navy taught me how to drive in such a way as to avoid most heavy braking by being aware of traffic both a mile ahead of me and a mile behind me, anticipating and noticing traffic slowdowns at signal lights, construction zones etc. so as not to 'rush up' to another vehicle that is slowing but to remove cruise control, remove my foot from accelerator or reduce force on the accelerator as cars in front of me start slowing and by keeping an even, steady speed and sufficient distance from the driver in front of me.

The design of this Hyundai is stylish and sleek so the air flows over with less resistance resulting in better gas mileage. I love the one rear seat or both being able to fold down. I can store all my camping gear in this surprisingly large space for a hatchback.

My main complaint with this car is the low clearance and the noise on the freeways. Again, I presume that low clearance helps increase gas mileage, but I like to camp. Even around town the clearance is too low. Although I DO go over National and State park and other 'rural' gravel roads that have ruts that become 'watering holes,' rocks and uneven surfaces I don't even TRY to go down those more uneven, more rocky and 'holey' back roads that I used to with my 2003 model. Hyundai Accent Hatchback base model that had higher clearance and did really well as long as I drove slowly and carefully.

The second major drawback of both my previous and my current 4 door Accent Hatchback is the road noise. The road noise is loud while on the freeway so I have to turn the volume up on my radio and it is a bit hard to have Bluetooth phone conversations. People tell me the reception isn't very good on the Bluetooth while on the freeway..Sometimes there is an 'echo.' I am not sure how much of the problem is my Microsoft Lumia 950, how much of the problem is Verizon, my cell phone provider, and how much is the Accent..

Would prefer to have a roof rack on the Accent to carry gear when I go camping with another person, like the Kona which would be my ideal car. Overall, however, this is an excellent, highly reliable and very attractively designed, fuel efficient car, great for carrying groceries, camping gear, etc.. car. The sun/moon (or more realistically 'cloud and rain' roof since here in Puget Sound!) is another wonderful feature as is the 'one touch' power driver's window and power sun/rainroof controls .
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