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    My B didn't have overdrive and I spent life in the slow lane at 50 mph.
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    I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and we got off on the topic of old cars (imagine that!) and were talking about my '69 MGC. I think the JH is rare, but the C was even more so, less than 3000 imported in '68 and '69. In fact our conversation reminded me that in the 9+ years I drove it, I only saw one other MGC. A candidate for a teaching position at the college I was attending drove to his interview in a sunshine yellow MGC-GT, automatic! We chased each other around the parking lot a couple of times before one of us got smart and stopped. He had not seen another since he bought his new (this would have been about 1976 or '77). The guy I bought mine from had bought it in St. Louis. An interesting fella I used to know in Chattanooga bought everyone in stock when the local dealership went out of business in 1970. Now that I think about it, in the almost 5 years we've had the JH and been dropping by British Car Shows, I still have yet to see another C! Maybe I should have kept it.........nah! As much fun as I had with it embarassing TR6s and TR7s and 914s, it will never be high on my "cars I want back" list. My '59 MGA, on the other hand.........


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