Ford F-Series Redesign Wishes & Wants

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Has anybody heard if this is true or not? I work for Ford here in Ontario Canada, and it was leaked out in one of our meeetings that this was in the work's. If it is, I hope it's not as ugly as the 07' Superduty.


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    I keep waiting for Ford or one of the other automakers to grab a clue and enter a clean, powerful, fuel-efficient 1/2 ton pickup into the American market. The engines are there (all over the rest of the planet). The fuel is there (diesel and bio-diesel are readily available, and by most accounts will get cheaper and more plentiful as the years wear-on). So what gives? I like gasoline as much as anybody, and I'm not some tree-hugging nut. However, with the ranting over foreign oil dependence and the global dominating seed-oil production capacity of the U.S., I don't see why we're not moving in that direction faster. I don't want or need a 3/4 ton truck (neither do alot of folks), and don't want to pay 3/4 ton prices for a diesel truck. So I ask all of you.....Where are the new 1/2 ton diesels? I love the new F-150's, so that's why my query wound up here. Thanks in advance for responding.
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    I think most of the american auto makers are waiting for the cleaner deisel fuel coming in 2007. That will help with the emissions. I know you mentioned ford but I have owned three 6.2 chevy deisels and I was pretty happy with them. The newer deisel's are fighting the horse power war. I would like to see them fight the miles per gallon war.
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    Low sulfur diesel fuel in the United States will be mandatory in mid-2006. Europe made low sulfur mandatory in 2003 and half the new cars sold there are diesel. Can't Ford take this as a omen for things to come?

    I love the new F-150. But I can't get myself to get a truck that gets 14mpg while it could get 28mpg with a diesel.
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    And it would be nice if they focused a lot more on reliability and quality of these vehicles. I agree that what is happening makes little sense. What is wrong with a 250 HP, 400 ft-lbs turbodiesel in a 3/4 ton pickup? If you need a 600 HP diesel with 2,000 ft-lbs of torque, buy a Peterbilt tractor truck.
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    They're coming out with a 6-cylinder diesel in the 150 near the end of 2007 from what I've heard - Patience my man, patience!! :)
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    I love the idea, but where did you get this information. I'd love to know more before I plunk down money this year for a gas guzzler.
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    OK, first off the deisel F-150 will be available at Ford dealers this year. It will be a 2007 model year vehicle released around August or September of 2006. So if you are waiting for the deisel wait just a few more months. No idea as to the cost on the deisel option.
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    So you know that the diesel f1 is coming this year for sure? How did you get your information, just curious. Anu links?
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    Believe it or not I called my Ford dealer. We've been wondering when it was set to be released and they go to a car show every year hosted by Ford for Ford dealers. They told them and showned them the new vehicle. Try calling your dealer. If they attended they will know about it
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    Ive tried, they just gave me some bs answar about how they dont know, then try selling me another truck. One ford dealer did tell me that there going to put a deisel in the new bronco, but its not the same motor and there going to put in the expedition xl.
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    Ok, this really blows but Ford just put the brakes on the release of the 6 cylinder diesel for the F-150 and expedition. Some kind of BS about problems they are having. They say it is still coming but not in Sept of this year like they originally planned. No new release date was given. This is killing me.
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    But I wonder if when you total up the higher maintenence costs on a diesel, combined with the cost difference (which will assuredly be higher), are you really saving that much money?

    Just wondering.
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    You bring up a valid point, does the cost premium ($4000-$5000) for a diesel engine truley save you money? And the answer is that it depends.

    - If you drive 12,000 miles a year and own the truck for 3 years, proably not, you'd be better off spending the $4-5k on gasoline and still come out ahead.
    - If you drive 20,000+ miles a year and own the truck for 5 years, odds are that diesel will save you $.
    - If you put a few thousand "towing" miles (boat or RV) every year, odds are that the diesel will save you $.

    A half ton truck with a small displacement diesel engine is exactly what I want. I'd like to get 20+ MPG when I drive the truck to/from work every day, and the capability to pull a 6100lb boat for short distances a few times a year. So far the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier seem to be the only 2 trucks that get decent fuel economy and have a respectable towing capacity.

    I'd love to buy a diesel Ford F-150!
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    I've heard the same... the F150 is supposed to be "freshened" for fall 2007 to take on the new GM trucks and the redesigned Tundra.

    By the way, the redesigned Super Duty will be an early 08 when it is released January 2007 - the 07s were started early (May of this year) and will end production in December.

    kcram - Pickups Host
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    I hope so, and it should get fuel economy at least
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    The long-rumored V6 Powerstroke can be found on the Ford and International LCF Class IV and Class V trucks now on sale. This engine will not make it's way into the F-150.

    Instead Ford is working on a V8 diesel, which is a larger (4.4L?) offshoot of the 3.6 V8 diesel offered on Euro-spec Range Rover.

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    Emissions rules going into effect on 1/01/07 make diesal very tough on the F-150.

    The Diesal is a $5000+ on an 07 Superduty and we xpect $8,000 to $10,000 on 08 Super Duties...hard to swallow on an F-150.

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    This is the same story we have been getting for years...from what I've been told since 2003! We still don't have the option, so to me the diesel powered F150 is more myth than anything....I'll believe it when I see it.

    For now I guess we're all stuck with a gas guzzler!

    It's a shame though...they'd sell like hotcakes!
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