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the car won't start, the battery shorts out. If I roll the carr a foot, it will start, happens every once in a while, but more lately.


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    If the battery shorts out, there would be fire, smoke, and sparks from the current shorting. Is there any thing like that?

    Your description doesn't give me much to go on, but when you say it won't start do you mean the engine is turning over and the engine won't catch and start running like normal?

    Do you mean the key turns and nothing happens? No cranking?

    Rolling the car a short distance means you have to have turned the key to ON, pressed the brake to take the car out of Park, and then reengaged Park, taken the key out,

    So some things were done to vibrate connections. If you're not getting cranking or normal lights on the dash when the key is turned to ON and CRANK, I'd checked the connections on the battery in the trunk, carefully tightening them and not shorting out the red cable to ground.

    Then check the connection I believe your car has under the hood where there's a fuse panel with a cover and a metal terminal that is RED and is the hot side of the battery. I would loosen that with a wrench (mine is flat-sided so that can be done with an adjustable wrench or monkey wrench), wiggle the leads going into it under that stud you're loosening to let friction reduce oxidation layer, then retighten.

    Next would be to check the battery.

    This only applies if you're getting a dead action which magically fixes itself.

    But it would also be the battery. If above suggestion doesn't help and you have access, put in a replacement battery temporarily.

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