Lincoln LS shift display shows a "E"

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I have a lincoln ls v6 2000 i have got it checked out at a lincoln dealership but they couldn't find the problem . I can drive it for a while then all at once the shift display will have a "E" on it until its cut off, also the tacking needle will tack high depending on pressing the gas pedal. If anyone have this same problem or know whats wrong let me know thanks....


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    I have recently started having the same problem and have so far had a solenoid replaced in the gearbox (twice) and the gearbox re-built and neither of these things worked. I have confidence in the guy doing the work but he is also lost, now. I am considering trying a Lincoln dealership for a second opinion.

    Please let me know if you have managed to get the problem fixed since your last entry in this forum.
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    My 2003 LS V8 transmission problems included a combination of either the "E" indicator or the SST skipping over third gear. Sometimes while shifting it would go from 2 to 4 on the way up or from 4 to 2 on the way down. A quick remedy was to turn the car off and then on again to affectively "reboot" the computer---after which everything worked fine. After this happened a few times, I took it to the dealer who suggested instead of going through a series of repairs and guess work, its better to replace the transmission entirely and be done with it---probably cheaper too. The new transmission runs fine now and I essentially have a new car given the warranty.
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    Hello again i had this problem the problem is that the solnoid in the transmission is gone bad. the best place to take it is to take it to someone who deals with transmission not a dealership unless you want to spend alot of money this parts tells the transmission when to shift into the right gear.
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    I think you guys are all onto something. My "E" only comes on when my car begins to shift and jump around. The car actually feels like something is holding it back from going fast. I switch off to the manuel shift and the numbers come up on the display. Help Me this car is driving me crazy! I need some serious Help with this Hunk of Junk, before it meets the JunkYard. The car is on death row i swear it.
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