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Mitsubishi Eclipse Care and Maintenance

kxbreskxbres Member Posts: 2
Does anyone know after how many miles the first oil change is recommended?


  • skyyvskyyv Member Posts: 13
    I have a 2006 and I think the owner's manual says 6 months/7500 miles although I did mine at 3000 just to get the "break-in gunk" out.
  • zekzek Member Posts: 2
    I heard that Mitsu's are very expensive in maitenence.

    Please let me know if that's true.

    The car I am looking to get is:

    1996 Eclipse RS

    Miles: 127,000
    So if anyone can suggest anything I would be very greatful.

    Also I plan to put turbo in!

    Thanks Leo,
  • mirde98mirde98 Member Posts: 95
    If it has the Chrysler engine 2.0 (Junk 1st generation Neon) dont buy it. Its not a real Mitsubishi engine...those Chrysler engines made Mitsubishi's 2nd gen Eclipses very unreliable. Go for a GS-T or GSX with Mitsu engine.
  • 2007eclipse2007eclipse Member Posts: 6
    "Zek" I actually just sold my 1999 Eclipse RS with about 88k that I owned for 7 years. To be honest with you I think the eclipse is a great car and it didn't cost me very much to maintain and it was very reliable. But anytime your considering purchasing a car with 127,000 miles on it your just asking for trouble. You don't know how well they took care of the car and honestly my b/f is trying to sell his car with 120k on it and its just about impossible to sell, which you would run into if you tried selling it later. So I would definitely recommend the eclipse but I would highly recommend getting one with less miles if you can afford it.
  • buddhaboygbuddhaboyg Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I am new to this forum as I am a new owner of an Eclipse Spyder. When purchasing the car, the salesperson indicated that there was not any problem whatsoever taking one of these through an automated car wash. I normally use a "touchless" wash close to my work and intended on doing the same with my new eclipse. When reading the owner's manual, I see that it indicates not to run the Spyder through an automated wash. I was curious if anyone had experience with running a Spyder through an automatic car wash good, bad, or otherwise... any help much appreciated!!!
  • arizangarizang Member Posts: 1
    I have had a 2001 and now have a 2004 (purchased in Dec. of 2004) Spyder and I have always run it through an automated car wash and have had no problems. I use a protectant for the canvass roof a few times a year (I live in Arizona) and it is in great shape. As an aside, I used to long for the Lexus convert., and I drove a friend's for a week, and I like the comfort and handling of the Spyder much better!
  • gfunkgfunk Member Posts: 1
    Hope someone can help..I recently rebuilt my engine and somehow lost my original oil Filter and now I tried to install one that Parts house gave me and It doesn t go all the way on.Is there a special tool or some special way to install It??? Please help..
  • eocketpoweeocketpowe Member Posts: 2
    I was planning on buying a 2007 Eclipse GS and i absolutely fell in love with everything but can someone tell me about how long the car lasts and how expensive it would be to take care of it like replacing car parts?
  • eocketpoweeocketpowe Member Posts: 2
    oh and the reliability
  • 95eclipse_gst95eclipse_gst Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 eclipse gst turbo.....it has ALOT of miles on it like 280,000 but still runs ok......pore lil car :sick: lol ....it holds low oil preasure at idle i think i have a cracked gasket some where what one would it be?........and is there anything care i could do to the turbo..im new this is the first turbo car i have owned thanks for any help!
  • lyndonjjlyndonjj Member Posts: 1
    Hopefully someone can help me with an enquiry so that I can get my 98 Spyder working again...

    I have a couple of questions that relate to the operation of the top that I'd appreciate any help with. Does anyone:

    - have an exploded diagram of the top for a Gen2 Spyder
    - know if there is a reset code/process for a hood that has stopped working
    - know of any common reasons why Eclipse Spyder tops stop working (microswitches, communication problems...)

    thanks in advance for your help... it's pouring with rain in the UK (and has been doing so for months) but I'd like to get it working for when the sun reappears ;-)


  • jaredloves90jaredloves90 Member Posts: 11
    When should i change my air filter, once a year?
  • kpearcekpearce Member Posts: 1
    do I need a special tool to replace rear brake pads 93 model
  • charlottesmomcharlottesmom Member Posts: 4
    Can someone tell me what kind of protectant I should be using on the soft top of my 2007 Spyder? It still looks good , but I want to be sure I am protecting that black color from fading. Thanks! :shades:
  • warchild138warchild138 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 99 GST with 75K miles which I have taken great care of and put a lot of exterior engine performance mod money into. I have had some oil leak problems along the way. I did all the 60K maintenence as recommended, including the timing belt. Recently I took it in to get yet another oil leak fixed. The dealer recommended a new timing belt, due to the oil leaking on it. Awesome, another 700$ on top of the gaskets and such. The next week, my engine began making a god awful noise. I was driving it back to the dealer when my 1 week old timing belt snapped and pretty much destroyed my engine. Apparently, the tensioner bearing for the timing belt froze up and snapped the timing belt. The dealer takes no responsibility for this particular component, and now I need a whole new engine. So you may want to have this part checked if you are already spending a good chunk of cash on a timing belt replacement. So who's got a wrecked car with a sweet engine I could get for a good price? (I'm recently married, so need something reasonable)
  • TebasscoTebassco Member Posts: 1
    Freind has a "97" that pops out of 5th gear. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance!
  • rhetprofrhetprof Member Posts: 1
    I've had my Spyder for 8 years and love it! I hope to keep it for many years to come, but as all cars age, they run the risk of normal deterioration. I've kept mine in good condition, always had regular service and oil changes, even have it detailed every summer. With its age, though, I'm thinking of investing in a car warranty with one of the national companies (CarEx or National). I know these usually only cover the powertrain. My question is, how reliable are the powertrains after this long (the car has 94,000 miles on it--we drive a lot in the summers)? Is a warranty a good idea at this point?
  • hokie28hokie28 Member Posts: 16
    Where does everybody purchase their parts for their eclipse? There are several trademotion sites I use. Just wondering what everybody else uses? Best prices for OEM parts are at

  • chrisrolexchrisrolex Member Posts: 5
    ever 3000 :shades:
  • chrisrolexchrisrolex Member Posts: 5
    look just keep your money i had a car warranty it was not a good thing to buy .warranty are on good .just keep you money and wen it time spee it on the car
  • chrisrolexchrisrolex Member Posts: 5
    hi i buy all my oem parts off ebay you will save some money that way
  • rlshirrerlshirre Member Posts: 1
    Right turn signal stays on all the time on eclipse. Think it's the switch. Can anyone tell me how to replace the switch?
  • patceepatcee Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    We have a 2000 Spyder with canvas top. The top is in good shape, but the seams holding the binding around the edge are coming unsewn. I have tried sewing the binding back on (it's in good shape, too) by hand with upholstery needles and heavy upholstery thread, but I cannot get any of the (new) needles to penetrate the layers.

    Short of taking the top off and taking it to an upholstery person, does anyone know of a canvas glue that can be used to reattach the binding?

    If we have to take it to someone, how much should we expect to pay?

    Thanks for your advice.
  • cyn_dcyn_d Member Posts: 2
    Was wondering if 141,000 (well maintained) miles was okay. I found this car on CL post is as follows: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6 Automatic. It currently has 141xxx well taken care of miles on it. It is in great condition. This beauty has cold ac, all tan leather interior, a sportronic shifter (meaning that you can go from automatic to stick.), a four disc cd changer, tape player, power seat, power windows, power locks, cruise control, a sunroof, and much much more. So I went to kelly and they say for good condition it should be worth like 5500. This guy is only asking 3800. It is an absolutely beautiful car.. what to do?
  • nalacindynalacindy Member Posts: 2
    How often should I wax my 2009 Eclipse? The color is "Quick Silver Pearl."
  • fuquaymikefuquaymike Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have an eclipse and I am having the same problem. The only difference is my high beams are always on as well. Even when the car is off the high beams are on and I have to wedge something against the lever to keep them off. I was wondering if you have solved your problem and if so what was it?

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