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Honda CR-V Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • I would suggest to contact this person he is the best of the best when it comes to troubleshooting in regards to unsolved problems in the automtive world. His name is John Anello his website is you can email him. He goes around to many place i.e. dealerships, garages. I know that he can resolve your problem. I hope this helps. Keep me posted.

  • I belive your problem could be one of the following sensors the crank or the cam sensor.

  • mvkmvk Posts: 8
    Thank you very, very much and I am going to email him now. I really appreciate the information and will keep you posted.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "And you are right, they could tell me to pound sand, however, they are misrepresenting the safety and reliability of their product. Thanks god for Consumer Fraud statutes. A car stalling is a safety hazard and it would be a different story if the car could be repaired. Thank god we live in a country where we can exercise our rights, it would be a shame, if we all got STUCK with cars like mine. Plus, it is a Honda it is supposed to run forever; a 4 year old Honda is a BABY!!! This car should last for another 6 years which is why I and most people purchase Honda vehicles. A four year old Honda being OLD is just another misrepresentation on their part. Wear and tear is one thing, a reoccurring engineering issues is another this is how many class action lawsuits are born.

    Thank you writing to me, and understanding my frustrations. I am sure you would not let your wife, daughter, son, etc. drive a vehicle like this one. Eventually, I hope this to all be resolved properly. "

    Ah, a USED car lemon law! I don't think we have that here in CA...

    I can't understand Honda sometimes. They will bend over backwards to some people and for others just stand pat. I am beginning to believe that there were some design issues with the Gen 2.

    I was car shopping this last Feb, and I considered the CR-V. But I don't really like the styling (long story), and I wanted better gas mileage, so I'm driving a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid, which has been very good so far ... for about 3 months now. But I am actually a bit more comfortable with Ford engineering over Honda. Each manufacturer has their own design style and engineering.

    Good luck with your situation!
  • I'm at a complete loss as to why they would have replaced some of the components you've listed for a stalling problem, but I hope they didn't charge you for them! There is still a recall action for 97 to 99 CRV's concerning the ignition switch. I phoned Honda this morning to check, and found one of my customers still has an outstanding claim for the switch, so she will be going to Honda to have it replaced for free! If you're CRV falls into that year span, I strongly suggest making sure your ignition switch has been replaced before any more useless repairs are made. Just phone the service department, give them your VIN number, and ask if your vehicle qualifies for the recall. If all else fails and if you are in the Langley, BC area, give me a call and we can work it out before the stork arrives!
  • You are very welcome. He is the best of the best. Even dealerships calls him for problems they can not fix. Take care. Keep me posted.

  • sceglascegla Posts: 20
    This may sound crazy but it ties into the ignition switch problem. Many years ago my uncle (who then owned a Ford and worked for Ford) had this weird problem where the car would intermittantly stall in turns or when coming to a stop. But it would always stall when he took a certain turn coming home from work.

    The problem turned out to be too much junk hanging on his keychain. The extra weight on the keychain and the force that was added when turning or stopping cause the ignition switch to cut the engine.

    Just a thought....
  • bigbevbigbev Posts: 3
    i need to know how to test the top dead cylinder position sensors in the distibutor, i have tested the crankshaft fluctuation sensor and it is good. the problem i am having is that the engine will not start but i have fuel and spark, the timing is also on. I need to what terminal to test and what kind of reading i should be getting out of them.

  • What is the colour of the spark is it blue or orange? anything done before this happened? Is the spring for the coil still there?
  • bigbevbigbev Posts: 3
    the spark is orange in color, and yes the spring for the coil is still there, it is not my car so im not 100% sure if anything has been done but i do know that the car was running fine before this problem, i was told that it was running good then all of a sudden started to spudder and then stalled and and it hasnt started since. the book i have says to test the resistance between teminals 1 and 8 on the connector coming from the distributor, it says there sould be between 350 to 700 ohms and im only getting 1 ohm but im not sure if i am testing it right cause the book is not very clear on its explanation. some more help would be great.

  • bigbevbigbev Posts: 3
    got it figured out. It was the coil going bad, so i replaced it and the car is running fine know.

    Thanks for the help.
  • Thanks for replying about the fix.
  • deboladebola Posts: 1
    Pls help. My CRV stalled for the first time yesterday on a motorway. I almost crashed. Startyed it up again, managed to get on the hard shoulder and called out the emergency breakdown service. They couldn't find anything wrong with it. I have 2 toddlers and I'm so afraid that the next time this happened, a fatal crash could occur. Pls help anyone. Bought it 6 mths ago for £12000. First registered in the UK 2005
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Pls help. My CRV stalled for the first time yesterday on a motorway. I almost crashed. Startyed it up again, managed to get on the hard shoulder and called out the emergency breakdown service. They couldn't find anything wrong with it. I have 2 toddlers and I'm so afraid that the next time this happened, a fatal crash could occur. Pls help anyone. Bought it 6 mths ago for £12000. First registered in the UK 2005 "

    Is that a diesel CR-V? Otherwise, the engine used in the 2004 was a 2.0 liter, as I recall, which is different from the US. I think most of the Edmunds forum members are from the US.

    Take the car to the Honda dealer, it may have thrown a computer code that can be examined.
  • My wife was driving our 'V a couple of days ago and while going about 40 mph everything but the stereo suddenly shut down... engine, gauges, turn signals, etc. She turned the car off then back on and everything went back to normal, and ran fine.
    Since it all imediately went back to normal it doesn't sound like an alternator or battery, and the ground is good (figured it was anyway since the radio stayed on).
    So, what could have come loose that would affect all (or most; some things weren't on, like the headlights) of the electrical system except for the stereo?
    Also, I'm curious if this is in any way related to a P0301 code (cyl #1 missfire) that I have been troubleshooting that seems to be electrical in nature as well (yes, the valves are fine). I'm wondering if there might be an intermittent open that could affect the ignition and have been causing these missfires as well as this sudden shut-down? Whatever this most recent episode was, however, it did not trigger a code.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Go to, follow the link to Honda owner's link. Register your car online using the VIN number. Once you are done, you should be able to see if the ignition switch recall has been performed. If not, then take it to Honda and they will replace the ignition switch for free.

    Good luck.
  • I have 2000 CR V with 131,000mi. Now it has a serious starting problems. It began when I was driving home, while on the road it started to idle really low and would not accelerate faster than 40 MPH. I managed to get it home. Next morning I tried to start it, but it runs really rough and idle very low. Now it doesn't run at all. It tried to start when crank, but won't run. I have good sparks in all four wires, Timing is right now and there's fuel.

    Can it be the coil, or ignitor module, but sparks are really bright.

    I've ran out of ideas and start to think how little I know about cars.

    Any help would be appreciated,

  • CR V won't Start...finally got it running again. The main problem was a simple cadilladic converter. The cadilladic converter was so clogged that it wouldn't allow any exhaust to pass through the tail pipe. I installed a new one, and I even adjusted all the valves and did the tune up again. Now it runs smooth.

  • My son has a 1998 Honda CRV that is continually stalling, no consistancy when ot wHy, going staight at 60 mph and just stop - there is no power . . . pop in neutral and can t up again . . . mechanic can't figure it out. Anyone have any ideas?IGHT 60 mph, AND IT STALLS . . . POP IM mEUTRAL AND STARTS RIGHT UP AGAIN, BUT WHEN STALLS,LOSES ALL ABILITY TO STEER AND LIGHTS . . . mECHANIC CANNOT FIND PROBLEM . . .dOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA WHAT HE SHOULD DO?
  • I have 97 HONDA CRV -LX-4WD and i had no issues for 13.5 yrs, worked great.

    All of a sudden, it started showing troubles in starting the engine. Verified the battery has power and tried with jump start as well. Came to know that there is no battery issue. The problem is in engine starts and runs few miles and stops. I have to wait for 20-25mins before it starts again. I thought it's summer heat issue, it's not. it's happening in late evenings too. I am really helpless in this. It could be spark plug spark/distributor or electrical ignition switch issue. I went to the dealer to replace ignition switch as part of the recall,. Still didn't solve the issue. I have more than half tank of gas and i see the gas smell during subsequent starts. I also make sure the fuel is injected through fuel injection system. It stopped for 4 times in 10 miles distance. Finally after a long wait, reached home by waiting in between stops due to engine stops smoothly. Please help me in this matter.

    No other problems with transmission and brakes.

    Current Status with symptoms:

    Self starter attempts to start the engine as normal through ignition key. Engine doesn't start as normally. I have seen a wait a of 20 mins, engine starts and runs for few miles and shutdown smoothly.

    No Check engine light was ON till today and all of sudden, check engine light shows up code as P0108 (Faulty Map sensor) which has been reset using meter at Autozone and there were no lights on today.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I had browsed the articles and the following list of tasks were listed. I am interested in knowing if there is one basic thing i have to verify from this list below before going for rest??

    Check fuel pressure -- How can i verify??

    Is the fuel pump on (you should hear it make noise for 30 seconds or so when you first turn on the ignition.

    Is fuel filter clean? - How can i check??

    Is there spark? -- How can i check??

    Is distributor working? -- How can i check??

    Are contacts worn out? - How can i check??

    Are wires intact? - Looks okay visually; How can i check??

    Is the ignition coil producing the voltage needed for th spark... --How can i check??

    For an engine to run you need Air, Fuel and Spark, all in the right proportions and correct times. Get your self a Helms Honda Shop manual and work from there.
  • My 97 Honda CR-V had a problem with the engine dying, the problem became worse in severe heat. Took it to Honda, they said it was the Mass Relay that needed to be replaced. Had them replace it and haven't had a problem since. Total cost was only around $150 for parts and labor.
  • Mine is a 99 and doing the same thing! Did you ever figure out what it was???
  • HI,
    I have a Honda CR-V EX 2000 with 135k mile. I had the timing belt changed a few days ago by a mechanic. After that. when I try to take turn and steering goes into lock position, the car stalls. Is there any relationship with timing belt?
  • seem alot of problems with this dying while driving...get warm die but start back this is driving me nutts....have changed fuel pump,fuel filter,dis. cap,rotor and coil still nothing has fixed this...any one fix this yet? next ignition mudule,adjust valves,crank sensor,coolant temp sensor...anyone figure this out yet??? any help would be awesome
  • and did the ignition switch..even though the recall was done
  • bambambullies1bambambullies1 Posts: 8
    edited April 2013
    My 1998 honda crv is doing the same thing-I already replaced the fuel filter-air filter-cap & rotor-pcv valve and cooling temperature sensor but it is still doing the same thing-The next thing im going to replace is the catalyct converter which costs $225. --If that dont fix it then im gonna check the idle air control valve,intake air temperature sensor and the fuel pump...eventually im going to replace the muffler and pipe since my catalyct converter will be new -
  • cleaning my idle tonite...let me know if convertrt does it...valves..crank sensor... still things to try
  • Did you fix you honda, if so what did you have to replace to fix it--
  • bambambullies1bambambullies1 Posts: 8
    edited April 2013
    I replaced the catalyct converter - It wanted to stall on the way to the muffler shop but on the way back it ran fine - no stalling yet - my Honda has 160,000 miles ... let me know if yours is fix and what you replaced ... im gonna test drive my car some more and ill let you know if anything changes ...
  • Hey, My car started to stall again so it wasnt the catalyct converter ... let me know if yours gets fixed .. im gonna check the fuel filter now ...
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