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Traverse Transmission problems.

Jim_KJim_K Member Posts: 2
edited November 2019 in Chevrolet
At 43k miles my 2016 Traverse had a catastrophic transmission failure leaving the vehicle with only first gear functioning! I purchased the vehicle used and I suspect it was off a 2 year lease. It only had 22k on it when we purchased it. Reading through many car blogs, I discovered that the GM 6 speed automatic had defective wave plates that would cause transmission failure and leave the vehicle with only first gear working. Has anyone else out there experienced this problem?
Fortunately it was covered by the 5 year, 60,000 mile power train warranty. The local dealership actually rebuilt the transmission rather than replace it. It was int he shop for 2 weeks as they waited for parts and took their time diagnosing everything. The dealer did give us a comparable loaner vehicle at no charge. I am really disappointed with the lack of reliability with GM and I will probably never purchase a Chevrolet ever again!


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,768
    edited November 2019
    What are you going to buy that never has any problems? If you really stop and think this through, the "transmission" didn't fail, one part out of the several hundred parts in the transmission failed. Yes it is inconvenient but nothing is perfect and you won't find anything out there that will never have an issue. What really is imporant is how did they handle it, which by your description sounds like they did a good job.
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