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2008 Ford Focus future vehicle



  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "...they build cars for the tasteless masses."

    So most American car buyers are tasteless? You know, initially, I didn't understand. But the more I thought about it...I really think they picked the clumsy styling only to look domestic, as these people are traditional buyers who don't want imports. Besides, even Hollywood movies don't use Japanese cars to play the main role. & guess which car won in the Tokyo Drift?

    The more I looked at the next Focus sedan, the more I see Impala's little bro. So, yo, it's cool to look like a Chevy.

    It's also cool not to look cute. That's why there's the Dodge, who has a Caliber, which sounds just perfect for "drive by shooting" & will kick the imports' [non-permissible content removed]. & there's the Ram that will ram you over. Plus the Raider (em, sounds like the macho American sport) that foreigners' foot ball (soccer) just seem sissy by comparison. :P

    Yep, American SUVs rule. They rule the road so these little imports better install head-curtain airbags or, better, simply get out of the way.

    In my final word, The United States just lost the original German-styling C-170 Focus. But if you really want the new super-sized C-1 Focus & live close to the Mexican border, then pick one up just miles away & drive across.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    what's up with that vast area of flat blank plastic above the glove box? You think they would put an additional smaller storage area in that location, and put some additional cubbies and open storage areas in the dash instead of being so cheap and providing no place to put anything.
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 265
    also on engine sizes, it's disgusting that there's such a power mongering mentality-yes i love power and performance- in the north american market(not including canada). 1.6 litre focus handles just as well and is remarkable with gas milege.

    I could not agree more. I drove a European Focus with a 1.4l engine from Vienna, through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, back and forth through the Alps, no problem with lack of power ever. Handled beautifully. I don't understand the mentality in Detroit either. Oh, and BTW, I don't like the Focus C-MAX. It's way too big compared to the original. If Detroit just brought the original German Focus with 1.4 or 1.6 engine, instead of "Detroitizing" it and making it feel as cheap as a Korean VCR, perhaps its ultimate fate would have been different.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    are the only Euro-market Mazda3 & C-1 Focus w/ conventional hydraulic pwr steering. No wonder it felt all right to you, but still not quite the good stuff you'd find in the old C-170 SVT/ST170.

    Most American drivers don't got the skill to drive stick, therefore will need somthing larger than 1.4/1.6. So even if the C-1 comes here w/ 2.0, its electro-hydraulic pwr steering is not something to be excited about.

    By the way, Detroitizing is no Korean VCR. Here's Ford's explanation:

    "We've taken cues from fashion and home design and translated them into a more upscale Focus interior," says Zaback. "We've given it some sophistication and flair by adding touches of silver metallic finishing like you see in today's home appliances, and used materials that provide a higher-quality feel to surfaces and touch points throughout the car. The overall package is simply more inviting."

    More inviting to where? Your kitchen & look at a Whirlpool dishwasher? American Ford designers are not car enthusiasts; they're sissy kitchen enthusiasts. Why would you want your car to look like a kitchen? :mad:
  • don't got the skill -- Some of us American drivers are able to drive manual cars and care about the environment. My wife and I both drive five speeds and vowed to never buy a car that gets less than 34 highway MPG. The two biggest reasons are we don't like to fund terrorist or contribute to Global Warming. I do not like the Fusion front but overall the new Focus makes me wish I had waited before purchasing one. I bought an 06' and might have to trade it in.
  • My problem with the car is illustrated very well in your pictures--it's the rear fenders. I mean, I'm not a fan of the front fascia either, but the rear fenders are painful. They make the rear tires look so tiny.

    I understand the business reasons to use the existing platform for another three or four years, but there are significant business reasons to NOT continue to turn out one refresh after another on the same tired car. We are in the middle of a small car resurgence. All the major imports are redefining the low ends of their portfolios. And you have a lot of people coming to showrooms looking at the new Fusion who may decide they don't need that much car, so you need to have something there that will catch their eye. And more than anything for Ford, you need a car to generate some positive buzz--the benefits of which for that company right now can't be calculated in mere sales numbers.

    And while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I'm wagering that most buyers aren't going to look at this design and see a lot of beauty. They are going to see a car that is every bit as plain and modest as what they have come to expect from Ford, and so they are not going to attract the young, trendsetting people they need to try to get in the Ford stable right now.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,028
    please explain your post some more, do you mean 34 mpg epa or real world average mpgs? is your car pzev rated? :confuse:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • I like the current Focus well enough to own a 2005 ST. It's not pretty, but it does look purposeful and European. The ST is a real joy to drive. The 2005-2007 Focus certainly looks better in person than it photographs. The tall architecture makes for great interior room, but also makes the wheels and tires look smaller than a lower slung car like the Civic.

    The new 2008 has much more surface detail going on, maybe too much as the front end looks fussy to me. The '08's higher beltline does look longer, but the tires and wheels still look small. Perhaps it too will look better in person than in photographs, but it doesn't appear to have been a winner on the Detroit exhibit floor where people did see it in the flesh.

    I understand the business case for simplifying the model line, but the 2008 refresh may be too little and the 2010 total redo may be too late for Ford. The interior appears to be a big step up from the 2005 refresh. I just don't know if the outside styling will get enough people to sample that new interior.

    The real Ford news may be that a new B-class (next size smaller than the Focus) is slated for the US market no later than 2009. The B-class may be where Ford's limited money and resources are focused. I've got my fingers crossed, Ford is running out of time for a hit.

    No matter how good the 2008 Focus is, the new Saturn Astra is going to get more attention and is likely to seize the space that could have belonged to a truly new Focus. Ford lacks momentum. GM for all its troubles has more mo and more hope. A Saturn Corsa may not be far behind the Astra. Ford has to be better than the new Corsa and Yaris. Equal or also ran will not be enough.
  • Ford has their site with more information and images...

    2008 Ford Focus
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Bring the new Euro Forus to America. Don't tell us it's too big. Don't tell us it's too 'upscale'. Give us a car we are ASKING to buy."

    The grass is always greener on the other side, but is it really?

    Our '08 Focus may be embarrassingly ugly. But Europe's bulky expensive alternative isn't as mighty as you think, especially when the nose is heavier than 4 cylinders:
    "However, the ST can't disguise its turbocharger as effectively as the Golf. There's small but noticeable lag when you first get hard on the power, and between full-bore shifts the engine takes a moment or two to catch its breath and resume the accelerative fireworks. Through a sequence of corners where you're often switching between strong throttle applications and then calling on some useful engine braking, the delivery can get a little jerky, too.

    The ST's ESP system has to work hard to contain the power despite the broad 225/40 R18 Continental rubber. And although it's certainly very efficient at trimming any excesses, you soon feel that it's perhaps a little too eager. Switch it out and the front tyres can easily be overwhelmed once you've clipped an apex and gunned the engine. Eke out the power more gently and the ST stays nice and neutral, and only when the corner has really opened out and you hit full power do you feel the front wheels tugging from left to right.

    Torque-steer in a front-drive car of this potency is almost unavoidable, and the Focus is certainly no more prone to it than, say, the Mégane Trophy. Even so, you sense that Ford has tried to soften the effect before it reaches the steering wheel. The result is that much of the textural feedback that you'd experience in a cooking Focus has been lost.

    Push harder, give the engine a free rein, and that five-cylinder unit really begins to dominate. In terms of raw speed it's very impressive, effortless when you're stroking it along and relentless when you're asking for all it's got to give. Unfortunately, for all the power it generates on the straights, it seriously hampers the ST through the corners.

    The nose-heavy balance and fairly marked body-roll means that understeer arrives earlier than expected, and it's pretty tricky to neutralise completely. Get out of the throttle and the weight shifts, unloading the rears and progressively restoring grip to the front tyres. It all feels great, until you realise that the Focus's inherent adjustability isn't enough to fully overcome the weight up front. By mid-corner the rear tyres are gripping again and the fronts are pushing-on, away from your chosen line and bleeding away the bulk of the forward thrust through rampant wheelspin.

    If you've got the room and the right corner ahead of you, the ST can be made to steer from the rear rather than the front, but it takes a fairly extreme lift-and-lob or heavy braking into the heart of the corner to unsettle the car enough to need opposite lock. In the real world this is not such a huge problem, but the fact that when you're driving quickly and smoothly the ST predominantly understeers and feels just a fraction stodgy is disappointing.

    I'm loath to criticise the ST because it really is an excellent package. There's ample performance, it looks great and the ride and general feel of the car at anything up to eight-tenths is spot-on. As a car to own, I think it would be a pleasure. However, just when you want it to throw off its sensible shoes and goad you into really going for it, the ST gets a little sulky, a little detached. The Golf GTI remains the benchmark.

    evo RATING:
    +: Value, performance, integrity
    -: Big engine compromises handling"

    No wonder the Mazdaspeed3 didn't follow the big bros -- Volvo/Ford -- & used 4-cyl turbo instead.

    Perhaps that's why Ford didn't even bother to import the C-1 Focus here, where buyers are too cheap to pay higher than Fusion's price unless it's got a Mazda/Volvo badge.
  • lmgt1lmgt1 Posts: 4
    Wow!!! 4 out 5 stars rated by EVO magazine for Euro Focus. And EVO magazine, as we all know, really only reviews high-performance cars. Very impressive.

    Wonder how many stars the [non-permissible content removed] US focus would received?? hmmmm... maybe 1 out 5 would be kind.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    On my last business trip to Europe (Geneva, Switzerland), I rented a 5-speed Euro Focus. Great car, slick gearbox, and really fun to drive. When I picked my Swiss colleague up at the train station, he was shocked to discover it was a 5-speed manual. He remarked: "I thought Americans only drive automatics!" So, it does seem that perception is endemic worldwide, as it's essentially true.

    I, too, wish Ford would "get the message" and bring the Euro Focus, and other Ford products like the current Mondeo, over to the USA. I know I would buy one, but I won't buy the new Focus. It's really unfortunate that Ford's management is really out of touch with consumers' desires and wishes. I would gladly pay over $20K for a Euro Focus. I think the basic problem is that all domestic manufacturers still equate small to cheap - Big Mistake on their part.
  • The runaway success of the Mini should forever dispell the myth that Americans won't drive a premium subcompact costing over $20,000. I believe there is plenty of room in the market for additional models like the Euro-Focus, especially when one considers the cost of parts and service for the Mini. Of course, this argument would fall apart entirely if Ford failed to improve quality to the point that the new Focus wasn't in the shop twice as often as the Mini. But... for the sake of this discussion, let's assume Ford has finally managed to solve it's fundamental quality issues.

    So, where's the Euro-Focus!?! What makes the Europeans so special that they deserve the premium model while we have to dance with its ugly cousin? And how much money is wasted designing, engineering, manufacturing, and supporting two models rather than one world-car? That has never made sense to me.

    The idea of a single platform for each market level seems to have caught on (Mazda3, Volvo S40, EuroFocus plus some GM models), but Ford continues to drag its feet when it comes to the US Focus. Why? Import it from Europe if you have to, but please offer a car worth buying! Or give up. Either way is okay with me.
  • comp386comp386 Posts: 56
    It's interesting because I was watching an old episode of Top Gear the other day and they were discussing the Mazda 3 hatch and the VW Golf. When asked which vehicle they would buy the guy said Ford Focus (old one). They said the Focus was more fun to drive and while the Mazda is more refined, it was too boring. They recommended that people run out and buy the old Focus before Ford ruins it with a re-engineering. I try not to take anything from Top Gear too seriously, but I really think the old Focus was a strong offering. I own one and it's a blast to drive. To me Ford should have upgraded the powertrains. A 4 speed tranny just isn't enough and there's no reason why the Focus 2.0L should get fewer than Mazda's when it's the same engine. Also getting rid of the 2.3L was a poor decision. The interior looks amazing though and that's my biggest complaint about the Focus. I'll have to get a closer look before I make any final judgements though.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    If your able, travel to Europe some time. The Europeans seem to get all of the good/neat cars, and the variety to choose from is substantial. Every time I'm there, I envy the European consumer. Yes, they pay more for a given vehicle perhaps, but they are not boring cars, plus all seem to be very well made.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    “It's interesting because I was watching an old episode of Top Gear the other day and they were discussing the Mazda 3 hatch and the VW Golf. When asked which vehicle they would buy the guy said Ford Focus (old one). They said the Focus was more fun to drive and while the Mazda is more refined, it was too boring. They recommended that people run out and buy the old Focus before Ford ruins it with a re-engineering”

    There you have it. Why whine about not getting the new C-1? 'cause the old one's more fun!

    Lately, a new feature for the C-1 Focus is a 3-setting pwr-steering adjustment, but... Skidding the high-tech rear predictably is what the original Focus was about. & the C-1 Focus had it "engineered" out.

    While the C-1 Mazda3 has the oversteer dialed in, it does more than what you ask for. So don't switch its optional DSC off too often.

    The Focus SVT (mechanically identical to the Euro-spec Focus ST170) was so good it beated the Mini Cooper in both ride and handling, plus better steering, room, price & reliability (per Consumer Reports comparison test a few years back).

    Lately, the Focus & the Mini are no longer very unreliable. Mini sells well at high price b/c girls find it about the only cute & innocent looking car around. & Ford forgot about the cuteness when copying the old Prius this time on the new '08 Focus coupe -- oops!
  • The US will not get the current European Focus. The American and European versions come back together with an all new model for 2010, now in development. What should that new Focus accomplish? Face it, the 2008 is a stop gap measure.

    Farther along in the development process and therefore closer to market is the 2009 B-Class car for the US referenced at the Detroit show, but as yet unnamed and of unknown styling or configuration. Could this be the car aimed at Ford FWD enthusiasts?

    It's too late to change the 2007-08 plan given development cycles. If there's time to influence Ford choices it is on these '09 and '10 models still in the pipeline.

    What should Ford be trying to achieve with each?
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Why bother w/ B-Class? 'cause in crowded cities, you need small cars even if $ is no object. & newer C-Class cars are growing fatter.

    The B-Class will not have the high-tech multilink rear suspension for good ride/handling compromise. That includes the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, etc. Eventhough the Mini Cooper & BMW 1-series do have rear multilink, the set up is too firm for comfort.

    The new C-1 Focus, like the new Lexus IS "compact" sport sedan, has an extremely wide body, therefore not for me. So the current C-170 Focus is the best "B-Class". Grab'em while you can!

    I even collected a 2000 Civic hatch, which has an all-around Double Wishbone suspension system packaged w/in a smallish exterior. Since the turn of the century, the smallest Honda w/ such high-tech suspension is a heavy-weight TSX!
  • When do they hit the lots?? Spring or end of 2007???
  • Damian...

    I asked that very same question to a Ford cutomer rep. She mentioned the 2008 Focus hitting showrooms at the very end of summer, towards late September...probably early October.

    Peace! ;)
  • "...2008 Focus hitting showrooms at the very end of summer, towards late September...probably early October."

    Well, I thought the Focus looked sort of interesting until I saw the preview of the new Saturn Astra, which will debut at the Chicago Auto show this week. The Astra (from Opel) makes the Focus look like a Yugo in comparison - at least from what I've seen and read so far. And it will come in three and five door hatch models. Keep your C1 Focus, Mr. Ford. If you're not familiar with the Opel Astra, you should be. Google is your friend.


  • I absoulutely agree with you, jpmccormac!

    They're both nice, but I'd go with the Astra coupe (speaking for myself). ;)

    Ford = one blunder after another, IMHO.


    Peace! :shades:
  • Accepting that the 2008 model is a stop-gap measure, I see the dumbing down of the Focus line as a very foolish move. Dropping the popular (at least here in California) ZX3/5 seems like giving up, no matter how much Ford uses hip, "I'm a Mac" actors in its ads. At least they say that they've improved the interior (we'll see), given that complaints about the seats were so widespread and that they did nothing about it for several years (rather like GM's neglect of Cavalier and Saturn).
  • The 2008 Ford Focus look good? :confuse: Very :confuse:

    Check out how the Ford Focus look like out there!

    Click here -->

    I haven't even start talking about the ST version!

    Better yet, check out what only a Ford Transit can do at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.
    Click here -->

    Don't know what Nürburgring is?
    Click here -->

    I thought there was a Internet nowadays.

    Good luck Ford US! :sick:
  • When can we see something like this in U.S.? Frankly, those punks in Ford thought we are a bunch of dumb @$$es out here. :mad:

    Check out the one of test drive by Top Gear, Ford U.S.!
  • When I first saw this thing I thought uggggghhh a saturn Ion. My g/f though chimmed up "I think its CUTE". After looking at it for a while I think its growing on me.

    So what about the platform it could come in at a nice pricing point. I want low price, reliability, and good fuel economy. Even if they used the modern platform and it gave better performance most Americans wouldn't care. With 90% of cars going out as auto its clear people aren't concerned with that.

    As long as they drop the base price (the MSRP on the current focus is laughable) and bring in a B car ASAP they could have products people wanna buy.

    Ford if you can't bring a B-car by the time this new thing comes out, then your screwed. The longer you make unsellable products the fewer people think of you.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    This "new" Saturn coming out is gonna be just an outmoded Opel/Vauxhall Astra: - - - - .html

    Like the low-tech B-class cars, the GM Astra comes w/ trailing-arm rear suspension, which was pioneered by FWD VW's over 3 decades ago. But unlike VW's, GM could not duplicate the expensive building method found w/in the VW trailing arms &, therefore, failed to match VW's ride/handling compromise.

    A few years back, VW hired the "C-170 Focus" engineers to design the Control Blade rear suspension for today's FWD Golf/Jetta/Passat/A3/Scirocco for improving the ride/handling compromise.

    So Opel tried to copy VW's old design, which VW got rid off & replaced it w/ C-170 Focus' system!

    Even if Saturn is going to build this "old" European Astra, will it come w/ Europeans' fancy optional panoramic windshield?
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    So Saturn's Astra will actually be imported from Europe.

    I just saw the pics of the Focus III hatch in a German car magazine.

    Is this real? fordfo2-320926_enlarged.jpg fordfo1-320919_enlarged.jpg
    It is the handsome front end that looks almost like the next "James Bond car" -- the '08 Mondeo. We should get the Focus III as an 2011 model?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I am a Ford fan. I just cannot understand why Ford cannot sell cars like this in the U.S???? If this is a Focus it looks great!! and Ford needs this NOW! not 6 years from now!
    The 2008 Focus looks like a step in the right direction. Styling is nice. However, once again Ford drops the 2.3!! Why?? It should make the 2.3 standard, offer a 6spd automatic and a 6spd manual! I'm frustrated... :sick:
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "The 2008 Focus looks like a step in the right direction."???

    So it's people like you who gave American Ford the confidence to go ahead. :cry:

    I really though that the '08 sacrifices styling just to appeal to the anti-import crowd!!!

    Anyway, Mazda kept the "know how" to themselves & failed to tune the Focus engines to save fuel. That's why the 2.3, which wastes energy on the balance-shafts alone, had to go.
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