Transmission or possibly ECM?

Hex72Hex72 Posts: 1
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I have a 2004 Toyota Highlander 6 cyl 4wd 150k miles on it. While driving home it lost all power and we had to pull it off the road. It will go into gear, but will not move forward easily. Its almost like a pole has been shoved in the axles because it kicks and bucks. It moves slightly better in reverse but not much. The other day I was able to put it in 1st gear and move it out of the driveway about 20 feet. Based off everything Ive read and the feel of it while Im trying to get it to move I dont think its a transmission issue as much as a computer one. Ive done some searching and it seems like the ECM could be bad. I was wondering if there is some kind of TCM in the transmission as well that could cause this to happen. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Id appreciate any directional advice as all repairs are going to be pricey.
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