no power to electrical box

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Hi folks im new to this group,i have a 2005 pt cruiser .
Passenger side head light wont work there is no power coming # 19 under the dash.
Where do i check its hard to see anything,such a small engine compartment. the bulb is good the fuse is good this is for the low beam both highbeams work great.
Please help.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,599
    Power to the right headlight (fuse #19) comes from the same feed circuit from the headlight switch that feeds the left hand leadlight (fuse #20). So if you have power at #20 and not #19 then the fuse block has an internal failure.
  • georgieboygeorgieboy Member Posts: 2
    How do i repair this?
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    First thought would be to potentially replace the fuse block. If you are sufficiently skilled, you "could" install an external fuse around the fuse block to restore power to fuse #19's circuit. You could disassemble and repair it. It may be possible to move that fuse and power to a different socket. It really comes down to time, skill, and cost.
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