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Rattle noise briefly upon cold start up.

myaviflys88_myaviflys88_ Member Posts: 2
edited October 2019 in Toyota
As an aircooled VW freak growing up i learned how to build motors very successfully considering how hard i drove them. I was using SCAT counterweighted stroker cranks and Carrillo Connecting rods. That build lasted much longer and delivered way more power than OEM rotating assemblies.
My 05 Avalon developed a cold start noise that briefly had me thinking i spun a rod bearing! I was ready to drop oil pan and hak in a whole new set of bearings. Listening to the noise and researching the problem has me convinced i have a VVT worn sprocket or more likely just a dirty Timing chain solenoid filter screen. I let the oil change go for too long and thats when the noise came. For 300K this car runs impressively strong. I am an extremist and push all my vehicles hard. This Avalon hits 135 mph like its nothing! Damn, the GR 3.5 motor is wonderful. If i ever do an antique car drivetrain swap i will go with another Avalons drivetrain for sure. I picture a 1960's sedan Volvo on airbags and 22" HRC wheels with that 300hp V6 and the 5 speed trans that goes into Sport mode really well.
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