Need Help on Murano Parts

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I got Nissan Murano S 2006 AWD conv pakg.

need folowing parts.

1. Need wider Rear view mirror. Is it possible to replace it on your own? Will diferent manufacture mirrors fit?
2. Did any body tried to install rear view camera on this car him self?
3. Need to find a place in NY to install a clear film (plastic) on rear an front bumpers? did any one tried this how it's work?
4. Did any one instaled a remote start on Murano himself? I asked Dealer ship they said if you car is not equiped with it there is no way to install it. Hard to belive.


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    I'm in the same boat. I also want to integrate ipod so i can use the stock controls via stearing wheel. Where in NY are you? I'm in Plainview
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    I got an 06 S, convien. pkage. I want ot know where and how to install the i-pod adaptor. I lived in NYC (Queens) Thz.
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    try this
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  • leslienationleslienation Member Posts: 41
    i install my remote starter & alarm @ circuit city. but it cost about $550.
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    Was hoping someone here can help. I'm looking for running boards or nerfs bars for an '07 Murano. Has anyone come across or have them? If so, let me know where I can find them.

    I'm also looking for an after market hitch. So any info on that would be great too.


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    Easy answer, but that doesn't tell people what brands are good, what prices are good, which ones are easy to install, etc. Personal experience counts for a lot around here.
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    I have a 2004 Murano and just put a Curt hitch on it. Looks great tucks in nicely, but you must buy the wiring harness from nissan or the kit won't work. Check out the link for the hitch.
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