GMC Jimmy Oil and other Fluid Leaks

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just bought an 89 jimmy sle and it was driving fine for a few months until it suddenly started leaking oil from near the front. Upon further inspection, I noticed there is a serious problem with the aftermarket oil cooler that some idiot "tried" to install. I don't think it was secured properly so now it's just bashed from shaking around so much and its pouring oil. So the point is I desperately want to just get rid of the damn cooler since my engine doesn't run hot and I dont pull anything with it. My issue with that is I can't seem to find the parts nor do I know the proper name for the "adapter" I would have to install so I can just put the oil filter back on after cooler uninstall. I've searched the net and asked around. This is my last hope. please somebody help me figure this out.


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    So you are sure its an oil cooler and not a transmission cooler - follow the lines. If an oil cooler and not a factory one (4.3 later years had one but went to the radiator drivers side tank assembly) then you can unbolt the aftermarket adapter at the block where the lines come off and see whats left - call the dealer and ask parts what they show - in fact with your VIN # call the dealer first and make sure what you really have. All the factory lines leak at the pressure fittings and its common to replace by 60-80k.
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    i have oil squirting out of what appears to be the top of the (bypass valve?) or lines where it meets the valve.under the engine where the oil filter seems to normally be. is this common? easy to repair? i removed two bolts in the center of that item and it didnt seem to want to move. any help would certainly be appreciated. thanks
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    Beleive same as newer models which I explin next:
    Usually the leak is the pressure fitting/crimps on those remote oil cooler lines. If 2wd only 1 set of hoses and Dorman makes better and cheaper replcaements. If 4wd 2 sets and a pain cause have to lift the motor to slide them past the motor mount (not required to lift on 2wd). Then the 4wd also has that front oil filter with a second set of lines to the radiator.

    If in fact the leak is at that adaptor GM sells a seal and gasket for $5-7 to repair but would say remove the remote line first top ensure a good alignment. 2wd easy while 4wd is a big pain.
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    I have a 97 GMC Jimmy, and I have radiator fluid leaking into my car cabin by the passenger seat floor. It seems to be coming out of it looks like the floor heating vent?

    Anyone know the cause of this?

    It leaks A LOT and the floor gets soaked, but then stops once it has reached a certain level of less fluid in the radiator. So when I add more, it leaks again.
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    Leaking heater core and you have to pull the dash out to replace so about $600 job and 6-8 hours at dealer. Quick fix for summer is buy a 5/8 x 3/4" adapter to bypass the core at the hoses at firewall. Sorry - to be sure get the free pressure tester at the auto store and pump it up and see if thats it.
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    Ok, I have had nothing but problems with the radiator in my '96 GMC Jimmy. First my heater core is cracked, so I have the radiator fluid leaking into my car cabin.

    But now, I have to add water/radiator fluid every day. But when I add it past a certain spot, it starts leaking out the bottom of my car. I am able to drive my car without over heating even though this happens. But when I stop and park the car (turn off) radiator fluid comes pouring out the bottom of my car again. So I can only stop my car about 3 times before I have to refill the radiator as far as it goes until it leaks out the bottom, or I will overheat BADLY.

    Any clues what this is? haha
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    still doing it, weirdest thing ever, haha
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    That's a stumper.

    Try posing over in the Cooling Systems: Problems & Solutions (Radiator, Fan, etc) discussion where more people will see your question.
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    But when I stop and park the car (turn off) radiator fluid comes pouring out the bottom of my car again.

    It sounds like when you turn off the engine you're getting thermal expansion of the core because coolant is no longer circulating. I wouldn't go much longer without repairing or replacing it.

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    I have the same problem with my 1999 Chevy Blazer pouring radiator fluid on the ground. Have you figured out what it is yet?
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    My problems was some what your problems were,had too buy new radiator for GMC problem fix no high temp.runs great buy GMC parts.
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    I've had a slow oil leak for the last 4+ years and finally decided to address it. From reading online and looking into it, it appeared it was the oil lines from the engine to oil filter housing and there to the radiator. I replace both of these sets of hoses this weekend, but now I look and right above the drain plug there seems to be another leak. I cleaned any spilled oil up very well after the job, so I'm sure this is a new leak.

    I wish I had a camera under there, but perhaps someone knows what I'm talking about. There is the oil pan drain plug and then just above that is another drain plug, which right below that is where the leak seems to be coming from. It's not red tranny fluid as far as I can tell...

    Any ideas? Is this something easy to fix?
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    Ok, I looked at it closer, it looks like the rear main seal that is leaking. Does anyone know good step-by-step directions on this kind of job? I figure I'll have to drop the transmission, but has anyone else done this before on their own that can share some tips?
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    I have a 2000 Jimmy sle with pulling package 4.3 vortech engine. I checked the oil 1 day and it was 2 qrts. low. It has never leaked oil in the past or burned oil. I put oil in it and topped it off. Then drove it for the day. The next day I checked the oil again and it was low again. I checked the radiator fluid and it was milky. so I checked the oil again and there was no water in the oil. But oil is in the radiator. O'rielly's said it might be a censer above the water pump. And it doesn't overheat. Any Ideas. thanks
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