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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    Hey Bingoman. It's been a long time.

    I visited my dealer this morning and got a chance to see the new CTS, but didn't get into it. I was in a hurry to pick up a lug nut cover for our 03 CTS and didn't take the time. My mistake.

    The 08 CTS is strikingly beautiful, much better than in pictures. The dealer had two on the floor and two in the back room that had been sold. They were all AWD. There was another in the back room that had a "not for sale, zone car" sign on it. That car had a superb "White Diamond" paint job that made me jealous.

    Still, I think I like the Red CTS best, maybe next spring.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Hi richw5, yes its been five years since the first CTS. The first one was great, but the new one is better looking and better equipped.

    I've been checking the inventories of local dealers and saw that one of them (not my regular dealer) had gotten some in Wednesday so I went over to look at it. That was when I found the problem with the headrest. Today I see that the dealer I bought my '03 from has just gotten two in stock so I think I will go over and discuss the problem with my favorite sales lady. I sure hope we can find a solution to the problem. I really want that car.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Black. Best color for it, because it tones down the bling and makes it look a bit larger/5 series-ish.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    You have to be crazy or a masochist to buy a black car here in Southern California. Even some of the hearses and limousines are in lighter colors. And I have no desire to make my car look bigger, I like small cars, otherwise I would buy a DTS.

    Actually I think Black accents the bling as it makes the chrome and stainless stand out more.

    I had another chance to sit in a CTS and I was able to find much more comfortable seating positions, so hopefully, if my wife agrees that she can find a comfortable seating position, I will be ordering a car in a couple of months.

    This time I am waiting for someone else to find any problems with the car. Last time I got a car with no engine temperature gauge and a clock on the left side of the instrument cluster. It took six months of production for Cadillac to recognize their mistake and make a production fix, but they never made a correction for the early adopters, they never even made the engine temperature an item in the DIC.

    The company rep assured me that the car had been very thoroughly tested and would never overheat. I wonder how many cars overheated because of a leak, a busted hose or a blocked grill (newspaper or plastic sheeting picked up off the road), with no warning until the DIC said to turn off the engine because it had overheated.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I went into a CTS today. I agree with you that there is a problem with the headrests for people who have proper posture and keep their head back. The headrest is in the shape of a triangle , with a point pointing towards the head.I wouldn't mind resting my head on a headrest, but I do mind resting it on a point. My lease expires in Dec ,so I can't wait for a fix. What I will do is drive the car for one month to see if I can adjust to driving with my head slightly foward. If I can't, I will bring the car to a upholsterer, and have him open up the headrest, and pull out some of the padding. I can't see it costing too much money. All that needs to be done, is to open a seam, remove padding, and close it again. Let me know what your sales rep says .
  • fueledupfueledup Posts: 64
    test drove a loaded cts today, msrp 45,885.00. exactly like the one i ordered but in black instead of blue chip. had summer tire pck, i live in miami. highs- chrome 18" wheels look fantastic, ride is quiet, car was tight but not jarring, (about 10 on highway 5 in the city), car has good punch, overall fantastic but 3 grips 1 major 2 minor. first minor,( sunroof )the closed covering looks chinsy and does not keep the heat out as well as solid covering, new is opaque lets light in do not like but i'll have to live with. second (navigation screen) the pop up is cute but a bit annoying no big deal. Now the major grip (seats), didn't find a problem with the headrest or the backs, but the seat part where i rest my can is not comfortable. didn"t notice it when i first sat down made mirror adj. and became familiar with all the toys. During ride however i could not get comfortable. Not enough bolstering under the thighs, the seat is shorter and narrower, maybe not dramatically but enough to make me decide not to purchase the vehicle i ordered on 8/24/07. it really pises me off that engineers overlooked the seat comfort on a car i was truly looking forward to. I had an 03 cts and currently drive an 05 cts. By the way i'm 6' and weigh 190lbs. A truly beautiful car that i'll never own.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I also had a 03 and now have a 05. I will have to take a test drive to see if the seats are like you say.I am 5-11 and only weigh 150 lbs so the bolstering might not be an issue, but I am concerned with the headrest.
  • fueledupfueledup Posts: 64
    on post 1223 (10 on highway 5 in the city) was reference to number of miles driven during test drive, not mpg.
  • rem506rem506 Posts: 13
    The closed covering for the ultraview sunroof is an unexpected weakness in the cars interior. It is flimsy looking and sags when it is in the closed position. It looks cheap and ugly. It will never completely block the sunlight heating up your car as it is covered in micro-perforations. I love sunroofs on my vehicles and only order vehicles with that option but the reality of the situation is that the cover remains closed much of the time. I love opening up the sunroof during an evening drive but I keep it closed to reduce glare from the overhead sun during midday driving and to reduce heat in the vehicle as its parked. The thought of having to look at the flimsy sunshade each time I enter my new car was is a little upsetting.

    I found the drivers seat to be extremely comfortable. I spent about 5 minutes in the car on the showroom floor. I will have to take the car on a long drive and review the seat comfort with a critical eye but my initial assessment was positive.
  • i got my new cts saturday. it is so, so choice. i do agree that my least fave part of the interior is the shade. it could have been done better. i think that the opening is so large that the screen necessarily had to be light. but it doesn't look good and it is hot up there.

    i asked the guy who tinted my windows if he could tint the top too and he said no. something about it being different type of glass and the film would come off over time.

    also, there is some deal where the wood steering wheel and gear shift knobs were unavailable? i thought mine would have that, but the dealer said that none of the new cts's would have that for now. when they do become available, GM isnt' replacing them either. grrr.

    on the plus side . . . this car is a dream. i am very impressed with it. it drives very quietly. i went from a 325i to this and the cts handles very nicely. the cts has far more power than what i was used to in the bimmer.

    the nav system and hard drive takes some getting used to. not difficult, it's just that they system does LOTS and LOTS of stuff.

    by the way, i think the seats are really nice. but, i had some hard "leatherette" seats before. even so, the interior is fantastic and i think the seats are a big reason why. also, the ambient lighting is one of the nicest touches in the interior. just makes it real purdy at night.

    the remote start button works from a great distance. i can literally start it from my third floor office and it is perfectly cool by the time i get downstairs.

    image ">
  • congrats ejmachad! You're the first person I've read about that actually has one in the driveway. As the current owner of a CTS ('04 CTS-V, as well as a BMW X5 4.4), I'm looking forward to driving the new model. From the photos, it looks like it has improved inside and out. Enjoy.
  • snagssnags Posts: 27
    Saw the CTS in person today and was impressed with the interior but was a little disappointed with the outside.

    It was parked next to a STS and I was hard pressed to tell the difference between them, which to some may be a plus.

    It just looked a little bulky and front end heavy.

    I think the new MB C is much better looking.Just my opinion.
  • Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is said, so you pays your money and you takes your pick.

    As for me, I think it is the best looking Cadillac in some time. I think the STS looks unfinished by comparison.

    On another note, I had a chance to get my wife into a new CTS and to my surprise and relief she had no trouble with the headrest, although she did complain about the seat being a bit short, the bolsters narrow and the console shiny, none of which constituted a reason not to buy the car. Now I have to decide on the color, which engine to buy and when to actually order the car. I definitely will not order the car until they are able to supply it with the wood trimmed steering wheel and shift knob. :)
  • Great looking vehicle - congratulations! Do you by chance live in the Springs in Longwood, FL? If you do (this picture looks familiar) I saw your car the other day - first 2008 that I saw - and immediately pointed it to my wife. We have an 07 Escalade and may be loading up the garage with another Caddy.....
  • I purchased a 2008 CTS (V6, 258 hp, 6-speed automatic) and drove it off the dealer lot yesterday (white diamond, seating package). I do not find any problems with the seating. I am 6'4" and my wife is 5'3". Both of us were real comfortable, and with the memory seat adjustments and easy-exit feature, it was an absolute pleasure for us get in and out of the car. One of the first things my 6 year old daughter said was, "Daddy, your head doesn't touch the ceiling on this car" (I noticed the extra headroom right away too, as the power seats allowed me to go as low as I want to be). To the person who is talking about going to an upholsterer to have some stuffing removed from the headrests, I hardly feel that any modification would be necessary for anyone---you should get used to the feel of it in a couple weeks. I noticed no discomfort at all. The telescopic steering wheel is also very good, but one regret is that I didn't get the feature that makes this movement automatic. But, talk about good lumbar support; the air bladders/pumps work wonderfully, with rapid inflation and good positioning. A neat surprise was the quality of the audio system--the equalizer is a real plus. The smooth acceleration and quiet ride in this 08 model are, in my opinion, on par with the STS, but for a lot less money. We are very happy.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,762
    You've got my attention (6'5", headroom-challenged). Does your have the sunroof?
  • as a matter of fact, i do live in the springs. what a small world. according to the guys at massey, i was the first one in orlando with this car.

    anyway, you might have seen me driving around springs blvd for the fun of it (and you'll forgive me if i was going a bit too fast). the speed bumps are hardly felt at all.

    and i know what you mean about getting a matching set. now the wife is wanting to get her into a caddy (an srx or an escalade).
  • Just read in Motor Trend that senior Cadillac engineers admit there is a NVH problem with the new 3.6 d.I. motor and there is no fix. That it is a design flaw. Has anyone who has driven the car have any experience with this? I think they are referring to increased noise and vibration from the high pressure injectors used on this motor.
  • Where exactly in the magazine did you read this, and in which isssue? I would like to see what else they had to say. Thanks for your help.
  • ortegaortega NJPosts: 70
    ggurr said: "Just read in Motor Trend that senior Cadillac engineers admit there is a NVH problem with the new 3.6 d.I. motor and there is no fix. That it is a design flaw."

    Bingoman, he's referring to last month's First Drive article which he has apparently twisted into the negative statement made above. The admission from "senior Cadillac engineers" is completely fabricated. In the first paragraph I've copied below there are some comments from a Caddy engineer referring to the DI engine's power and efficiency, not NVH problems. Perhaps the quotes from the first paragraph were mixed with the reviewer's comments in the next to come with his rediculous statement? Anyway, the actual text from the article being misenterpreted is here - judge for yourself:

    "This engine does exactly what the badge says-inject gas directly into the combustion chamber, just like in a diesel engine. This requires much higher fuel-rail pressures-up to 1750 psi-but the benefits include much more precise fuel metering, with a resultant improvement in power and torque, but with better gas mileage and lower emissions. GM global rear-drive chief engineer Dave Leone claims a 15-percent power increase (though you'll only get the full 304 horses if you run it on premium unleaded), and an eight-percent increase in torque to 272 pound-feet over the PFI version. The three-percent improvement in gas mileage sounds meager, but Leone points out the DI-engined automatics run a lower final-drive ratio (3.42 versus 3.23) to deliver best performance.

    It's a technically impressive engine, but in truth, it's the CTS's weakest link. Performance isn't the issue-proving ground tests in Germany suggest Cadillac's claimed 0-to-60-mph time of 5.9 seconds for both auto and manual DI cars is right on the money, and we saw 7000 rpm in fifth-an indicated 153 mph-in a manual on the autobahn south of Mainz. The problem is noise and vibration; there's a granular quality to the 3.6's soundtrack that can be heard and felt, especially in the upper rev band where the DI V-6 loves to play. You hear it in the gargling induction note and feel it back through the pedals and the shifter, especially in the manual cars. It's not overbearing, but you notice it because the rest of the car is so quiet."

    That's not even close to describing a design flaw. More importantly, what ggurr said is simply not true.
  • In the upper rev band, where most of us will NOT keep the CTS DI, there may be some "noise."

    Calling this a design flaw is a stretch.

    If you are buying this CTS to keep it "regularly and often" above 4,000 rpm, well -- you may notice some sound. It may NOT be as sweet as some of the latest and greatest V8's on the planet.

    I would suggest that we, who care to opine, take one of each out for a test drive.

    Of course, this suggestion implies that we will test drive a brand new engine and rev it to over 4,000 RPM (maybe over 6,000) to determine if there is unacceptable NVH -- don't know if this is a good practice on an engine with perhaps dozens of miles on it.

    You read the reviews and you see the power and torque figures and you have to imagine that at any US speed limit -- plus 20 mph -- the thing (everything about it, in fact) will be very quiet.

    When I test drive it, I'll report back and hopefully many of us will do the same.

    BTW, I have only intentions on driving the AWD version and if possible an FE2 equipped model, equipped w/ all season "V rated" 18" tires/wheels -- and if the dealer has both versions, I'll try the two engines too.

  • Thanks Ortega and markcincinatti, That's about what I thought. I was hoping to get Grrr himself to admit it.

    Now I have to decide whether it is worth the extra $1,000 for the bigger engine for ordinary street and freeway driving. A little extra horsepower is always nice to have available, but is it worth that much. It would take a 2 mpg difference almost 100,000 miles to pay back the difference at $2/gallon. The one mile/gallon difference reported is actually somewhere between a half a mpg and one and one half a mpg. So it might take from 100,000 miles to never to pay back the cash outlay.

    And by the way, since I got my wife to try the seat it is no longer "the uncomfortable seat".
  • Where are you getting gas for $2/gallon?
  • At the bottom of a column where they have different auto news. It's toward the front of the magazine. Sorry I don't have the page but my wife has already thrown the magazine out.
  • Hey don't shoot the messanger.
  • Hey don't shoot the messanger. I am just quoted what was said in the column. This was not an article it was only one paragraph at theend of an auto news section. Sorry I've already thrown out the Oct. Motor Trend so I can't give you the exact page number. Read it and see if you still disagree with what I posted. You may not agree with the conclusion but don't say I misquoted the paragraph.
  • Just found the magazine. Oct. Motor Trend page 17 bottom right side. and they do say the problem is minor.
  • Sorry, gas around here is more like $3/gal. But the results are still basically the same. The savings on gas will never return the extra expense, so the extra cost must be justified by other factors.

    Now please give me the other factors so I can justify buying the DI engine. :)
  • I feel no reason to apologize for what was reported in Motor Trend. You don't have to agree but disagree with Motor Trend not me.
  • torque & horsepower--some gotta have it, others don't
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