Oil and Metal Shavings on censors

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Let me start by saying I have loved this vehicle since the day I drove it off the showroom floor in 2007 with 15 miles on it . I now have 182,000 miles on it. I still think the body style is the best of them including the versions they have out now. I have done all the maintenance as required and recalls required to this vehicle. I truly take pride in owning this Acadia everyone knows I love my fully loaded suv slt .I have taken meticulous care of my car. It has had small issue like the seat belt light, light for tire pressure need new sensors around 2011 acting up. Well then it started losing rpms around 25 mph would again around 45mph then was smooth after that. Codes popping up when took to mechanic .. Engine light on again.... Well the garage kept my car I go to go get the car and he says get rid of it or put in a new motor 6000 dollars in it. Are you kidding me just had transmission done 2010 for 2000.00. Your car has medal and oil all over your sensors . Bad Cam shaft where medal is getting into your oil.... or timing chains.. I feel so horrible reading all these stories of people’s GMC vehicles.. I believe GMC knows there is a defect with these motors sensors omissions intake internal and external and timing chains the engine can’t breath either holes are to small oil gummed up.. I will not trade my car in to be another persons problem like the rest do. Everyone please beware of used car lots and of these motors in these cars..
I am at a loss that there was never a recall again on any of this...I call BS on oil filters to hot too as their excuse . We know what the metal is from and they need to admit it and own it.. Frustrated for you all and myself..

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