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Hi there,

I saw tyhat there are already multiple discussions on Luminas but i have not found the right Q&A.

Maybe someone can help me?

-My Problem (it is a known problem i noticed) is that my different vent compartments do not switch properly air is
coming out only thru the center vent outlets.

(like in many discussions it has to do something wioth the vacuum. i found the vent controll unit and the blower engine
but I canot find the vac reservoir ther might be the issue ?)

-pushing the A/C button the little light in the buttopn does not go on

-another thing is my engine tempertur ist when the scale is between 100 and 260 it keeps the temperature between 180 &220 when driving smoothly it keeps it mostly at 180 ( going quicker qnd pushing it it goes up to 220 +-.

so my question is:

-does anyone know where to locate the vacuum reservoir?
-I checked the A/C relay it works but ther is for sure a fuse for the A/C ?
-concerning the temperature should i replace the engine coolant ? it may have loosen the function over time period?

I'm from Luxembourg, Europe and there aren't much people who work on these cars.
I got the only Lumina in Europe apparently ( according to the µLuxelbourgish register ofice)

I really appreciate if anyone can help me

Greetings from Luxembourg



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