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Volkswagen Eos Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vw_rider,
    I can so hear the excitement in your post. You have to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Have the dealership send you a spec. sheet of both models based on the VIN# for that car. Then go down the lists and see what's different. Please go to the "build your own Eos" website and add up starting at the base price and see what you are actually paying.
    Demondtrond was making good deals earlier because that is where we just got ours last weekend (ordered in early September). We were very pleased with them. It is still emcumbant on you to know what each of the two models have.
    The Nav. system is deffinately EXTRA$$, but it doesn't mean that the dealership might not be willing to deal with you. It is not a part of the Lux. or Sport package but my understanding is that you cannot get it unless you have one of the packages planned for the car first. Being in a small town, we didn't have a need for it, and it does add a lot $$.
    Some of the differences in the packages include but not limited to are Type of suspension, type of wheel rims, texture of the leather, interior trim style of hard surfaces(all metal or part wood grain), I think the seat style is also a little different on the sport model. Many of the other package items are the same.
    We really think the color thing is just something you are going to have to see in person with you own eyes. We had originally intended to go with the silver but fell in love with the black instead. If you google the EOS you can find MANY websites that show actual owner vehicles outside of the glitz of the showroom or the air brushed advertisement photos. Try or even The answers to many of your questions are just a click away.
    After that, consider this: it's Friday, take a road trip if you think you may like either of these vehicles. Take your time, drop by the other dealerships while you're down there. We spent an entire weekend just test driving different vehicles of this genre. You need to be an informed buyer that can later say, "I did my homework and know I got the best car for the best price at the time". Then you can feel like my husband and I do: THRILLED!!!
  • I called demontrond and here's the deal..the blue one they're givin me is actually run 800 miles cos its their demo vehicle, and thats why its 800 miles is a i am askin them to reduce it more.
    But yeah i plan to drive to Houston tomorrow and check it out
  • Good for you! I hope you find the car of your driving dreams! BTW, I understand there are different colors of blue available. Which one is it? Is in on Demondtronds website?
  • its the thunder blue, not the eismeer blue..i still havent seen the red though..and am wondering if its the mistang kind of red or the gti red
  • vw_rider,
    I have not seen the red in person so I cannot have a personal opinion. That being said, a person on another forum stated that the red color of the tail-lights clashed with the red color of the car. Could have been only nasty sour grapes from someone who wasn't truly looking at an Eos to buy. I'm sure the people who chose red, liked it. See for yourself. This is not a decision I would make entirely off of website pictures.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Guys, there's a GREAT review and red color shown on this articleCheck it out!

  • I have a Candy White on Beige, sport leather, 2.0T and Tiptronic auto on order for late April 07 delivery for an anniversary gift for my wife.

    This will be our first VW.

    Just wondering if anyone who has owned one for a while has experienced any water leaks on the roof seals or around the windows when it rains or in the car wash?? :)
  • Hey, you get lots of points for a great anniversary gift!!

    This was our first v-dub too. I was worried about the leak possibility also, but we've been high and dry. I have heard of a few leak problems, most of which seemed to be resolved except for one person whos dealer is still trying I guess.
    When we ordered our car we made it clear to the salesman we wanted it fully leak tested before delivery. There have been no problems so far and it has rained on it hard. Good luck....BTW, it's a really fun car, I'll bet she'll love it! :)
  • I am happy to report that the dealer along with Volkswagen of America fulfiled their obligation in persuing reported leak. The leak appeared during a very heavy downpour which is not uncommon in Florida. While the amount of rain entered the vehicle was merely a few drops on the driwer side I was concerned enough to contact the dealer. Fortunately with the cooperation of some visiting German designers and engineers I had the car inspected. The problem was resolved. I beleive that this forum has a very important task in disclosing and protecting other owners of defects that otherwise will be neglected to be reported by the dealership. I love this car and it is performing beyond my expectation. There is no car in the market that competes in quality and value to the EOS. If you are looking for a race car this is not it. If you are looking for a change from an ordinary to the extaordinary this is it. Great mileage, smooth performance,quiet, amazing suspension, spacious interior space. A quiet low key beutiful body style. Practical conversion of security to a free open drive. Enjoy honest reports. Keep on
  • Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you are enjoying your car.

    I'm convinced I have made a good choice with the EOS and I'm certain my wife will really enjoy it. :shades:
  • Thanks for the detailed feedback on the leak. I agree these forums are a great way to exchange information and experiences with others.

    I'm from Canada, and the weather here can be extreme, so it will be as good a test for the roof as any. I've asked the same question on other forums as well, and so far the response has been "no serious problems" or "no problems", so I'm feeling more confident all the time.

    I was looking very seriously at the Toyota Solara SLE, and also eying the Volvo C70, but when I saw the EOS while surfing the web, I was immediately intrigued and started researching it closely. I really like the clean, simple, profile of the car. The styling is decidedly european with an unassuming elegance which I find very appealing.

    When I checked one out at the local dealership I found the car exudes quality of workmanship and fit and finish.

    Your response confirms what I already believe. The EOS will be an excellent choice for my wife (and me, the odd time I'll be allowed to drive it). :shades:
  • will first start by saying that every dealer here in Maryland has at least a couple of cars on the lot.

    I started this adventure by going to the Edmunds online site and sending out requests for pricing.

    They all pretty much got back to me within a day. None of the dealers seemed to want to sell me the car any lower than MSRP. I then started expanding the search to VW dealers close enough but not too far away. One dealer’s ePrice was about $1500 of the MSRP price but my wife doesn't care for the Thunder Blue. I then requested the price from that dealer and used that against a dealer around the corner. The dealer close to me was willing to match that price and played the two dealers against one another.

    The I was able to get the following car for $36,000 plus tax and tags..

    2.0t Silver
    Luxury Package
    Park Distance

    Seemed like a good deal to me so I agreed and went to the dealer last night to pick up. Because of the timing of our arrival the dealer could not get in touch with the banks. They let us take the car for the weekend with dealer plates.

    I have never had this happen in all the cars that we have purchased.

    Overall impression of the car is it feels more refined than I thought a VW would. I have owned 2 Audi TT and this car is right up there with fit and finish. The engine feels like it has more than enough power although I did not floor it because of the break in period. The sun roof is big and lets a lot of light in during the days. I put my daughter’s car seat in the car and took her for a spin and it has much more space than my Mini Cooper S Conv. Yes that car was an impulse purchase and not really the best for a family. I really only commute to work in the car, so I really don't need a ton of space.

    Overall I think this car exceeded my expectation and it seems like a okay value. I think it is slightly over priced because it is really just a GOLF\Jetta with a really trick top. I think that a loaded car for 34,000 would be more reasonable but I don't have a marketing degree and i am sure VW has done tons of research. I guess only time will tell if the car is a hit or not, come summer should be telling.
  • Thanks to houstontxmob and ladyofthelake for all the suggestions..almost gonna sign the purchase order this evening for a black with beige interior with luxury package and dyaudio upgrade for $33700.
    Here's what happened...they had a little transportation damage while the car was being shipped and the dealer was honets enough to show it to me and said he will get it fixed..its a very little dent on the roof, the size of the thumbnail...and frankly i didnt think it was a big deal. So it made my negotiating power better.
    with TT &L, coming to $36000. I am excited..will post pictures when i get my hands on that sexy toy.
    And thanks for reminding about the leak..yeah its a big deal and i have to make sure thats tested too.
  • guestguest Posts: 770

    Congrats! Your car will looked like mine then. Black and beige interior! Mine's Sport Package! You got a GREAT DEAL! Mind if I ask which dealership you ended up getting the car from? And also, how much miles does the car has? Just curious! Congratulation again!

    Once get it, please show pictures! :)
  • vw_rider,
    Hi! Have been waiting to hear your good new, CONGRATS!!!
    We're so excited for you, what a good deal!!! And you tried so hard to sound like you didn't know what you were doing..........shame on you! I see your excellent taste extends to color(black with beige) and options. My husband and I already know what you are soon to find out.....this car really rocks! ;)
  • Ladyofthelake,
    Did I sound like I didnt kno what i was talking? i apologize..yeah i was pretty surprised at my negotiating power.
    Infact the surprising part is demontrond called me back and was ready to beat the $33500 deal by 500, but I told them i wont take the pain of going to houston for saving 500 bucks
    I took it from Hewlett VW in Georgetown, 15 miles from Austin.

    Havent taken delivery of the car i said earlier, the little dent will be fixed by thursday, and Friday is the day.

    thanks again for all the help
  • vw_rider,
    Was really just teasing you. FRIDAY!!! SOOO soon yet soo far!! Please post when you get your new ride!You found it close to home, even better. It's great if you can get your service from your dealer. We don't even have a VW dealer in our town, will have to drive 2 hours to get to the closest one if we need it. Needless to say we are praying it will be reliable.
  • ladyofthelake:

    Not so bad, b'cos the sales person told me that this car won't have its first service until 5K miles. Then, 10K miles and then 20K miles afterwards.

  • forgot to answer someone's question here..the car had only 30 miles on it..which is good and bad....bad cos they still havent driven it well yet.
    Also can anyone suggest how to break-in the car?
  • vw_rider,
    Hope I am not annoying you with the frequent posts. We were originally concerned about the "break in period" that we are accustomed to in american vehicles because my husband had to drive our new car all the way back from Houston (800 mi). I believe the book asks you not to exceed 75% of the car's top speed during the break in. Well, the top speed on the speedometer is 160mph! :surprise: Made for the Autobahn I guess. Check with your dealer regarding this, but our dealer confirmed it.
    We suggest breaking in your new Eos with a bottle of champagne and a close friend(spouse). Make sure the car is in PARK in front of your house first!
  • not at all annoying..infact u seem like a friend now...especially with the same color car and all that.
    Yep my fiancee is gonna be thrilled when she sees the car first time.
    I want to celebrate the perfect way !!! so i autostyled my fiancee and will take her out in a new outfit, fit for the Eos..did u guys see the DVD that the salesman gave?
  • Yes, I have that DVD. But I didn't buy my car from the dealership that gave me that DVD. Hehe.

    I am sure you can't wait to have the car on Friday. Make sure you put a lot of miles this weekend since the weather is just SO PERFECT this time of the year for a convertible.

    Be sure to snap pictures too.

    Here's mine to share with you guys.


  • I saw a car at Momentum VW that I like. How did you negotiate with them to get $700 off MSRP? Did the process take a long time? Thanks.
  • Not at all, took us only less than an hour to close the deal. Prior to that, I emailed them directly through their website and inquired about the car. And the $700 discount was for the Internet online discount applied to the car. HTH.
  • i dont know about momentum but if u have what u like at demontrond, i;d recommend them. the guy there was willing to bring down a black with lux package and parking distance detector for $34K.
    also, houstontx and ladyofthelake, eventful weekend, we took delivery of the car, and on the way back, i had an accident in the new car...luckily nothing happened physically to me or my fiancee, but the tun light broke and there's a 2inch dent, apart from some paint job on the front left side.
    shook us totally, so no celebrations, no pictures.
    really an anticlimax.
    pray for us
  • :sick: vw_rider,
    I had been waiting to see your post. I'm so sorry for your unfortunate accident :cry: I know this is a dissapointment. Am so glad however, that you and your loved one is safe. This too shall pass, and be archived in all the memories you will share over a lifetime of many automobiles. After you rehab your ride, your initial excitement will eventually return. Most important that you both are okay. Please keep us updated on the progress-
    in our prayers_ ladyofthelake
  • Thanks my friend..yes the initial fear is gone. For a couple days after the accident I didnt even feel like driving the Eos and was using my Accord...but I feel better now and today first time I took it for a spin with the top down, and what a glorious car, and what admiring looks I get. A girl blew me a kiss yday while we stopped at the red light. Great car.
    Here's some pics: I'm planning to drive my baby down to Lake Travis and get some nice pics there.




    thanks for the prayers
  • Prat,
    So great to hear (and see) you enjoying your new ride! My husband and I haven't found a limit to how much we like ours! I ordered the Monster Mats with the EOS logo on them through and they arrived very quickly and were as expected. Even though we have the lux package, we had to be realistic on just how clean those slim little carpet mats would remain. Now that you have your car, you may also want to consult the vwvortex forum. It's great for tech info. Best wishes to you and your family.
  • Volkswagen's Eos has been awarded one of the "2006 Best of What's New" prizes from Popular Science Magazine. The new stylish convertible apparently captured the fancy of the PopSci editors. And what's not to like really? A cute coupe/convertible WITH a sunroof in its hardtop? Pretty slick. But this isn't exactly a beauty contest they were voting on. In order to be eligible, "a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its respective category," according to the winning announcement.

    "Best of What's New" is the ultimate Popular Science accolade, representing a year's worth of work evaluating thousands of products," said Mark Jannot, editor of Popular Science. "These awards honor innovations that not only influence the way we live today, but that change the way we think about the future." And quite honestly, how many people were even thinking about a hardtop convertible NEEDING a sunroof, let alone advancing so quickly on making it happen? Kudos, Volkswagen. The full list of 100 automotive and other winners from the 10 categories will appear in the December edition of the mag. Full release after the jump.

    [Source: Volkswagen]

    Press Release:

    Convertible's revolutionary design among features that rank it tops in automotive category

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – The 2007 Volkswagen Eos has been awarded a "2006 Best of What's New" award from Popular Science in the automotive category. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its respective category.

    The automobile distinguished itself from thousands of new products and innovations to represent the top 100 winners across 10 categories: Automotive, Aviation & Space, Computing, Engineering, Gadgets, General Innovation, Home Entertainment, Home Tech, Personal Health and Recreation. Winners will be featured in the December special editorial section of the publication.

    "Best of What's New" is the ultimate Popular Science accolade, representing a year's worth of work evaluating thousands of products," said Mark Jannot, editor of Popular Science. "These awards honor innovations that not only influence the way we live today, but that change the way we think about the future."

    Named after the Greek goddess of dawn, Eos, the Volkswagen Eos is the world's first four-seat, hard-top convertible with an integrated glass sunroof. The CSC™ (coupe-sunroof-convertible) is a revolutionary five-panel roof that transforms the coupe's hardtop, with integrated sunroof and heated-glass rear window, into an open-air convertible.

    With the click of a switch, owners of the 2007 Eos enjoy the desirous attributes of a traditional "rag top" and the benefits of a protected and quiet interior environment of a hard-top. In an industry "first-and-only," the panoramic, tinted glass power sunroof is integrated into the folding roof of the Volkswagen Eos. The externally-guided, tilt-and-slide sunroof with automatic pinch protection gets "sandwiched" between roof panels as the hard-top is lowered.

    Available with the award-winning 2.0T four-cylinder or the innovative 3.2 L narrow-angle V6 engines, other notable features of the Volkswagen 2007 Eos include Climatic single-zone air conditioning as standard in the base Eos, with dual-zone Climatronic™ standard in the Eos 2.0T and 3.2 L models. Easy entry rear seats that "remember" the driver's and front passenger's longitudinal seating positions, and return to these once the rear passengers have entered or exited the vehicle are standard on the Eos 3.2 L and optional on the 2.0T models.

    For nighttime driving, an Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) available on 2007 Eos 3.2 L models swivels low-beam headlights to improve visibility though turns. The headlight rotation to a maximum of 15 degrees is activated by the steering wheel or by operation of the turn signals. In addition, the "Coming Home" feature helps light the way inside during nighttime arrivals. Rollover Protection System. Spring tension instantly elevates the roll bar-like elements of the Rollover Protection System. In the event of a severe frontal impact, a side or rear collision, or in the case of vehicle rollover or extreme lateral tilt, specially-designed individual "roll-bars" pop up from behind the rear seats.

    The 2007 Eos 2.0T offers 200 horsepower and 207 lbs.-ft. of torque from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder engine. High-pressure, Fuel Stratified Injection helps with performance and efficiency. The 2007 Eos 2.0T is EPA-rated at an estimated 23 miles per gallon in the city and an impressive 32 mpg in highway driving.

    Founded in 1872, Popular Science is the world's largest science and technology magazine; with a circulation of 1.45 million and 6.5 million monthly readers. Each month, Popular Science reports on the intersection of science and everyday life, with an eye toward what's new and why it matters. Popular Science is published by Time4 Media, a subsidiary of Time Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

    Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world's largest producers of passenger cars and Europe's largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Rabbit, New Beetle, New Beetle convertible, GTI, Jetta, GLI, Passat, Passat wagon, Eos, Touareg and Phaeton through more than 600 independent U.S. dealers.
  • Did you purchase the base or 2.0T Eos? My dealer here in Portland says that the manuals won't be in til Feb 2007.
    Hard to be patient!
  • thanks,ladyofthelake for the info. I was planning to find them on ebay but I didnt find anything...I guess the dimencions have to be of my friends bought the ones for jetta and they fitted well.
    I'll check out the link u gave me too
    have fun
  • I have been following this board when deciding whether to buy an Eos, so now that I just put down a deposit on an Eos, I wanted to make my contribution to it as well. :shades:

    I mainly looked at the two VW dealers in Austin, Charles Maund VW and Hewlett VW. I also looked at Automax, but did not deal with them because they were not responsive to requests via emails, and the "sales consultant" there only emailed me from a personal Yahoo account.

    I was clear that I did not want either the luxury or sport packages, but it was very hard to find a non-package car. There was only one non-package Eos in silver in all of Texas, and somebody else bought it before I could.

    Despite the lack of availability, with some flexibility as to time and color I was able to get what seems to be a very good deal as an internet special from both places. I ended up ordering one in black with just the audio upgrade from Charles Maund (it's closer and the sales rep there was friendlier), which should arrive next month.

    I saw that VW_Rider/Prat bought a black Eos in Austin recently, and I hope you are enjoying it, Prat. I actually haven't seen a black Eos in person yet, so I hope it looks good. I'll report back with more details after I actually close on the deal.

    Thanks to all of you for posting on this board, since it was a valuable source of information for me. :)
  • Mine is Black and Beige. You will LOVE the car in person. Good luck and congratulation!
  • Austin_eos,
    Hey, welcome to the club! So excited for you on your Eos purchase. We also went with the black/beige combo. We felt like the wheel choice really influenced the looks of the car. We liked the LeMans wheels but there are LOTS of wheels to choose from. Including "aftermarket". On the vwvortex forum there is a great thread about wheels with many pictures. Very helpful. You may want to take a look. Also on, the build your own Eos site allows you to put different wheel packages on the Eos of your color choice to view the effect. Your dealer should be able to trade out wheels for you if you decide for something different than you ordered. But it may be an UP-GRADE$$.

    I send a Thanksgiving shout out to everyone on the forum for many blessings to all! :) Houstontxmob, vw_rider, motor on!
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone here too! Thanks ladyofthelake, don't you guys agree today we have the best weather for Convertible day?!!

    Hope everyone is safe and sound and having a great Thanksgiving Day! Take care!
  • Houstontxmob
    Good thing we appreciated the fab weather while we had it. It's snowing in Midland today, not convertible time. :cry: We enjoyed probably 6 weeks of pure bliss, and now we have to wait awhile. Come on 60 degrees! I know it will come back. At least we have the moonroof (unlike the OTHER hard top convertibles! ;) ).
  • Cold front just hit here this morning. Cold.. brr..brr.. But we are not getting any snow. Yes, I am looking forward for another 60's F weather again! Can't wait to get my top-down again. Happy holidays!

  • I am soon going to pick up my Eos from the dealer.

    After reviewing these forums and those at, I have made a list of problems that other people have reported about their new Eos’s (with links to reports about them). I wanted to bring this list with me to the dealer to make sure the car I was picking up did not have any of them.

    If you have anything to add to the list (including whatever solutions/results you had dealing with these problems), please let me know as soon as possible. Hopefully, this list will be helpful to others as well. I am hoping that these problems are relatively rare, and not representative of Eos’ build quality.

    1) Leak at the “A pillar” on the driver-side door:
    A number of people have reported that dealer service departments have not been able to fix leaks at this location. This leak appears to be a problem whenever it rains, and even when the Eos is washed by hand. The main documented solution appears to be dealerships putting new seals in.

    eoslover, "Volkswagen Eos New Owners' Reports" #33, 10 Nov 2006 4:47 pm

    2) Other leaks at passenger side or back windows:

    There are some reports of other minor leaks at other locations, but people do not appear to complain as vigorously as they do about the “A pillar” leak.

    3) Door Closing Improperly/Window Roll-Down Problem/”Pinch Protection”:

    There are several posts that discuss different problems with the seals interacting with the door or windows. For example, this post documents problems with the passenger door closing with the window outside the seals rather than tucking up inside.

    Some people have reported that when the passenger window tries to close outside the door's seals, the “pinch protection” feature causes the window to roll-down automatically on its own (in a seemingly random fashion). This could be caused by a misalignment of the doors.

    4) Maintaining seals with weatherstrip lubricant:

    Several different posts suggest that you have to be very careful to maintain the seals on the roof, or else you start hearing loud cracking sound from the seals, particularly around the sunroof. Be sure to get some sort of weatherstrip lubricant from the dealer or elsewhere. The posts discussed above suggest that the car’s seals are the source of many of the reported Eos problems.

    5) “NO SAT RADIO” Error Message

    There is a “known problem” that the radio will sometimes say that there is no satellite radio service available even in wide open spaces. All that is needed to fix this appears to be a software update.

    Any others? Hope this helps other people!
  • austin_eos,
    Hi! I'm really excited that you will soon take the wheel of your new Eos. When my husband went to pick up ours mid-October, we also felt the same trepidation about "making sure" we had no problems before we took delivery. I agree you should go over it with a fine tooth comb, but I'd be careful about how your dealer might feel receiving a long list of concerns right from the beginning. He may think, "Here comes trouble". I'd just suggest that you keep it casual, as I'm sure you will. His good will later is very important to you as some of these issues did not immediately arise for some people. Your list seems pretty comprehensive and I'm sure will be a big help to others. We have been very fortunate so far with no really big issues. The few things we've noticed don't interfere with our enjoyment of the car. We will address them at our first oil change. It's tough when you spend a lot of money on a first year model auto. You want to feel certain it's going to be perfect. We feel the same. Good luck to you!
  • Thanks for your best wishes, Lady of the Lake. Of course I did not present the dealer with list, but used it as my own checklist.

    The delivery went fine, and the dealership (Charles Maund VW) was great with friendly salespeople who I felt went the extra mile for me. My car appears so far to be problem free.

    By the way, when asking about the "NO SAT RADIO" message, I learned that this was a problem with only the earliest built models, and the software fix is now built into all new Eos's.

    Anyway, to complete my report of "Prices Paid & Buying Experience," I was able to take advantage of an internet special, and with some negotiating, I got about $1,000 off MSRP for a non-package base model with just automatic transmission and upgraded radio. The short supply of Eos's worked against me, but the winter time period was probably a good time to get a great price on a convertible.

    I wish future readers luck in their own convertible buying experience. I'm off to drive my Eos!
  • austin_eos,
    I guess you won't be posting for a few days unless you put wireless internet into your EOS!!! LOL,I know you're having a blast now. I was out in mine this afternoon and despite 33 degree temps, I was still enjoying the sunroof being open. It is SOOO COOOL that we can still have the moonroof/sunroof feature in the winter! Glad to hear your delivery went well. Happy Holidays!
  • papalopapalo Posts: 7
    A couple of questions...we're seriously looking at an Eos, but we're not the best at negotiating and don't know what would constitute a "good deal". One dealership has quoted me an "Internet Price" of $34,745 for the following: 2.0T, Island Grey w/ Cornsilk Beige interior, Luxury Package, Dynaudio upgrade, Park Distance Control. This is not one that is on the lot; this is one the dealer would have to get from another dealer somewhere. That seems like a good deal to me, but I don't know. Thoughts/Opinions/Suggestions?

    On another note, has anyone here had any dealing(s) with any NM Volkswagen dealership(s)? (The quote above came from Premier Motorcars in Santa Fe.)

    Thanks in advance! :)
  • Sounds like a reasonable deal to me. Lots of people here paid a little over invoice or close to MSRP on this car, sounds like a good deal to me.
  • I got the same features (except the parking distance control) for 33,500. I've been told this was a screamingly good deal, so not sure if you can duplicate it.
  • Papalo,

    That is a _very_ good price. It must have been delivered to the dealer before 1/5, when the invoice price went up $446 for the 2.0T DSG.

    I have the exact configuration, different colors, built 12/5, ordered 12/15 (lucky me, they were able to reroute it my dealer before it hit port), purchased 1/31. With regional fees of ~$437 (not shown on Edmunds invoice prices), you are about $500 over invoice. If you want an EOS, jump quick. Come springtime, these sort of deals will almost certainly not be available.

  • Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky:
    I just bought an Eos on Wednesday (Happy Valentine's Day to ME!!!!!) with automatic trans, $550 sound system upgrade and $199 IPOD for $30,680 plus tax, license etc.

    I did buy one that they had on the lot, rather than get one in a different color that was not in-stock. I really didn't want/need the IPOD, but thought the deal seemed like a good one. Who knows, maybe I can add an IPOD to my holiday list...

    I'd love to know what others think about the price I got. Be honest, if I didn't do so great on price, I still love the car (after two whole days).
  • That's just it, though, Paulzooms...the price quoted was NOT for one on the lot. It was for one that he'd have to get from another dealership somewhere. That's what made me think it was a really good deal. (the fact that he'd quote me that price for a model he didn't even have on his own lot...) ;)
  • I wouldn;t worry about them not having the car at the moment. Dealers do trades all the time. They would likely swap something they have for the one you want.

    If you want to know where the car is located, go to

    Look for dealers in NM, go to their "New Cars" section, and search inventory for Eos units.

    If you are in a hurry for your Eos, sign an purchase agreement for that color, interior, options, etc. with a delivery date of a few days away, subject to a sucessful test drive, mileage under x miles, etc. If they can't produce the car as described in the contract in the specified timeframe, they'll have to give you your deposit back ($500 should be adequate). Use a credit card just in case they fail to produce and start playing games, so you can dispute the charge and get the $ back through the credit card company.

    If you're not in a hurry, go ahead an have them order one for you. Might be 4 months or so, but well worth the wait for exactly the model you want at a good price. The only down side is that if invoice price increases during that time, you'll have to pay a bit more if the contract is for $x over invoice. I got caught for $446 dollars because of that, but that's just the cost of ordering.

  • Well I broke down and bought my wife one of these tonight. Here was my deal:

    Herman Cook VW - Encinitas, CA
    Silver w/ Black Leather
    Luxury Pkg
    Park Assist
    $35,665 MSRP
    Sold at $33,518 pre tax/fees which was $400 over invoice

    From what I've read and heard, not too bad of a deal considering this is a pretty hot car right now. They first tried to offer a split between MSRP and invoice, $34,400 and I said I'd sleep on it and get back to them. Then they came back at me with $33, go I said. The 3rd time was a charm saying I wasn't going to buy unless I was at $33,500 and they took the offer. HOLD YOUR GROUND MY EOS BUYING FRIENDS!!! Offer no more than $500 over invoice.

    A few side notes, I wish they'd offer the brushed aluminum instead of the "wood" on the luxury package. There are so many other chrome/aluminum accents inside the car I just think the sport package has a better feel/fit. FYI - we didn't get the sport package because the car rode a little more on the rough side with the stiffer shocks and the seats were a little too firm. I'm sure the 18's added to the bumpier ride, although they do look clean on the Eos! Function over fashion with the 17's.

    The normal upgraded stereo with the luxury package is sufficient so we couldn't see spending another grand on the Dynaudio. And we thought our handy $15 Thomas Guide would get us to where we needed to go, rather than paying $1800 for nav. But I was almost sold on it due to it looking much cleaner than the normal stereo.

    Bottom line is this is a sweet car. Can't wait for the weekend to go topless down the coast.
  • I took delivery on my Eis.Blue/Moonrock 2.0T Sport Package on Friday. I got $1,000 off MSRP by going to my third dealer. The first dealer I tried to work with insisted on $2000 more than MSRP because there aren't that many around. The second wanted MSRP. On top of getting a much better price they delivered the car to me, overnighted the papers. I saved a lot by shopping around and got out of sitting in the sales office for hours. :shades:
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