Dodge Grand Caravan 45k Miles and broken transmission

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Let me preface this by saying I have very little knowledge of fixing cars.

I have a 2014 Grand Caravan GT with 45k miles and the transmission just broke, two payments left, this has absolutely been the worst car I've ever owned.

I called dodge to complain about their low year warranty for their transmission, and they said they want to take apart my transmission to see if it's defective. If not they want to charge me $2,800 just for the labor of checking.

I still have two payments left on this car and I never even want to hear the name Dodge or Chrysler again. Should I just tell them no and take it to get repaired at a third party auto shop? I believe for a little more than that I could have it rebuilt? (I may be wrong.). How can I find a reliable mechanic?

If it turns out they deem it's not "defective" I will have to pay $2,800 + something like $6,000 on a $30k car that I'm still making payments for.

The kicker is when I started complaining to the case manager, she closed my case and hung up on me. So my wife called and authorized it so we don't get even more charges of having our car there.

This just seems like extortion/gambling for me.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.
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