Wiper Issue, 2004 Saturn ION

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Wipers stopped working. Discovered the bolt came off that connects the linkage to the motor. Replaced that and everything moves properly, motor and arms all move. However, as soon as I put the wiper arms back on everything stops moving, but I can hear the motor running. I'm confused. I made sure everything was lubricated as well.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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    I replaced the wiper motor and circuit board on my leSabre but that was a unit that "parked" the wipers below the point where they usually travel when wiping.

    I have my 08 Cobalt which I believe is the same as the Saturn in many ways. To put on the wiper blades, I recall that the motor had to be in the stop position. That means take off the linkage from the motor again and take off the wiper blades and turn the motor on letting it (and the linkages_ run. Then turn the wiper switch to "off." The motor should run until it hits the marked stop point on its rotary contact board (I'm assuming it's built the same as the leSabre).

    When the motor and linkage has stopped, put the wiper blades back on in their position at the lowest point on the windshield where they should wipe.

    Then see if your system works.

    If the wiper motor does not run for a short time in the above procedure with the linkage AND wiper blades disconnnected after turning the switch to "off," which means it is completing its cycle, then your problem may now be something else.

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