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Pontiac Grand Am Modification

I was wondering if anybody knows any good sites to find performance parts for Gran Ams. I searched the internet and only found stock parts.
I f any1 has any info on finding performance parts it would be most appreciated.


  • Hi, I have a '92 Grand Am sohc,manual trans, has a blown head gasket, water in oil..., needs a rebuild or different engine. Thats the question, what other, more reliable engine will bolt in?

  • commie21commie21 Posts: 2
    send me an email, and i can give you a douple of good links for grand am's
  • alright i have a 93 grand am gt with a 3.3 liter v6 in it i was wondering if the super charger and intake manifold from the supercharged 3.8 liter will fit this car and if any one knows where to buy performance mods for this engine please help
  • Does anyone know how to bypass a rev limiter through the computer without adding a chip? I race a 95 grand am on a circle track and it hits the rev limiter no matter what I seem to do. Any suggestions?
  • ok i need help with the IAT sensor mod and my ETS off light stays on. what is the ETS?
  • hey dus enyone know why there is no programer or chip for the 96 grand am?
  • rdunluckrdunluck Posts: 5
    i have a 92 grand am 2.3 and i am trying to find a new aftermarket header but i cant seem to find one
  • egryeyesegryeyes Posts: 6
    ETS stands for extra traction system, mine is aslo off and doesn't work.
  • I degreased my engine about 2 months ago and after that i was driving home and i noticed it started to sound a little rough and lacking power and i have replaced the spark plugs, boots, coil packs, and the housing, used electronic cleaner on the plug to my coil packs i have the 2.3 SOHC and it seems like its missfiring but all the plugs look normal it smelt like it was burning rich today. it drove good last week after i changed the coil packs and then i was heading to work and at the light it idled really low and just died i started it back up and died and the third time i barely got it off the highway babying the gas and im not sure if it is the fuel pump or filter or injectors or a short but any suggestions would help :confuse:
  • Hi i was wondering if anybody knows where i can purchase a body kit prefferably the SCT kit for the grand am gt sedan year 2001, i've seen a couple of sites but i was wondering maybe if some one else has noticed any which have good prices. thanks.
  • hello all,, has anyone tried to install a water for gas system?
  • mtm0284mtm0284 Posts: 3
    Hey I just changed transmissions in my 96 Grand Am 2.4, Drove in ok now no spark. Everything is plugged in. ignition control module tested fine, one coil pack replaced last summer, one yesterday. I have found a crack in the pack housing HOWEVER will that hair line crack cause a total NO SPARK in all four? What am I missing?
  • I've been told the lowest I can go for my 01 GA is 1 1/2 in front and 1.3 in the back and if I want to go lower its going to cost big bucks! Can anyone help me with trying to find a way to drop it 4 inches max??
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