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New Audi TDI Diesel V12 500 HP

chewymchewym Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Audi
This is the most powerful production passanger diesel ever. It is a V12 TDI with 6 liters of displacement, it pumps out an amazing 500 hp and a tree stump pulling 738 pound feet of torque. This allows the Audi Q7 to accelerate from 0-62 mph in only 5.5 seconds. The Audi Q7 will be ther first vehicle to get the engine in 2008. The Q7 with the V12 TDI has European fuel economy rating of only 11.9 liters (combined) of diesel per 100km. The Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG (503 hp) is rated at 16.5 liters. So you can see that the Q7 is much more fuel efficient. Translated to the current EPA standard, this would give the Q7 V12 TDI a combined fuel economy rating of 20 mpg,I think that the actual rating would be a bit lower, perhaps 16/20. The Mercedes is rated at 12/16. The new TDI uses some technology from the Le Mans winning R10 such as the 2,000 bar (29,000 psi) common rail injection pressure, previously 1,600 was the limit. It already meets the 2010 Euro 5 emmision standard. It will debut in Paris this month. This engine would later be put in the A8 probably in 2010. Unfortunately, the V12 TDI proabaly won't come to the states.


For more details and pictutes go here.


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    thunderchild1thunderchild1 Member Posts: 5
    Being a soon to be convert to diesel power in my vehicles, I am glad they came out with this. I read about it in my Audi club magazine. Besides it being a great car the cost I'm afraid will be quite prohibitive. But it would be fun to drive!!!
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    vtraudtvtraudt Member Posts: 52
    Just came back from Germany.
    Took my brothers BMW 525d for a 200 mile stint on the Autobahn; never under 125 mph, top 250 mph; always full on, full off. Filled up and got 9 liters/100km i.e. 26 mpg (my brother said it was never able to get it that high). And that is the SMALL diesel (the make the 530d and now the 535d monster).

    Later, I drove the Mercedes R320CDI. LOTS of space (best 2nd and 3rd row in the business). Stable as a rock, even above 125 mph. Diesel works beautiful with 7 speed auto. I may have found the best compromise regarding space, handling, fuel consumption.

    Only sad part: my Mercedes dealer just told that the R diesel are leasing much worse compared to the R 350, due to high demand.

    And I'm not even sure if Audi has their diesels ready yet; I will drive the Q7 this week (but afraid they won't have the diesel, just the gas engines).

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    alltorquealltorque Member Posts: 535
    Sorry to be a wet blanket here, but in Germany, your brother's BMW 525d would have the speedo marked in kph not mph. There really is no way that any 525 is going to get to 250mph. 250kph, would equate to the industry-agreed limited 155mph and is feasible.
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    vtraudtvtraudt Member Posts: 52
    You are certainly right: km/h instead of mph. And by law (I have heard), German speedo's accurace tolerance is 0 and up (not +/-), and they therefore are often more optimistic than our US ones. So the 250 km/h may in reality be more like 240 km/h, which is close to 150 mph.

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