Dodge Sprinter Break-In Period

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I just got an 06 reg roof sprinter, the salesman said there was no break in period or driving modification. Or is there?


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    it says in the book to drive at slower speeds less than 65 mph for the first 1000 miles and not to engage in hard accelaration. this is a standard for breaking in a new engines for optimum operating life expectancy. although you could probably drive it however you want right off the bat and not have any problems... it's your investment (pricey van!!!)

    sprinter salesman are sadly clueless when it come to knowing the product they're selling... most only know what's in the same brouchure that they give customers... that is, if the dealer has any brouchures on hand (mine did not, supposed sprinter headquarters for california). i hope you we're smart and did your homework before buying one of these vans because most of us didn't and outcome has been sweet and sour.

    BYTW your mpg will probably improve after 5-7k miles. mine was getting 21 mpg at first and now it gets 23-24 best ever was 28 (depends on how you drive)above 70 mph will yield 22-23 or less. steady 60-65 at sea level has yielded me about 24-26. curvy coastal roads here in northern california have brought my best ever figure of 28.5 MPG.

    and remember to bring more than $25 to your first and every oil changes at 10,000k miles because it costs about $500 at the dealer. at $3 a gallon the money saved in fuel consumption pays for the service and you're left with nothing. i tried to play it smart with my dealer and negotiated to get the first oil change free on them... so when it came time they gave me $19.95 off (price of non-sprinter, dodge oil change) these guys are slick!!!!!!!!! my advice is do your own oil and misc filter changes, use good fuel and read through this forum as boring as some of the topics maybe (i diagnosed my own transmisson problem that dodge was unbale to find because of this forum... this could have cost me huge when the warranty expried). good luck and hope you enjoy your new van.
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    I just got a 2006 Sprinter cargo converted to an rv and the first trip I experienced a bread down with two injectors having to be changed, is this a common problem or a fluk.
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    fluke... other common problems are not nearly as serious as an injector failure, no less two of them... Miles at failure?

    Dealer have a clue as to why? Or was it a third party repair?

    I did hear somewhere of someone with an early (very early) injector failure. Sorry you have to be another one.

    KenB :sick:
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