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2008 Ford Expedition 4WD will not engage

ihninja1ihninja1 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2019 in Ford
Alright, so this is a long shot, after many failed attempts to figure this out myself.
My 2008 Expedition Eddie Bauer is not engaging into 4wd. The message center in the cluster says "4X4 shift in progress," then a couple seconds later, it says "4X4 Auto," or "4X4," respective to what mode I have selected. However, there is no transfer case noise made to indicate it is even trying to shift into 4x4. I have checked for Vacuum at the wheel hubs (15 Inches in 2wd on each front, about 1 psi on each in 4wd). I did swap the transfer case motor, but with still no success. Any thoughts on this? I have been unsuccessful in finding any wiring diagrams for the vehicle, so I can't exactly check the voltage at the transfer case motor connector reliably.

Help is much appreciated! This truly has me stumped...
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