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Pontiac Grand Am Heating/Cooling



  • I have a 2003 grand am gt and my AC will only work on setting number 4 and 5. It doesn't work on 1, 2, or 3. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Most likely the blower resistor board has failed, a common problem on this model. It's on the bottom of the air plenum in the passengers footwell area. The part runs about $25 or so.
  • Thank you, is there a site that will show me what it looks like?
  • ginny13ginny13 Posts: 6
    Just a thank you for all the information and help with my blow motor problems and the info on resistor board is especially great..


    you have saved me bunches of money :)
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Not that I'm directly aware of. If you do a search here or in the Olds Alero forum though you should find lots of info on it and how to replace it. It's been discussed quite often in the past
  • debtdebt Posts: 10
    My 1999 Grand Am SE air conditioning does not cool like it should. I have put coolant in several times and it will remedy the problem for a while but soon returns to warm air. On these very hot days, it feels like all I'm getting is warm air. Finally after it has ran a few minutes you start to feel a little cool air. Does anybody have this problem? I keep it set on Max. It seems to cool better on fan speeds 1 and 2. Anything higher, it is like a fan blowing hot air.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    You have a leak somewhere in the system if you keep having to put freon in. The only solution if that's the case is find and repair the leak.
  • I had the same problem! The Antifreeze leaking is very possible that it came from the intake valve. What they (Good mechanic) did to mine was put what they refer to as "Tablets" in the Antifreeze coolant. This is an anti-leak temp fix. Since then I have not had any problems with it. This had been done about 30K miles ago and I now have 139K on the car.

    If you brought this to any trustable garage and they "Cleaned out the sludge" then they didn't know what they were doing. If there is slug in the Engine more often then not, if cleaned out will pose more problems then if left in. This is what my Mechanic told me and I did some research and found out to be mostly true. There are times where they can clean this out but they have to also do other replacements of certain parts as well. Hope this helps!
  • My knob for the direction of the air to go, is broken on my 2005 Pontiac Gram Am. I need to know where I can go to get it fixed or get a new one. It is the third knob on the right closer to the passenger.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    That's the most common one to get broken. The last time I needed one I got one on Ebay.
  • Hey all, brand new here and I'm pretty desperate for answers. I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE and my AC is acting up on me. About 3-4 months ago, the AC stopped working all together on settings of 2 or lower. It's slowly gotten worse as it now only works on a setting of 5. Just curious if anyone knows what might be the cause and how much it might be to fix it.

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Most likely the blower motor resistor is going bad. Search in this forum and the Olds Alero forum for it, it's been discussed many times in the past.
  • i have a 2002 grand am my heat does not work at all in the mornings. in the afternoon it works some but only when going fast. if anyone can help please help me. htank you
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Is the blower fan working?
  • yes blower is working fine
  • skayeskaye Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am (V6). I'm not getting much heat from the blower. The temp. gauge shows just above 40 degrees Celcius. Could this be a thermostat problem?
  • Could you please point me in the right direction? Not sure where blower motor resistor is located in my 1999 Grand Am. Lost 1 and 2 speed controls a couple years ago and now I have lost 3, 4 and 5. Hoping this is the problem and any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It's in the passenger side footwell on the bottom of the plenum. You will have to remove the trim panel under the dash. Some folks remove the glovebox for access but you don't really have to unless you think you need to. Look for the connector on the bottom of the plenum, it's way up against the firewall. Remove the connector. There's two screws that hold the resistor board on to the plenum, the front one isn't too bad to get to but the back one is tough since it's up against the firewall.
  • I unforunately own a 99 Grand AM SE.I loved the car when I got it.Now I am begining to want to through it to the sharks.My rear defroster stopped working about two yrs ago.Bought a Chiltons manaul.It was useless,as it just showed me how to replace the lines.It said the fuse for it is fuse # 33.Well I looked and there is no fuse # 33.What went wrong?Also recent I had the hoses,therostate,& water pump replaced.Still it leaks coolant,but now I can't go five blocks without it overheating.When I turn if off,there is a huge puddle of anti-freeze on the ground.I was told its the intake manafold gasket near the firewall.I would like to know if this is really the problem before I spend another $ 600.00 to repair it,as I had to spend that much to replace the headgasket.This car has gone from my dreamcar to my nightmare car!When I can afford to I plan on buying another make of car,but not a Ford or a Ponitac.
  • my heater and ac switch quit working on 1&2 at first, then it started to blowing the fluse's :confuse: :confuse: , now the fan just stopped blowing, i wonder if it's the switch or the fan? have u found any thing out with your's. ps mine did viberate the dash a little at on point,
  • they did someting wrong, and the sludge doe's not make compression that one is to funny, the water pump can leak. the radirater can leak, hose's can leak, and thera stat gasget can leak or in the worst case your block can crack, or freze plug's can push out do to frezzing, also hose's running to fire wall to heater to core, hope this will help
  • skayeskaye Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am (V6). I'm not getting much heat from the blower. The temp. gauge shows just above 70 degrees Celcius. Could this be a thermostat problem?
    Sometimes the temp. gauge goes up to 90 degrees, and I finally have heat in the car, but usually it stays below that.
    HELP please........
    This is the second time I post my question....if anyone can help I would appreciate it so much..
  • I was having the same problem and it was leaking antifreeze and it ended up being the intake valve gasket and some other gasket and it needed to have a Power Flush to get rid of the factory antifreeze. Cost $600 to get it fixed. :(
  • I have a 2003 Grand Am, and when I have the heater on, I no longer get any air movement from the lower vents (under the dash and under the front seats). In December, someone broke into the car and tore apart the dash and ripped out the stereo. My guess is that when that happened, some wire either came undone or was torn/ripped/broken.

    I also need to replace one of th bulbs inside of the control unit, so any insight that anyone can provide about the other problem would be great so that I can take care of both issues at the same time.

  • ebillebill Posts: 1
    Location of blower motor resistor
    Not sure where blower motor resistor is located in my 12002 Grand Am. Could you please point me in the right direction?
  • Anyone know where the low-pressure A/C line is on the 2.4? I have a 2000 GA. Thanks,
  • citycarcitycar Posts: 1
    It is behind the engine; it is postitioned a little low and the valve should have a blue cap on it.
  • bucchbbucchb Posts: 3
    I have checked fuses, and fan relay #13. Things appear to work, but blower not running at any speed.
    I have been to "Pull-a-Part" junk yard, and the blower is located, and removed under dash???

    On older pontiacs, with blower on fire wall this is easy to test and fix. Ussually a loose connector, bad fan, etc. On this piece of crap its a b*&%th.

    Thought I'd ask first, any hel out there??

  • bucchbbucchb Posts: 3
    I have a post of the blow not working at all!!! I am told that the resistor card can fail so that NO SPEEDS WORK. Whats happening to your??

    The "resistor" is a small circuit card located next ( behind ) the blower motor.
    On my 2000, the blower motor is under the dash on passenger side. You need to remove the shrouds under dash, and maybe the glove compartment, then get in the car and look under the dash. Really stinks!!!

    The card is in a plastic bracket held by 2 screws.

    Good luck working up side down.
  • coastie5coastie5 Posts: 1
    Hello all. First post here. Need some help. Trying to replace my high side port valve but can't seem to find anybody who carries it. I don't have a part number or anything for it. I looked into getting a replacement kit but the valve has a teflon ball in it. I can't seem to find this thing anywhere. I fixed it temporarily by using epoxy but it still leaks very slowly. I want to replace the whole valve now. Any suggestions???? Thanks
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