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Cilajet average cost for paint protection

cilajetappcostcilajetappcost Member Posts: 1
edited July 2023 in Honda
I purchased a 2018 Honda Accord Sport and I was told that CILAJET came with the vehicle. In reviewing the work order from the dealer, I was charged $1899 plus sales tax of $118.69 and the price of the car and CILAJET was charged as one charge. I did not receive a contract of the coverage, only the CILAJET brochure. They claimed that the CILAJET was applied to all cars on the lot. I don't think that it is not economically feasible for them to apply the CILAJET product to every car on the lot, but they continue to insist that they did. I contacted CILAJET of California and they told me that the product could applied in 15 minutes, thats when I realized it was only a wax type sealant and not the airplane CILAJET quality.That is an expensive wax for that price.

I took the car home that same day and they never asked me to take it back. A month and a half later, someone pelted my car with raw eggs and the paint on the rear passenger side was damaged and I took pictures of the damage and a Police report that I filed. I told the manager that I felt that they never applied the CILAJET and that I felt that I had been defrauded. I tried to cancelled the warranty and I was told that CILAJET was not cancellable and they refused to give me any money back.



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    Right1Right1 Member Posts: 1
    Soooooo,,, did the warranty of Cilajet cover the damage and make it right with re-sealing it?????
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