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Toyota RAV4 Remote Engine Start Questions

houstonrav4houstonrav4 Posts: 3
edited June 2014 in Toyota
How does the remote engine start work for 2006 Rav4?

My dealer is telling me the following:

Click remote until it starts
Engine Starts
Turn off/unlock door to get in.
Restart engine with key

Doesn't make sense. Besides, I recently had problems with the electrical.

Can anyone tell me? Pls help. thanks.


  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Makes sense if your a robber. You start it from your kitchen while it is in the driveway. The local teen thug decides to drive it to school. Opens door, it quits. He walks to school, you drive to work!

    Mama Toyota is not perfect but she is not stupid.
  • True. However, the Camry remote engine start does not turn off the engine. Rather, it requires the key in order to shift gears. Perhaps, too many lawsuits?

    Recently had electrical problems that affected other areas of the Rav4. Just want to make sure this is indeed the way it's supposed to work. Thanks.
  • kris2001kris2001 Posts: 17

    Are you gonna install Toyota's remote start/alarm VIP pkg?
    How much is it incl of installation? Pls share your experience and did you ever think of aftermarket stuff like VIPER 560XV or viper 791xv?
  • Looking for some help in gettng the cost for te remote starter and/or Alarm for the Toyota RAV4 Installed cost.

    Dealer quoted me 595 for Remote start and 695 for the Alarm.

    Is this reasonable?

    Is the warranty void if you get it done by someone else?
  • Is the remote starter also an anti-theft alarm or are they two totally separate systems?
    I was quoted $780 for the remote starter.
  • Do you or do you not need either A) a transponder key or B) a security by-pass module when installing a remote starter into a 2003 RAV4 Sport model?

    Dealer states this vehicle does not use a transponder key, but Bulldog and a local installer says you do need a security by-pass module. I've installed Bulldog systems before using their 791 by-pass module which needs a transponder key to work.

    Confused and seeking experts on the subject. :confuse:

  • My car has the smart key/push start ignition. I installed the remote starter from the dealer. The problem is when I start the engine from outside, all doors automatically unlocked, and the engine would stop if I step on brake (in order to shift the drive lever). I have to start the engine again. Is it normal? The dealer told me that with the push start iginition, it suppose to work this way, but another mechanic told me that it shouldn't work that way. I am confuse!
  • just got back from dealer after checking out the unpredictable operation from the factory remote start. they told me "the 'brain' is dead, we've seen it before, $599 to replace, have to replace the whole unit ..."

    this after 3 years, one week and 56k. dealer has offered a 50/50 (me $300) bucks, but alas, only a 1 year warranty on the replacement.

    my plan was to attack toyota in writing this am, but the news this morning will cause my beef to get lost in the gas pedal mess.

    anybody else have this problem (or any luck getting a resolution)?
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