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:sick: Ok, I have a 2003 Alero with 106,000 miles on it, got in it this afternoon, it wouldn't start. About 30 minutes later, it started but the radio wouldn't come on. I had not left any lights on, I got a new battery about 1 1/2 months ago, the key fob does not work. After I let it run for awhile, the battery light came on, the lights come on and they are bright, (normal). I shut it off, it wouldn't start again. Got it started a little while later, still no radio and all the lights come on like they should on the dashboard when you start the car up, but the fuel gage, tach, speedomoeter, and temp. gauge does not work. This is very aggravating. Any ideas what it could be?


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    If you have intermittent problems with flasher or directionals, easily replace it by removing the schroud over the instrument cluster, two screws on top and 2 pull out clips on bottom, you can see the flasher assembly amd remove it by shoving through the dash. Costs $24.00 at dealer.
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    I have a 1999 Olds Alero and the hand on the speedometer just quit. It went all the way over to the right hand side and will not move. Has anyone else had this problem and how hard is it to fix?

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    Ok, the fun continues, I turned the key to the "on" position and left it there for about 20 mintues, came back on and the radio was on and it STARTED, but then as I took it for a drive around the block, it said I was in PARK the whole time, still no gauges working, so I got it back, shut it off, turned it back on, all the dash lights lit up, after a pause, then the "service vehicle soon", oil light, security light and battery light stayed on. Ugh. :mad: Also, once I put it in gear, the radio would then shut off.
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    Knowles4, the same thing just happened to me tonight. I was hit an run a few weeks ago, took my car into a dealership to get the body work done, get it back, and the speedometer is behaving exactly as you describe. I plan to return to the dealership Monday, 11/06/06, to see what they can do. Did you ever find a solution? I'll post what happens next week.
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    My Alero has a clicking noise that sounds like the turn signal or hazard lights are on, only at a faster pace. It stops the fast sound when you put a turn signal on. Does anyone know what this is?
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    We had the same problem about 6 months ago on our 2002 3.4 V6. Sadly, we had to have the turn signal unit replaced at a cost of $250. It would have cost more i think at a GM dealership.
    I tried to claim it back from GM, as they are re-imbursing for certain turn signal/hazard warning problems, but had no success, even after an official appeal.

    Sorry it's not better news.
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    Ok after happening multiple time, finally figured out what was going on, the drains for the sunroof had somehow gotten clogged, causing them to leak into my fuse box and short it out. Problem fixed, and crossing fingers that it stays that way. :D
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    Yesterday something strange happened..... I tried to roll down my windom to pay toll and the thing didn't work. Not only does the driver window not work, but the passenger front window didn't work. The back windows work fine.

    This morning when I got in the car, the back windows and the passenger front windw worked, but the driver's window still doesn't work. What is the deal? Can anybody give me insight on what to do?

    I am driving a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero - 4 dr.
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    My turn signals decide they want to work sometimes and not others. I got a flasher replacment for it and I HAVE NO IDEA where it goes can someone help me?
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    how can i disable the factory installed alarm system on my 1999 alero. Just pull a fuse? i do not want to use the keyless remote any more. I cheched with the delearship to replace the remote. $71.00 for the remote and $95.00 to program it. To much money. Appreciate any help.
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    As far as I can tell there is no way to disable it! I have begged the dealer to do so because I am having problems with the security system. Finally after 3 visits they told me how to fix it, without having to bring it in. But if you ever figure out how to do it let me know!!
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    The keyless entry pad is messed up how do I turn the alarm off once I have started the car? found some sort of switch under dash not sure how it works though.
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    i had something like that after I had a boost start. next day I dissconnected and reconnected the minus (black) cable from the battery a few times. Now everything is fine. Pawel
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    Hi, I have a problem with alero 2004. taillights + lowbeam lights dont work, however they blink poperly when I lock/unlock the car with the remote key. Is it a fuse problem? how can I open the fuse box to have look at the fuses? Thanks.
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    I don't know if you got this fixed yet, but replace the hazard signal switch. I had the same problem and had to slap the dash board right above the hazards and my turn signal would work. So after replacing it I found out there was a recall on it and could of gotten it done for free. But that is what it is.
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    i have a 2001 olds alero. when i idle at a red light, it gets real low. lower than 500, and the lights dim and it seems like it is going to stall out. it hasnt yet. but it scares me. its the 4 cylander engine. help. i had so many problems with this car. i cant take it. and also, the steerin is rough when the car gets warm. and i had the rac and pinion replaced about a year ago....
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    I too am having a similar problem...just started today, to be honest. I have the 3.5L V6 model, and am wondering what to do. If anyone has any thoughts or has had a similar problem, I'll gladly welcome any responses. Thanks!
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    Please help! When I take the key out of my ignition of my 2001 Olds Alero the door chimes like the key is still in the ignition. The Cd player shows error also, but the radio works. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've had to take the fuse out from under the hood to stop the chime...Any help or insight is greatly apprectiated.
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    I have a 1999 alero and my low tire pressure, anti brake, ebs, and i dont know how to get to go off. At times my securty lite comes on and at that time my car will not start can you tell me why, my car has 103, miles
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    when your security lite is on can you start your car that is my big promblem. Does anyone know what to do
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    Your turn signal switch is faulty, it happens in almost all Aleros, and Grand AM that I know of.
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    This morning upon starting my Alero I received 3 alerts "Vehicle Service Soon" "Trac Off" and "Anit-Lock" - is this common? I've seen a few posts, and I'm starting to believe it is... I have an appt today to get it checked out.

    On an unrelated note my Alero (which has 48k miles) also has starting issues. Whenever I take a short drive - 10 miles or less, the next time I go to start it hesitate quite a bit before turning over. Sometimes I have to start over and just turn the key again until it starts...Has anyone experienced this as well? I have brought it up to the dealership MANY times and they can't duplicate it and claim to know nothing about the problem.

    Of course my 5yr warranty expired TEN days ago. Figures.

    Thanks for any input!
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    I would have the battery condition checked.
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    I had an 03 Alero and had so many problems with it-I traded it in.Had 33k miles -left me stranded more times than I can remember.Shame because the car drove nice (when it ran) and I liked the big back seat and storeage but car had gremlins
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    Want to replace my factory Alero CD/Casette stereo with JVC unit, but notice several 'addional' wires present in the factory wiring harness not found in typical setups (not present in my 99 Grand Am). Does anyone have the wiring harness diagram or color coding handy so I can figure out what goes to what? I think it might be the 'extra' speakers (tweeters?) in the doors and rear speakers grilles, but I want to make sure. Thanks, all!
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    For some reason My car will not start I got a jump assumed it was my battery.Replaced the battery it drove good for a day then died out agian. When it dies it leaves my gas gage at how ever much gas I have. Which it should go down to E once the car is turned off. Its not turning over or anything. Any ideas?
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    my parking lights wont turn off
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    Hi there, not sure if you have had your problem corrected yet or not, but it's NOT a battery problem, lol. When those lights come on at the same time, you either have a problem with a wheel bearing, or the wheel speed sensor, which is attached to the wheel bearing. You cannot purchase the sensor by itself, unfortunately. You will need to have the vehicle scanned to determine which one it is. good luck. :blush:
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    :) After reading an article on how to stop the clicking noise in the dash, it's like the sound of signalling only faster, I did some investigating and expiramenting. The cheapest way to fix this is to remove the switch itself, Take out the black part around the gauge cluster, two screws, take three screws out of bottom of column plastic, remove screw from center of signal and intermittent switches. Unplug all electrical, pop it out, Clean it thouroghly, remove the little silver screws and take apart. Watch for grease from the steering column bridging electrical contacts.Clean this up, Turns out the grease for the steering column actually conducts electricity, when this bridging occurs you get your clicking. Put it back together, and relish in the fact that you just saved yourself about two hundred bucks at a dealer. (This is the price I was quoted by a dealer to replace switch including labour.) Thanks to the other post that I read. I hope someone finds this useful and again, thanks.
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    I t doesn't work. The switch lights up, but does not defog. All the connections and fuses are fine. Could it be the relay? I live in Northern Ontario, Help!
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    You probably have a break in the printed circuit on the window. You test it by disconnecting both ends, and checking for continuity across the circuit grid. If you can find the break it can be repaired by using some silver (conductive) epoxy.
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    2004 alero dash has been acting up for about a year. The first time it went dead I twist the windshield wipe lever on high by chance and it worked. Now it wont work at all. All elec componets still work fine. Is the dash dead? HELP
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    I am having the exact same problem. I have a 2000 Alero, and yesterday at lunch time, all the gauges just died. My radio and power windows still work though. Someone told us to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes and then reconnect it to see what happens, and after we did that, the ODOMETER started working again, but nothing else. I'm afraid we're looking at an expensive repair bill which just isn't a possibility right now. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would love to hear them. If you'd like, you can email me at [email protected]
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    I had the same problem so I jiggle the key and they would work so I bought a new
    key assembly and install it but I kept having the same problem so I remove the switch and open the back plastic case where I found 5 sets of contacts so I clean the arching burns with a bernishing tool you can find that tool at your local electronic store then I adjusted the contacts so they would make better contact put it back together 2 months ago and have not had the problem again regardless
    what the weather condition are or road conditions. Bye the way this relays control your blinkers,power windows, and Instrument cluster light and gauges.
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    I have a similar problem. The power windows and A/C worked intermittently then stopped all together. Did you clean the contacts on the ignition switch ?
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    This has happened to me on my 01 Alero. I had to have the the ignition switch replaced, cost $420.00. This fixed the problem for about two years, or 5,000 miles. Then the same thing happened again. Had to have the ignition switch replaced again, cost $450.00.
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    i am having the same problem with my Rear Defrost My Rear window is fine. already thought of that. I think it has to do something with the Relay not working. I will attempt to repair mine and get back to you.
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    I purchased a used 2000 Alero last year and have had no real problems with it, but am aware of issues with the brand in terms of electrical system problems. Recently, the car has been doing something strange and I'm hoping to get some answers before going to a mechanic. Initally, this was happening in a specific situation - whenever I made a sharp right. The steering wheel locks up and the oil pressure light and electrical system charging light both come on, accompanied by chiming. The car is still running, but appears stalled. Sorry, I don't know a lot about cars. Anyway, I put it in park, turn off the ignition, turn it back on again and everything is "normal". Today, it did it while I was sitting at a red light. Any ideas about what is happening? Has anyone else experienced this with this car? If so, did you get it repaired and was it expensive? I'm a struggling student, so I have to budget carefully.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero that is having electrical issues. Aftermarket radio turns on off intermittently with ignition key turned in on position and when car is started and turned off. It was installed by a friend of a friend. Had alternator and battery load tests done 3 times now, twice by my repair shop and once by my friend who works for auto zone and both check out ok. My vehicle has died 4 times since having issues and have had to have my car jumped each time. I had my aftermarket alpine stereo taken out checked by a radio shop to check if it was installed properly. Radio was removed within 2 minutes the load test they conducted failed 11.5 rest and a 6.5V drop. I’ve been told I should get battery checked at Interstate battery center. Interstate battery that is in the car I have been told is only 1 year old from previous owners who I spoke with. My repair shop pulled up 27 error codes in computer after security light had come on. A few of the codes are U1025 Loss of serial communications for class 2 devices. B1328 vehicle system voltage is greater than 15.9 volts. U1000 class 2 communication malfunction. My repair shop has replaced the ignition switch which I was told help get rid of 4 DTC codes and I had to have the ac compressor assembly with drier repaired recently. I have been told to leave the radio out for 3 days by my repair shop. They are checking and clearing out the codes and I have to bring it back to have it checked to see if the codes come back. I have no idea what to do and feel I am at a loss with this vehicle. I notice when driving the vehicle that pressing on any electronic buttons in the car as well as accelerating in and from idle position the car interior lights dim and I can hear a change in voltage from low / high, high / low it fluctuates. I’ve already wasted enough money into the car itself. I have read many forums of vehicle owners replacing alternator and battery as well as the starter in varies cars and it does not help the issue. I do know I have some sort of voltage issue going on but that all I know. Any suggestions on what could be causing this problem along with the DTC error codes? Thank you!
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    Has it been checked to see if there's a constant high load on the battery even when the ignition is off? In other words, is something staying on when it shouldn't? That would fit your symptoms - and under these conditions all kinds of error codes and electrical gremlins will occur. One way to do this is to disconnect the battery, put an ohmmeter across the cables (not the battery) and measure the resistance. It better be high (but not infinity). You need to be sure that interior or under hood lights are off (doors shut or bulbs out) so those aren't a factor.
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    I have a 2000 Alero with 70k miles. I had the emergency flasher recall fixed a year ago by a local dealer, but after the first use recently it popped right back into the dash. Worse, they broke the dash vent then and it took a year for them to get the part and replace that. Now a month or so later the fan will only operate on high speed, and the rear defroster will not work more than one out of a 100 button pushes. I wondered if some vengeful mechanic who got chewed out for breaking the dash vent might have set me up when he finally replaced the vent --- or are these problems common to Alero? If it is Alero electrical problems which all seem to be dash board related, any ideas on how to get to the behind dash locations so I can fix these myself? Otherwise this is a great running car and the last of the best cars ever made – the Oldsmobiles.
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    Hi, I have been searching to try and find a fix for my alero, and I saw your blog, although I realize it is over four yrs old...haha just wondering if you figured it out? the door chimes in my POS 2001 alero after the key is out of the ignition, and when it rains, the chiming doesnt stop and the interior lights stay on even after the car is locked...thus-dead battery. love it. any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. i am planning on getting rid of the alero this summer hopefully, or as soon as possible, so I am looking for an inexpensive fix. Thanks again
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    I have a 2001 Olds Alero V-6 that recently would not start properly. The battery works but the fuel was not getting to the injectors. The mechanic that I selected is telling me that the PCM may be the problem and that I should replace the computer entirely. Are there modules that can be replaced that control this issue or is the mechanic correct? It has taken him 5 days to come to this diagnosis and I wonder if he is right. The fuel pump was replaced 2 years ago.

    Thanks in Advance of Solution.
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    It's too bad, cause if you work on cars at all, you can replace that switch in about an hour, and I think an aftermarket switch is about $75.00 and parts store.
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    this isnt anything caused by the dealer. Its typical problems of this car as the same thing is happening to me. The air only working on high is also my issue.
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    Thanks for the input. Since posting I discovered that the reason that I lost all speeds but the high speed is that the lower fan speeds are controlled separately by a resistor board that is located inside the car under the dash near the glove compartment. The part is commonly available as a Blower Motor Resistor and only runs about $20. You do have to be a contortionist to install it, but it is not complicated at all. A local (non dealer) auto repair shop will likely furnish the part and install it for about $50. I took care of mine last month after a tech installing a new alternator tipped me off to the problem, it is nice to have the fan back for winter. He got the part form a local auto supply store. Let me reference some useful Rock Auto on-line links that might help:

    Informational blog:

    On-line pricing:
    then select: OLDS, the year, the model, the engine, heat and air conditioning, then Blower Motor Resistor all from the drop down menu
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    I got this car when I was 18 and bought it with 81k miles on it now has 92,4XX the last two months it has been awful. Its a 01 olds alero Gl 4 dr sedan 2.4L 4 cyl. gas mileage is terrible I live 5 miles from work and spent 80 bucks every two weeks in gas. I had it in a few days ago and paid 400 dollars to have it fixed it seemed like it was trying to die rpm's got low and would spike when idleing just to stay on and running lights would dim when this happened. If in neutral and rpm are up its fine it also does it when accelerating over 60 changed the spark plugs they put in a new ignition coil which helped the first day and it started doing it again. I bought it for 6200 family didnt do there research and paid way to much for and am fed up with the problems ive had with it it died at at a stoplight was able to start it again and then died in a parking lot while in reverse. With kids being in my car I say no everytime unless its necessary I dont feel safe driving this car. Service Engine light always is coming on. Trade in at a dealer told me 2500 more then i expected for it but the interior is leather and is maintained and cleaned regularly have 4600 bucks of this loan left trading in and up to a 2012 kia sportage only thing saving me is that they will pay the loan off and tack on to kia so only one car pmt my biggest thing which everybody knows and if u dont I'm telling u now do ur research read reviews trusted friends/family that own the vehicle ur looking at if they do ask what problems they have had with theres or how they like it and if it checks out check the price u should pay vs. the price they want you to pay kia was being sold $3000 then invoice and 5k under MSRP still doing more research making sure this doesnt happen again. Cars have problems but you shouldn pay more to fix it then the car is worth
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