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I have a very standard 2002 Cavalier. Basic am/fm cd radio with clock but even after reading the manual I cannot set the clock. What the manual says I have on the radio I don't to set the clock :( Thanks for any help !


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    Ok I have an 02 cavalier. Im not looking to do any hardcore street racing or anything like that but are there any easy/cheap/effective little things I can do that will give my ride that extra ummph and if at all possable maybe even squeeze a little bit of better gas milage. I am new to this if its not obvious. Any pointers in the right direction on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all for the help
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    The Chevy Cavalier: Performance discussion may be helpful for you. Take a look thru the past posts and/or post your questions there.
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    Try this, in the lower right there is a up down button, press and hold for 2 seconds and the clock should start flashing. Going by memory, don't have the car anymore.
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    Thanks gonogo!! Wow, after 5 years of ownership I now have a clock that tells the time of day ! I don't know how many times I've hit those arrows but never knew to hold them down :) Thanks again. This forum is a great idea !
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    Whats going on,
    Picked me up a 2002 Cavalier, as we all know that is "Sadly" comes with traction control. Me im young i live in canada there is no place or time for me use traction control. Im sick of poppin the e-brake when i dont want that tire slip. How to i turn it off FULL TIME...?
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    Traction control is for ice and snow, where in hockey land do you live? I don’t know of anyway to turn it off except by pulling your ABS fuse, not a good idea. You can disable it by starting off in first or second gear.
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    Your right it is for ice and snow, but if your like me and have a heavy foot and tire slip happens way to often poppin the ebrake or going to 1st or 2nd can be a pain. What happens if i pop the abs fuse...? Oh and as for hockey land Ontario my friend
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    No ABS and no traction control, I think ABS is the best thing since popped corn. The brakes will work normal but without ABS no steering with brakes applied in slippery conditions. I live in snow country and and have ABS on my truck and car. I understand about traction, it can be a pain at times.If you go from ice to dry the car dies. There maybe another way to disarm it, but I never looked for one.
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    the only way i know to disarm it is with the e-brake. But i dont like going that route its to much of a pain, just wanna turn it off without effect another system in the car. there has to be away, cause even with the grand am's of close to that year that a button that just turns it off, dont know why they just didnt put that button in the cavaliers as well.
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    Your right my Malibu has the button. If I was to do it I would get the wiring schematic for the Sunfire,it has the button, and wire it like that.
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    I would do the suspension and new tires and brakes.
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    Does anyone know where I can get a list of small sedans (2007 model year only) that have traction control?
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    Under the hood there should be a set up where you have 2 sensors pluging into I am not sure if it is the same on a 2002, however my 1997 and my 2000 cavaliers have it, one will be for your abs and the other for your traction control if you take out the sensor plug then your traction control will stay off and same with the abs. You may run into a problem with your low trac. light staying on then
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    i just bought a 99 cavalier rs and wanted to know should i buy a cold air? does it give you any power for you money or better gas mileage? thanks
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    i have a 2002 chevrolet cavalier and i made my short ram intake.. i used the existing intake pipe, and basically slapped on a cone on the end of it.. lol.. to me intakes just make the car sound smoother.. not any faster.. and i get a TINY bit better gas millage.. a full metal pipe would be better but mine does the trick lol.. mines a short ram intake btw, not a cold air intake
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    Hello everyone

    do I got a stumper for you all. my buddy has a car that i was going to buy for my son, its a 2002 cavalier, 2.2L, standard. My friend was gettting the work done on it as it had a clutch that was going, so the mechanics put a new one in, when there they wondered why the car wouldnt start and found bent valves, my buddy bought new valves installed them and they bent. So he bought another motor(used), and only used the intake off the old one, installed it took it for a ride around the block twice and turned it off,everything was fine. went to start it an hr later to bring it back in the garage and it woudnt start. got it in and did a compression test and the car now has no compression on the intake side of the valves again. any help would be great.

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    Question: was the timing ever checked on both motors? :confuse:
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    If the valves are bent it would mean he would not be getting compression and the car won't start maybe run as it has for a little while but then die. Check the timing as it certainly sounds like it.
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