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I am about to purchase a 2004 Acura TL. It comes with: Warranty, Heated Seats, Body Side Moldings, Rear Defroster, Tinted Glass, Sunroof, Anti-lock Brakes, Alloy Wheels, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Center Arm Rest, Leather Seats, GPS Navigation System, Trip Odometer, Console, CD Player, Security System, Cassette Player, Tilt Steering Wheel, AM/FM Radio, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Clock, etc. It's going to cost me about $27,711, it's got 24,000 miles on it, and is in PERFECT condition. It sounds like a GREAT deal, but I don't know much about cars. Is this a good deal? What is your guy's opinions on the TL? Is it as great as everyone says it is?



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    You can read all kinds of opinions on the TL in this discussion: Acura TL. Check it out!
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    It comes with both a trip odometer AND a clock?!? :surprise: What a steal!!!!

    I'm just kidding. For what it's worth, most everything comes standard on the TLs - of the items you mentioned, I think just the side molding, window tint and nav are not standard.

    I can't tell you whethr that price is good or not. I have an '04 TL with over 30k and it's a great car!

    When you try to compare prices (maybe look at the used car mags), make sure you compare the cars with nav, as that will probably make a differnce in the resale. Also, check out what you can get an '06 for. It might not be a large financial diff between a new '06 and the used '04 you're considering b/c the '07s that should be out soon have been slightly redesigned. This means dealers will want to move the '06s quickly.

    Lastly, as for general opinions, I love the TL - it strikes a great balance between luxury and sport, and it can suit a family of 4.
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    taxesquire gave some great advice. My TL is an 05 and other than a "fading" dash the car runs great.

    You should definately price out an 06. In some areas of the country, folks are picking up non navigation models a little over 29k and models with navigation for a little over 31k.

    Good luck with any decision you make and keep us informed.
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    "$27,711, it's got 24,000 miles on it...Is this a good deal"?

    No, not in my opinion.

    I have a 2004 TL 6-speed w/ Nav and 23,000 miles. I'd love to sell it at $27.7k. That would mean in 2.5 years and 23k miles I would have only suffered $4,300 in depreciation. Less than $150 per month. Great for me, not so great for the buyer. If you can get a new TL w/ Nav at, say $32-33k, why in the world would you buy a 2-3 year old one for only about $5,000 less?

    In my opinion, the reason to get a relatively low mileage used car is that you let the initial owner take the big depreciation hit. Not so you can let the initial owner escape with nary a scratch. Granted, there are cars like the TL or my former Honda S2000 that hold their value extremely well. Which may mean that you would be better off buying new. But even my former S2000 at 2.5 years and 19k miles, went for $23.2k in trade (new price was $32k) And the S2000 is rated higher than the TL in trade in value.

    So, with all of that said, $27.7k is way too much. To prove it, I'll sell you my TL for $25.7k and give you free lessons on how to drive a stick, if you need them. And, unless you really are adverse to a sporty car, the 6-speed with Brembo brakes and a sport suspension will be a lot more fun to drive. :)
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    Shame on you for pawning off your car on a oonsumer who does not know the market. :surprise: However, since you are a car enthusiast and perhaps an expert in stick shifts, maybe your free lessons are worth a couple of thousand dollars. :P I definitely need lessons, as I don't even know how to use the manumatic that comes with my slushbox TL. :blush:
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    I own a 04 tl and it has many issues.

    I have also driven an 06 Acura TL and it is a much improved car. Better steering,handling and best of all no rattles or vibrations. It's a very nice car.

    I would spend the extra money and buy the refined 06 tl.
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    Not sure if you got a 2004 lemon or what, but there is absolutely no difference between my 2004 TL 6-speed and a 2006 TL 6-speed. No changes to steering, suspension, brakes, transmission, etc. They may have changed the tires on the automatic, but with the 6-speed HPT option, they were still even using the same tires.

    I have heard of others complain of rattles but, interestingly enough, all have automatics. Mine, and every 6-speed I know of or have driven have had no rattles. Probably coincidence, but an interesting one.
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    I agree, Habitat. All things being equal (and assuming the proper price adjustment), I'd rather have an '04 than an '06. My understanding that the '06 has a "torque-steer eliminator" that basically reduces engine output when torque steer is sensed.

    I'd much rather just know I need to grip the steering wheel tight when I'm "testing" my 0-60 times, than to have the car automatically soften up.

    Hey, if any of you with '06s have been affected by this feature, please comment!
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Member Posts: 309
    Yes..i was talking about the auto.
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    Hi, before someone attacks me for being stupid (seems like the thing to do 'round here) I am a 19 year old female, I dont much experience with cars. I am attempting to learn here. ok thanks...
    I have a chance to buy a 02 TL type S with 40k miles the front end has been damaged and replaced,
    it drives and handles great, the title is a salvage,
    does anyone know any drawbacks from buying a salvaged vehicle?
    it looks and drives beautiful, interior is perfect not a scratch on its pretty blue paint, at only $10,000 its the only way I can afford to buy a TL. what do you all think?
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    Hi, welcome! I don't think anyone around here is going to attack you, that's something we do not do around here and I'm sorry you have that impression.

    Salvage titles are really big red flags. I recommend that you put "salvage" in the keyword search on the left side of the page and read the three discussions that come up. They are all closed now, but they have some good information for you.

    Let's see if anyone here can give you other pointers.

    Again welcome - hope we can help!
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    pat is right. a salvage vehicle is a huge red flag. is there anyway you can get an independant mechanic to look at it for you.
    i had a friend that bought an acura integra with a salvage title. he had an independant mechanic look at it and the mechanic gave the thumbs up. my friend now has about 210k miles on it!
    good luck with the TL ;)
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    If car has a salvage title it means that it was more the 75% of the car cost to fix it. If it was damage in the front , the damage must be substantial, most likely frame damage and some engine work. Don’t forget it’s a FWD car and front impact is a worst case scenario. You might have small problems with this car and most likely will have constant tire problems due to the frame damage. You will also have a huge problem selling this car in the future. I would have more faith in 120K 2001 TL then the one with salvage title. If I were you, I would not touch it.

    P.S. Every car has it’s price, if you really like it take a gamble and offer 7K for it. It’s not worth more 7-8K.
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    I wasn't looking for an Acura. I was looking to replace a 12 yr old commuter car for a used Accord/Camry. I went to the dealer where we got our Pilot from, and drove a new base Accord EX automatic. Very nice, but at @$25k, and dealer only offering a discount of $900, I was not enticed. I went across the street to a used car dealership. They post prices in the car window. There I saw (side by side)an 03 Accord EX-L V-6, and an 03 TL. Both were similar in condition and mileage. They had the Accord over $2k more expensive than the TL. What?? I asked the salesman, and he said--sure--everyone wants an Accord, and everyone thinks the Acura is too expensive!! So my search did an immediate change. I started looking for a TL. Found a satin silver 03 TL (non-S) with 21000 miles in beautiful condition with 10 months of original warranty remaining for less $$ than the cars mentioned, and also less than a new Civic LX. I love it. What a find!

    2018 VW Passat SE w/tech, 2016 Audi Q5 Premium Plus w/tech, 2006 Acura TL w/nav

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    what are the key risks of buying a 2004 Acura TL with 100k miles? The price is $15,000 (so its clearly reflected in the price) and I typically put a light (backroads) 8-10k miles year so high mileage doesnt scare me per se.
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    I'm considering buying a pre-owned TL that only has 55,000 miles on it. I'm wondering if its worth it and what the Acura owners think and buying a 96. They are asking $8-9K for it. It seems to be in pristine condition. Perfect on the inside, with all the scheduled maintenance done.

    Thanks for the input.

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    1) Ridiculous price. The private party value is between $4,500+/-, dealer retail $5,300+/- according to Edmunds.

    2) Not that great of a car, IMO. Underpowered (funky 5 cylinder, 176 hp/170 ft lbs.). Boxy design. Doesn't handle particularly well. Think a similar vintage Accord EX for half the price is a much better value.

    3) I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima SE 5-speed w/ 190hp/205 ft.lbs, a Ward's 10 best 6-cylinder engine. Although it has 155k highway miles, it's in extremely good condition. I would take it over that TL 2.5 any day, at the same price. And on a good day, I'd be hard pressed to sell it for more than $3,500.

    4) Re-read #1 - Ridiculous price. If you really love this particular car, offer them $4,500 and know that you are still overpaying by $1,000 for the Acura brand, IMO.

    P.S. I have nothing against Acura - own a 2004 TL 6-speed and 2005 MDX. But this 5-cylinder Vigor suceessor was an oddball that wasn't a compelling car brand new and certainly isn't 11 years later.
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    Thanks for the advice. I thought it might be a good deal based on the mileage and the maintenance history, but its still a '96. I'd like a later model, but they are pricey.
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    I purchased a '97 TL2.5 (premium) for my daughter in December 2005 - from an Acura dealer. It was a 2 owner car, w/ maintenance history, and had 82K miles. Paid 8,000. Only service has been tires, oil changes and the 105K service (paid $800 at a private shop). I liked the size of the car (vs an Integra), plus it can't go too fast! The '98/99 Accords were my pfd cars, but for similar condition and miles, they were more, at that time.
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    I don't suppose there's much chance of getting replies here since this thread has been dead for nearly a year, but I'm wondering what people think about buying a used 2004 with very very tall miles (117k)?

    I've never bought a used car before; it seems very risky to buy such a high mileage vehicle but this is really the only 2004 TL I've seen in such a low price range (around $12k). The dealer says he got it at auction.

    Any advice? :confuse:
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    The mileage isn't particularly scary, if the car has been well maintained and driven with reasonable care. A TL that meets those criteria should easily go 200,000 miles, or more. However, I wouldn't buy an auction car from a dealer, because I want to know the history of a used car; that is, maintenance and how it was driven.
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    Looking at a 2006 TL with Nav and BT for 21K. Mileage is 20k miles. Havent seen the car in person yet but pulling down a carfax.

    Thoughts on price? KBB/ Edmunds/ Nada are all above it but im having Black book value pulled.

    Thanks in advance for feedback
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    I found an auto broker in Chicago that will sell me a 2006 TL with 25k miles for 21000 and new tires. He has others with Nav. If you want to see them go to
  • kylechoffmankylechoffman Member Posts: 79
    I just pulled the trigger in SOCAL on the one I mentioned previously. The Black Book wholesale on the 2006 TL with Nav with 19500 miles was 22K and I paid 21K.

    The car has a bunch of surface scratches and a chipped winshield - all getting cleaned up for 250 bucks. I also spent about 15 bucks for some detailing supplies and spitshined the car over the weekend.

    So 21300 for my 06.

    To answer your post - 21k with new tires sounds like a good deal. I hope that includes their broker fees.
  • bobhoopsbobhoops Member Posts: 7
    There were no fees.
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    Someone made a call out in a different forum about perforated leather maybe not being a good match with kids. I hadn't even though of that..but now as I look at the used TL/TSX...i'm wondering if it is not a great idea. Kids do have a way of spilling fluids..bodily and otherwise. What is the purpose of the perforated leather and is a bad match with kids?
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