Electrical Issues ? FUSES ? Help !

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I backed into my drive this morning, put vehicle in park, went to open door, was locked in, power locks stopped working, power windows stopped working, power seat stopped working, could not get vehicle back out of park. finally got the manual lock to work, got out of vehicle, can not get back hatch to open. Vehicle will start and everything else seems to be working properly, Could this be a fuse issue ? I used the override spot next to gear shift to get vehicle out of park position to be able to drive it , but can not move the seat the windows or door locks. I need help!**additional issues I have found, interior cabin lights not working, none of the turn signals are working Reverse lights not working, rear wiper not working . I checked all fuses in the inside fuse panel, all are Good! What the crap ? HELP !!!!!


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    It takes time to logically work through the possibilities. Looking at the power distribution schematic there is a chance that the 100 amp fuse in the batter fuse box has failed or the power through it isn't making cleanly where it separates to power different circuits inside the underhood fuse block. It clearly supplies power for the exterior lamps, power seats, and some of the other systems you mentioned that are not working however it also powers some other circuits that you did not mention that would be difficult to not notice. Which suggests the fuse itself is likely to be OK but the circuit might be failing once it get's inside the fuse box that is on the left hand side of the engine bay.

    That is only a preliminary observation and needs to be ruled in/out by actually testing for power at the various fuses. A test light by the way is the perfect tool for such a check. All you need to do is connect the test light to a good ground connection and then touch each terminal of the following fuses to see if you have power to and through them. They are fuse #s....57, 61, 62, 63, 72, 73, and fusible links "H" "I" "J" "N" "K" and "O"

    Depending on what you find with this first step the next test point would be chosen which would include using a scan tool for retrieving trouble codes and data from every module on the car.

    Curious, is this no longer under warranty?
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