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BMW Center Console Switch

bfenelonbfenelon Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in BMW
I recently purchased a used 2000 BMW 328i. The combined hazard warning switch and door lock switch (located in the center console) do not work; they do not click when pressed. How do I disassemble the parts of the center console to change out the switch ? Haynes or Chilton to not have an manual for a 2000 328i. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


  • kominskykominsky Member Posts: 850
    Sorry I can't be of direct help with your problem but I can suggest that you buy a Bentley Service Manual. They are not cheap, but they're very good. They're available at turnermotorsports.com and most other BMW parts places. I've seen them, on sale, for around $80.
  • bfenelonbfenelon Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the suggestion to purchase the manual. I have checked Haynes, Chilton and Bentley and they do not publish a manual for the 2000 328i BMW. Their manuals only go to the year 1998 and I understand there is big difference between the '98 series and 2000 bodywork.
  • bfenelonbfenelon Member Posts: 3
    Thanks so much for the links to the 3 Series manual by Robert Bentley. I had seen the 1998 verstion, but not the 1999 - 2005. I have just ordered it from Amazon.com. Just today I was talking to a BMW enthusiast and he told me how to change the center console switch: It is very simple really, you just carefully pry it out of its socket with a fine pointed screwdriver. After you pry all around it the switch module just pops out. The new one was only $32.20 plus tax, tag and title !! The least expensive repair job I'll ever encounter on this type of car !!
    Thank you most sincerely for all you help with this. Brian.
  • kominskykominsky Member Posts: 850
    My pleasure. Enjoy the car (and the wrenching)!
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